The Journey To The Past! Book

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The Journey To The Past!


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A tale of time, an eternal sonnet of love! The haunting past, the vengeance in present and the battle for a peaceful future, and somewhere, somehow, the eternal blossom of love, the fragrance of hope, and the divine reunion! Describes the eternity of love, through an eternal waiting just for a moment to be captured, captured in heart! The battle between the good and the evil!! And, which would win?! ************* Volume 1:- Amara and the mystery! Amara, a normal young woman in her twenties who lost her parents in an accident. Leading a life of a news reporter in assistance of her friends. However, her simple life takes an upside down turn when appears an immortal, the one who suddenly becomes the saviour of her long dead parents, returning back everything she once lost! The sudden turn of her life, that made her believe in supernatural existence, feel thankful for the immortal. However, everything seems to fall apart when the immortal claims to be her husband from her past life, and the unexpected revelations about her own existence and her parents' death doesn't help much either! How is she supposed to respond as?! Her journey, a tale to be heard! And, would you join?!


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