The Invincible Full-Moon System

The sinful acts of humanity bring forth a great calamity upon themselves, or so they thought. Supernatural Emergence happened. Supernatural creatures start to come out of nowhere and forcefully claim half of the Earth and massacre any humans that cross their paths. All of them are too powerful, dozens of countries fall under their diabolic claws. Humanity was pushed against the corner. But things started to turn around when humanity began to awaken magical powers. Awakened is the name for those who awaken these powers blessed by the Gods, and they become the pillars of humanity. Rex Silverstar is a normal boy who has a traumatic experience. On the day of the Supernatural Emergence, a Werewolf takes everything he has. He lost his family and his home, left alone in this cruel world. What drives him to live every day is his deep hatred towards the Supernaturals. Joining the military in the hope of helping exterminate the Supernaturals from an early age, he found out that it's impossible to kill the Werewolf that was responsible for killing his parents without being an Awakened. On a fateful night, in a near-death experience, he's given a chance by the full moon. It was the turning point of his life. Obtaining a System that allows him to become stronger, having the potential to match and surpass the Supernaturals, Rex was ecstatic until he saw his stats window. "I'M NOT A WEREWOLF!!" "Daily quest failed, sanity stat has been decreased by 20%!" "Sanity stat is too low, you are unable to contain the blood moon blessing!" "Starting forceful transformation!" "WHAT?! I'm a human! What transformation?!" "You are overwhelmed with bloodlust!" ----- Join my discord: https://discord.gg/cg6a5sBkpJ Support me here: https://ko-fi.com/mrboogey13 ----- I do not own the cover of the book, if you made it and want to take it down just say so and I will immediately change it.

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Adhara's Suspicion

The crescent silver moon is hanging in the lonely sky, the moonlight brings warmth to the cold night, the crescent moon smile although nobody notices the effort it put to bring tranquility.

The university's rooftop is a place for students to relax and chill with seats arranged neatly, the rooftop is crowded in the busy morning but deserted during the night.

Only a handful of people sits up here enjoying the night breeze,

Rex finds an empty seat near the fence, he sits down and looks at the night sky while breathing deeply.

'Sitting up here under the moonlight is refreshing', he thought.

The moonlight serves as energy for Rex. No matter how tired he feels during the day, under the moonlight, it's gone as if it never happened.

'Maybe this is a side effect of becoming a werewolf', he thought while he laid back on his seat trying to relax his muscle.

'I can win against Laura without magic despite I have a 20% debuff because of the silver weapon, my scars are healing at a slow rate because of it. The others didn't even question me when my scars are healing by themselves, or did they not notice? Speaking of Laura, I hope she's okay', he closes his eyes to enjoy the night breeze.

While closing his eyes, Rex feels that his body is relaxed and suddenly Rex dozes off on the seat.


Adhara can't sleep so she decided to take a walk, the university is big be it fate or not she went to the rooftop of the university.

'Ahhh, I can't sleep thinking about Rex. How can he be so strong despite being a non-awakened', she thought while she's walking upstairs.

Just as she arrived at the rooftop, she saw nobody there so she decided to find herself a seat to try to make herself sleepy by looking at the night sky.

Before she can even sit, in the corner of her eyes she saw someone sleeping on the corner near the fence.

She glances at the person and noticed that the figure is familiar, 'It can't be right?'

She walks closer to the sleeping figure, as she walks closer she widened her eyes in realization. 'It is him, Why is he here?'

Adhara shamelessly sit in front of Rex, she saw that Rex's body emit a translucent blue hue that sparkles in the dark night.

She studied Rex closer feeling curious about this mysterious guy, 'What is his source of power? When he fought Laura, he has super strength but that's it. Then suddenly he becomes so strong that he caught Laura's sword with his bare hand, his scars also heals by itself',

Her forehead creased in thought, She is interested in Rex and found him fascinating, 'I noticed that he looks at the window just before he smiles wickedly, that's when he becomes so strong. Could his power be related to night?'

If Rex knew what she was thinking then he's probably shocked and called her a stalker, What do you call someone who analyzing him in detail besides a stalker.


The cold wind blew, Adhara hugged her body after she got breezed by the cold wind.

'I should've brought a jacket', she cursed at herself.

Adhara looks at the translucent hue emitted by Rex again, she unconsciously got closer to Rex, 'He's warm...'

Her body moves unwittingly, she got closer to Rex and rests her head on Rex's shoulder.

'Why is he so warm', she thought as he wraps her hands-on Rex's arm. Then suddenly, Adhara came to a realization.

'Warm body? Regenerative Ability? Increase in power during the night? And... he is so relaxed under the moon that he didn't even notice me', Adhara's eyes widened in shock, her mouth trembled as she found a probability that makes her alert.

