81 The wife


"Are you sure she can do it, boss?" We were no longer alone in the room. My guard, Viktor, Alessio, Lev and a tech guy called Perdo had joined us. Viktor watches me like a hawk but I was too busy eyeing the weapons scattered across the tab to be bothered. There were about five different guns, knives and other tech stuff on there. I still wasn't aware why they needed me.

"Maya was a spy, she's the best choice we have." Alessio's voice echoes, unable to look at Alessio; I knew the only way Lorenzo found us was through him. 

"She better be as good as you say cause she will have a two-minute window to escape," Perdo says, not taking his eyes off the screens in front of him. I wasn't aware of where I was going or who they wanted me to kill, all Lorenzo told me was he had a mission for me and if I wanted to be in Kai's life this was my chance to prove it to him. 


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