The Jack Of All Trades System In Remnant

Introduction update: Dave, the man who just got sent to a world by a mysterious man. Dave encountered many things on his journey. The world of Remnant, whom he doesn't know what it is. (Think of it as if the world where he is is in; there is no RWB series.) A system? A gaming system? A Jack of All Trades system? Why is it so buggy and changes a lot most of the time? Why does this world have crazy stupid stats that don't make any sense? Oh, a woman? Well, madam, would you like to have a nice chat? Low charisma? Let's start training. Small muscles, hard to level? Start training. Why feed players? Feed the player with knowledge to let him do the work that he can do with his own hands! A store? But it's not to sell items, it's to sell knowledge with strength. Sold. Why do you do it solo when you can have people work for you? That's the use of summons, after all. He got rewards after completing the quest. Make sense But no daily quest? I guess Dave have to ask some NPCs every day, then make the player wait for a quest to put it on a silver plate.

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Chapter 1 Prologue

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Thought or think

[digital or robot or digital communication voice]


Big or loud echoing voice

A man named Dave, a young man in his 18s, or rather 19 this year, but let's go with that. He looks bored going to college, and his grades are so-so – not great but not poor, just enough for him to survive the next semester. He sighs and looks up, "Man, I want to be isekaied..."

He's a lazy bum sometimes with no vision in his future life, just going with the flow without a sense of accomplishment. He loves reading manga and manhua with isekai cringe troupe thing, except harems; he's had enough of those cliches. Beautiful fan service is all well and good, but what's the point if the protagonist is overly shy around girls? It makes him groan every time. But what can he do? There's no isekai that's all about mecha and fully immersed in sci-fi. Well, there are a few exceptions – isekai with being a monster. The only thing he hates is when some dumbass authors make them human instead because of "PLOT." If you want to make a monster isekai, stay them monster as they are! It's hard to find a good monster isekai without the protagonist becoming human again. Another isekai he enjoys is the pure gag types, like being a shop owner or bookshop owner; it's so interesting how a guy that owns a shop, with the plot of misunderstanding, is so funny yet can change the whole world because of that misunderstanding. Especially the manhua isekai, full of cultivation with long unnecessary names like "the keeper of the mountain of seven suns that can pierce the mighty heavens and earth god" or something along those lines. It's because of translation, but come on; you could just put a translator note for the name without making it too dragging. Also, lots of "courting death"; the people that make manhuas really like using that word; it just becomes a meme.

"Ugh... I wish I could also have a system and go to another world..." He keeps mumbling, turns out his wishes will come true.

"Say no more, bro," says the voice in his head.

"Huh?" Dave is confused, but the voice is no more; instead, there is a man holding a hammer while wearing a bandana with words saying "author" coming in full speed.

"Come here!" The man "author" jumps high in abnormal strength and bashes Dave, who dies with not a single scream.

A few hours later, we see Dave in the forest with different flowers blooming that he lays down behind his back, comfortable nonetheless. He then wakes up from his slumber.

"Ugh... What the hell happened?" He wakes up and looks around, surrounded by nothing but a forest.

"What is this? Some type of dream?" He slowly stands up and feels the breeze, soil, and the smell of fresh air; his head is slowly waking up. He sees a river, potentially useful to clean his face, but is it clean water? He checks it, and as he approaches, he looks at his reflection and looks shocked. He is completely different, much taller and a bit in good shape, like he did some exercise. Not only that, he wears a tactical-like dark blue or grey vest and pants with belts on it and no weapon though and lots of small bags wrapped on his belts all over him and some bandages that is only for asthetic looks.

"What the hell?" Dave looks shook, quite frankly unexpected that his wishes came true, but then he realizes and screams and shouts in anger.

"You can't just kill people! What about my parents! My bills! My mother that takes care of me! My waifu body pillow! My browser history!" He keeps shouting and pointing his finger at the sky with a raging expression.

He gasps from the shouting, tries to calm down, and then starts walking. Not knowing where to go or where he is, he thinks it's better to move while thinking. "Ugh... Well, I was the one that wished for this... I guess it's also kinda karma..." He says it with a frown and frustrating brows. "Now what?" He says as he looks around.

"Judging by the forest, it looks like a very thick forest, must be somewhere in the deep parts of the forest? Ugh, I'm so glad I watched geography videos and documentary videos," he says as he walks around the forest. It's a quiet and nice forest, sun shining, flowers everywhere, and the wind breezes on his face from time to time. "Well, since if this is really isekai, maybe food and animals will be different. Who knows if these are poisonous or not..."

He keeps on walking and then sighs, sits on the soil, and leans his back on the tree. "Phew... Yep, definitely a big forest..."

