4 Chapter 4 Red Soul

The huge monster at his feet was not dead yet. Because its body was nailed to the ground, it could only twist its body in vain. Kratos had no mercy and took off the monster's armor with his bare hands, and then stabbed it into its body piece by piece.

The monster let out a wailing sound that echoed through the sky, but it was of no avail. He could only feel the god of death on his back harvesting his life bit by bit.

The Chitauri soldiers lying on the wall in the distance roared in impotence and rage as they watched the proud flying beast being tortured in this way.

Kratos's atrocities continue. Like a magician performing a knife-in-a-box magician, he casually removes the monster's armor and then stabs it into its body.

The sound of the flying beast's struggle became smaller and smaller. It had no hope of survival and only asked the god of death on its back to give it a good time.

Iron Man, who was about to take a last hit just now, complained in his heart: If I kill this flying beast with one shot now, it should thank me.

Hulk said dissatisfiedly: "The bad guy stole my limelight."

Thor was slightly surprised: Earth is indeed a hidden dragon and crouching tiger place, where I have already had a tough battle with a green giant, and now there is another incredibly powerful opponent.

Captain America was also a little puzzled: Nick Fury didn't tell me that there was this guy in New York, but with him here, we have a greater chance of winning.

The process of Kratos killing the flying beast lasted for 3 minutes.

During this period, the Chitauri soldiers and Avengers all forgot about the battle and just quietly enjoyed Kratos' violent aesthetic performance.

The flying beast finally looked up to the sky and roared loudly, then fell to the ground motionless.

Finally dead, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Iron Man flew over and said to Kratos: "Hey, Baymax, welcome to the team."

Kratos did not intend to have any interactions with people in this world, so he decided to go elsewhere to replenish the red soul.

Mimir on his waist was afraid that Iron Man would be embarrassed, so he explained: "I'm sorry, he is like this and doesn't like to talk."

A human head can actually talk!

Iron Man was startled and looked at the Avengers.

A man injected with super soldier serum and frozen for several years, a green monster irradiated by gamma rays, a god from Asgard...it seems that a talking head is not that incredible either.

Iron Man then returns to the others.

Captain America: "What's that guy's background?"

Iron Man: "I don't know, but it doesn't seem like an enemy at the moment."

Seeing that the six people were in place, Captain America began to arrange a battle plan:

"Patton is responsible for observing the battlefield and reporting enemy movements."

"Stark hold the blockade."

"Thor tries to block the portal"

"Natasha and I hold the ground."


"Where's the Hulk?"

Kratos walked on the devastated streets and felt something in his heart: Why do wars and killings break out wherever I go? Is this a curse on me?

A group of Chitauri soldiers appeared in front, shooting towards them with energy light guns.

I just killed the flying beast and obtained 500 red soul points, but the current amount cannot unlock the double blades of chaos.

Kratos had no choice but to crush the heads of the Chitauri with his hands, or tear them into two pieces at the waist to perform this inefficient collection work.

There was a roar from behind, and the Hulk rushed over, diving into the formation of the Chitauri soldiers, like a hungry wolf breaking into a herd of sheep, instantly annihilating the enemy.

Then, the Hulk looked at Kratos with a provocative look.

This guy wants to fight with me?

Kratos was a little excited. The bigger the enemy, the more sense of accomplishment he would feel if he killed it.

Just as Kratos was recalling the fighting skills against the Cyclops, several beams of energy rays came over, showing the Chitauri soldiers lying on the wall.

Kratos picked up a rock from the ground and hit a Chitauri soldier with precision.

The Hulk also regained his energy, jumped onto the wall with all his strength, smashed a Chitauri soldier into the wall, and then turned other soldiers into decorations on the wall.

Then he jumped to another wall and efficiently harvested the enemy's lives.

The falling red soul also automatically poured into Kratos' body.

Mimir: "I think that Hulk wants to compete with you on the number of enemies he kills."

Kratos smiled, found an undamaged chair on the street, swept away the remaining cement stones, and sat down comfortably.

Mimir saw a surviving food cart next to him and sniffed it: "There should be food and drinks in there."

Kratos was holding a hot dog in one hand and Fat House Happy Water in the other hand, enjoying them comfortably.

He was trained in a military camp when he was young and could only eat very little food every day, forcing him to steal outside and practice his skills. When marching and fighting, I could eat enough, but it was all tasteless dry food.

After being promoted to the God of War, the variety of foods he ate gradually became more abundant, including honey, meat and fruits. But the food here has a different flavor.

The Hulk still works tirelessly to fight monsters and collect red souls for himself.

Looking at the increasing number of red souls on the system interface, Kratos couldn't help but sigh: This efficiency is much faster than killing monsters with my bare hands.

After the Hulk wiped out the Chitauri soldiers in this neighborhood, he saw Kratos sitting leisurely and jumped over dissatisfied.

"Let's compete...I'll win!"

Kratos said calmly: "The enemies you have killed combined are no more powerful than a flying beast."

The Hulk felt aggrieved, but couldn't refute Kratos.

At this time, two more flying beasts emerged from the black hole. The Hulk was as excited as a fat man weighing several hundred pounds and hurriedly jumped into a tall building.

After smashing countless desks and glass, he jumped to the flying beast's mouth, pulled its teeth and punched violently.

Then he climbed on the back of the flying beast, followed Kratos's example, and removed the armor of the flying beast and used it as a weapon to attack the Chitauri soldiers.

The God of Thunder flew over and summoned thunder and lightning with a hammer, giving the flying beast a fatal blow.

The flying beast immediately lost its life and hit the ground. Its entire body also slid into a building, kicking up a huge amount of smoke, dust and gravel.

Thor looked at the corpse of the giant beast at his feet, feeling somewhat proud in his heart.

The Hulk was very unhappy: The last blow was done by Thor. This flying beast cannot be counted as the one I defeated. I still haven't defeated that guy yet.

Then he punched Thor away and snorted in dissatisfaction.


Kratos was still sitting on the stool, waiting for the system to inform him of the mission goal.

The battle in the city has nothing to do with him, and there is no one he wants to protect here.

He watched as the Tin Woodman flew into the black hole carrying a cylindrical object. Then, the Chitauri soldiers, who had been alive just now, fell to the ground as if their souls had been harvested by Hades. The flying beast soaring in the air landed on the roof of the building like a dead fish.

Then, a huge amount of red souls rushed over.

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