1 Chapter 1

I couldn't stop fixing my dress. I was assigned a long black sleeveless dress so our contact would recognise me. My hair was pulled into a low bun. I could feel my gun holster rubbing against my left thigh. I was going to the De Luca club; it's one of the most known clubs in Atri, Italy.

It is known to be owned by the most powerful mafia man in Italy. Lorenzo Lastra. He has the biggest drug cartel in the world. Everyone knew of him but not what he looks like. He was one of our most wanted men. But he wasn't the target tonight.

The target was John Harold. He was an American billionaire. He was in his 60 and liked young girls. A human sex trafficker. He traffics a lot of America's girl around the world. My mission was to kill him tonight. He had too much information on us. That could jeopardise the CIA. And needed to die before he sold it.

I have been watching him for the 3 months that he had been in Italy. He met a lot of important people in these three months that I reported to my boss. He always had a young girl on his arm. But my mission stayed the same. Eliminate him.

I was trained for this. My job was to get the job done without asking questions and making sure it's clean. I have been doing this for 5 years now. I got in when I was 19. My first kill was a terrorist. It was in Iran, he was sent to bomb a school filled with girls. I never forgot the feeling when I saw him drop to the floor. It was a clean headshot. Being a girl made my job easier, no one ever suspected me.

I got out of the cab and thanked the diver "Grazie" I say smiling at him

I looked up at the club building, it wasn't a regular club. To get it you have to be on the list. It took us a while to able to get on the list. But with the help of our contact, it happened. It was a very fancy club, that everyone wanted to go too. But they didn't know what goes on behind close doors. Time to get in character.

I fixed my dress and made my way to the door. A few gentlemen were standing outside smoking, in there fancier suits. They watched as my hips swayed and smiled at them. The bouncer looked at me and his lips moved upwards.

"Nome," he asked in Italian. He asked for my name. He was a big, muscular man.

"Rosa Russo," I say smiling

I was now in character. Tonight I was Rosa Russo. An Italian girl with a rich father. I was no longer Maya Reed from the US.

I watch as his eyes scan the tablet on his hands. I could feel my heart beating but I kept the smile on my face.

"Potresti entrare" he pulled the door opened, letting me know I can go in.

The door closes behind me, I didn't realise how nervous I was. This mission has to go well. The place was loud. It was filled with people. Looked around, there was an upstairs. That's where he would be, in one of those private rooms.

"I'm in" I whispered into the earpiece in my ear.

"Copy" my partner's voice comes through.

I wasn't used to working with someone. But my boss insisted that I needed one for this mission. I didn't know anything about him. Not even his name. It was better that way. I only knew what he looked like, we haven't made physical contact. Just from afar.

I walked towards the bar making sure I got eyes on me. I needed them too noticed me. I knew they liked pretty young girls.

"At the bar," I say taking a sit.

"The contract should be there soon" he replied.

"What's the belladonna having tonight" he bartender ask. I smiled at his comment. He called me beautiful. Only if he knew what I was.

"Scotch on the rocks," I say placing my purse on the bar. He nods at me and went to make my drink.

I felt someone slide into the next sit.

"He's waiting for a private dance, room 5. He has 20 minutes before someone checks on him" I was surprised by the voice. I looked up and saw a woman. I didn't expect the contact to be a woman; it was always a guy. I was a bit shaken up. I could see the terror in her blue eye as she slides me the black key card and gets up.

"Everything okay on your side" I heard from my earpiece.

I cleared my throat and collected my drink "yes, it's good" I say

I didn't know what he was doing but I heard men voices coming from the earpiece. They sounded angry and spoke Italian. They were speaking to fast all I heard was his an American spy and silent. I stopped breathing. When I heard the gunshot. They shot him. I sat there frozen, I couldn't be fazed by this. I have to finish the mission. For that girl sake. I knew what she has been through was bad.

If they knew he was a spy they could find me. I downed my drink and got up. I looked up and made eye contact with two men in black suits. I think I stopped breathing when I made eye contact with the one with blue eyes. He looked like a very dangerous man. I knew he was one. He had so much anger in his eyes as he stared at me. The other one was smiling at me.

I smiled slowly, but on guard. I nodded at them and made my way up the stairs. Hopefully, they think I'm one of the girls that worked here.

The guards were watching me as I walked past them. I felt like something was wrong but I needed to keep going. I was now upstairs, I could see the black doors. I didn't want to know what was going on behind those doors. I ignored the dancers and looked for the door. Thankful door five was hidden in a corner. I could easily slip in and out. But I could still feel those men eye on me as I moved past people.

I moved to the corner making sure I stayed in the shadow of a man. I could feel my heart thumping against my chest, this was it. I pressed the card against the lock and push the door opened.

"Well, you're prettier than we expected" I heard the disgusting voice behind me. I slipped my hands to my holster and pulled my gun. This is going to be quick. I looked behind me and saw two men in front of me smiling looking at my body. The second man wasn't supposed to be here. But it's too late now.

I watch there face fall as the saw the gun with a silencer on it. I point it towards the unknown man first and shoot, not hesitating. I looked at my target. And smiled at him. He looked at his friend helpless. He was begging, but I couldn't hear him. I always made sure I zoned out. I knew this room was soundproof. I watch his eyes following the gun as I point the gun to his head. I didn't blink when I pulled the trigger and his body fell. I stared into his dead eyes and pulled out the burner phone.

"It's done. One casualty and we lost agent 17" I say into the phone.

"Well done Agent Maya, the plane is on stand by for you," the person says before disconnecting the phone.

I removed the silencer and placed it in my purse.

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