[System loading... Loading complete]

"Huh?" He says as he sees a screen in front of him, and his eyes widen. "Oh my gosh... Is this?"

[Welcome player, System is ready for use, please say "status" to begin]

"Let's go!" He shouts with excitement as he stands up and jumps with glee – an actual system! The thing he always craved for when he first saw "the Gamer" from webtoon, though after that, he saw a lot of different versions of it. He then scratches his chin as he looks at his flat screen in front of him. "Hope it's not any weird or cringy system that is like a system with consciousness of sorts or very high AI or something."

He then nods to himself so that he can be confident and lets out a small smile on his lips and speaks the words.

"Alright then, status."

The screen then changes and shows a new text.

[Dave Lvl 1]

[Race: Human]

[Class: Jack Of all Trades]

[Strength: 2]

[Dexterity: 1]

[Constitution: 2]

[Intelligence: 8]

[Wisdom: 3]

[Charisma: 1]

[Inventory: none]


[Versatile Memory Lvl. Max]

[Adaptive Instincts Lvl. Max]

He looks quite shocked; it's very DND-like attributes he sees, but he is not sure if these numbers mean that he is super weak or average. He can't believe that it's happening to him – his wishes come true. But at the same time, he sighs.

"Damn, I really got isekai'd."

His mom and his big sisters are all in despair by his sudden death just for this foolish wish. He could have stayed quiet and had a good life in his room, watching anime and listening to some hardcore remixes. What dumbness it can be. He then stands up and tries to find positivity in this whole thing.


He calms himself for a bit and looks again at the floating screen that is in front of him, seeing his status and nodding in understanding.

"According to my status... I could be a mage of sorts, but my class says that I'm 'Jack Of all Trades'? What the hell is that?"

With an unsure look, he tries to press the class from the floating screen, and it works. He then sees a full description of the class he obtained.

[Class: Jack of All Trades]

[Description: The "Jack of All Trades" class epitomizes versatility and adaptability, embodying the essence of a character who thrives on a diverse skill set. This class begins with a blank canvas, lacking predefined abilities, and relies on the arduous journey of manual learning and training to unlock its true potential.]

[As a practitioner of the "Jack of All Trades," you have the unique ability to embrace any discipline, from honing combat techniques to mastering intricate craftsmanship and delving into the arcane arts. This versatility, however, comes at the cost of a more gradual progression, requiring dedicated time and effort to acquire proficiency in various domains.]

[This class demands patience and dedication, as you must invest time and effort to unlock the potential within. With each hard-earned skill, the Versatile Artisan transforms into a well-rounded individual capable of navigating the complexities of any situation. Your strength lies not in a single specialized domain but in the synthesis of diverse talents, making them the unpredictable and invaluable ally sought by those who appreciate the artistry of versatility.]

He then looks at all the text that he sees and widens his eyes in shock. "Holy hell, that's a lot to take in."

He reads the text again, word for word, and then understands quite well as he mumbles, "That's kinda OP, in a way, but if I don't have skills on the get-go, I'm just basically normal. Hmm, cool."

He then notices the skills on the screen and raises his brow as he mumbles, "Hm? Didn't it say I have no skills? What are these do? They're even maxed out."

He presses each one of the skills on the floating screen in front of him.

[Adaptive Instincts Lvl MAX]

[Description: Upon embracing the path of the Jack of All Trades, the player develops an innate adaptability. This passive skill grants a natural affinity for learning, allowing the Jack of All Trades to acquire new skills more swiftly than others. Experience gained from diverse activities is optimized, aiding in the rapid expansion of their repertoire.]

[Versatile Memory Lvl MAX]

[Description: The Jack of All Trades possesses a unique mental acuity that enhances their ability to retain knowledge. This passive skill ensures that the skills, spells, and techniques learned through training are etched into memory with exceptional clarity. As a result, the Jack of All Trades can seamlessly recall and employ a broad spectrum of abilities with ease.]

He is very impressed seeing the description of both skills. It seems they are skills due to having this class. And it is very useful for literally anything. Being able to learn quickly and remember all that he could learn? It's the most cheat-like ability on the mild side, but it's still cool. He then scratches his chin and hums, thinking. The class he got is very good, but then he thinks more deeply. "Hmm, it's very good, not gonna lie, but I have to earn them..."

He sighs, but he smiles as he swipes his hand on the screen. The screen disappears.

"Well, it is better than nothing, right?" He talks to himself as he then notices there is no map function or any means to navigate, but he can manage.

He hopes so.

"Alright... New World! Here I am!"

To be continued....

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