1 The Kidnap

The school bell rang at 2pm sharp, and everyone in Mary's class packed all their belongings to leave for their homes. Soon, the class along with Mary, left. As Mary was walking home, she got distracted by a poor stray cat. As soon as the cat saw Mary, it ran in a track. Mary knew that this was the shortest way home, but she couldn't go there, because her mother told her that there could be danger as the track was densely covered with light green leaves, but only a little sunlight could pass through. Mary however, was too tired to walk a long way home, so she decided to disobey her mother once and took the shortcut. While walking through, she found the stray cat from before, at the other side of the dense track. She ran to it and picked it up. As soon as she raised her head, she saw a man dressed in black with a gun in his hand. She got up, turned to the other side and ran, but the man didn't run after her. She was running tirelessly until a black van pulled up in front of her. She didn't notice it until suddenly, she hit her head. everything went dark. Mary woke up in a completely different place. She was in an old shack and it smelled pretty bad in there too. She now lies on an old couch, crying loudly and asking to go home. The kidnappers laughed and told Mary that they were going to sell her for millions of dollars and got up. When they tried to pick her up and take her to the van, Mary kicked and bit each one of them to save herself. Lucky for her, because they only tied her hands, but with a rope that wasn't all that strong, so she untied it easily. The chief kidnapper came in, only to find out that his minions were injured and saw Mary running outside trying to escape. The chief was fat, so he couldn't really catch Mary. Mary shouted,

"Maybe you should try losing some weight next time dude!!!"

"I'll get you, you brat!!!" the chief shouted.

Mary ran until she saw the track where she found the stray cat. She ran through and made it to the other side, then ran straight to her home. Her mom was crying and the police were there. She hugged her mom and fastly explained what happened and had a plan to help the police catch the fat kidnapper. Luckily, the police car was hidden and so was the police. Mary shew the kidnapper where she was and ran into her house. The kidnapper saw her and ran into the house, only to get caught by the police. The policeman put him in the car and had Mary tell him where the others were. As the police left, Mary apologized to her mom for being disobedient and she won't go there ever again. Her mom accepted the apology and told Mary that she saved other people that might have to walk there. Mary felt like a superhero after what she did, and decided to write a book about how she saved the town from a fat man and his minions.

So, what's the moral of the story??? Never disobey your parents, because you might get into trouble.