<DING!! >

<Daily Quest Completed>

<Obtained 50 Exp>

The dinging sound slightly disturbed Rex in his sleep,

Rex feels something wrap his arm so he opens his eyes, just as he opens his eyes he saw Adhara cuddling his arm and looking at him dumbfounded.

He pulls his arm and asks, "What are you doing?"

Adhara didn't answer his question, she just stares blankly at Rex.

Rex looks at Adhara in confusion, he unconsciously judges Adhara's looks once again and thought, 'She is very beautiful, even in her stupid expression like right now'

Rex shakes his head and decided to gets up and leave but suddenly Adhara held his hand.

"What is it?", Rex ask while turning around to look at Adhara.

Adhara snaps out of her daze and questioned back, "Are you...a werewolf?"

Rex was surprised, his mind went blank for a couple of seconds. 'How the heck did she guess that? Did I seem too obvious? Well I am pretty high profile lately'

Although he is surprised, Rex's expression didn't change a bit while he looks at Adhara right in her eyes.

After a slight pause, he answered, "There is no such thing as supernatural with a human form, That's just stupid", he answered before leaving Adhara who seems stunned by Rex's answer.

'That's not good. I can't afford to get caught, I need to stay low', he thought reminding himself.

The next day,

Rex was in class, today's class is about how to gauge a vampire's strength and characteristics to help kill a vampire.

"Wearing a full silver armor will help tremendously against all supernatural including vampires, Vampire, Werewolf, Demon, Witch, and Undead are really weak against silver so wearing a full armor made of silver is a must. Even if you wear silver armor, you must still put on your guard because high-level vampire has resistance towards silver to some extent, some even fully resistant to it", Mr. Jospeh explains as he warns the students sternly to not underestimate the supernatural.

After looking each of the students right in the eyes, Mr. Joseph continues, "Vampires power is determined by the tattoo they have on the back of their neck, a pawn is the weakest while king/queen is the strongest"

While listening to Mr. Joseph, Rex texted Rosie asking her to meet him.

"Rosie, Can we talk?", Rex asks.

Not long after, Rosie answered, "Took you long enough, When do we meet?"

Rex was surprised that Rosie wanted to meet him, "How about today?"

"Okay, where? The mall section?", Rosie asks.

While he was texting with Rosie, Adhara sneakily walks to him and sits beside him.

Rex looks at her with a grin, "What a pleasure having a beautiful girl sneakily sit beside me"

Adhara looks at him with a charming smile, "Nothing much, just want to sit here because I want to sleep"

Rex nodded his head and gets back to texting with Rosie, "Okay that sounds good" when suddenly he realizes, "Wait, You're a student of Ochyra University too?!"

"Duh, I'm your age remember? And I'm good enough to enter this university hmph", Rosie replied.

Rex can already imagine her annoying expression just by looking at the texts, "Fine just meet me at the Soleria Restaurant"

Instead of answering, Rosie only sent a face with tongue emoji that makes Rex annoyed.

Adhara notices Rex is texting with someone and can't help but peek at his texts, she saw Rosie on top of the chat room.

Adhara tug Rex who is still annoyed by Rosie and asks, "Who is Rosie? Your girlfriend?"

Hearing this Rex immediately decline, "As if I want to be her boyfriend"

Looking at Rex's expression, Adhara chuckles before they both pay attention to class again.

While listening to Mr. Joseph, Rex is deep in thought, 'My progress is a little slow if I rely on the sudden quest and daily quest. Although I'm trying to enjoy my university life, I still need to prioritize leveling up'

Rex decided to ask the system, 'System How do I get Exp?'

<The user can get Exp through Quests, Meditating under the moonlight, and Fighting>

Reading this, Rex asks another question, 'I won against Laura yesterday so why is it not accounted for?'

<Sparing match is not calculated>

'Fine. Then what about the meditating part, how do I do that?'

<You 10 need to buy meditation technique in the shop which will be available when user reach level>

'Then how to get the money to buy items in the shop?', Rex asks after he recalls that he didn't get any currency after completing quests.

<The system uses gold as a currency in the shop. Gold can be received from quest when you enter level 10, user also exchange Dollar into with 100:1 ratio>

'Wow, that's expensive as hell, $100 for 1 gold? That's a scam', Rex thought.

Time flies, the bell rang and Rex straps his bag and wanted to go to the Mall Section where he will meet Rosie.

Unknown to him, Laura steals glances at him while he walks out of the classroom.

After walking out of class, Rex saw that Adhara is following him like usual.

Rex turns to his back and said, "Why are you following me? Do you like me or something?"

Adhara's face blushed red in embarrassment, "What? No! Ehm, anyway I just want to tag along"

Rex raises his brows and teased, "You can tag along if you agree to become my girlfriend"

Adhara's face becomes red even more, Her embarrassed face is red like a tomato, "Hmph, Fine I'm not gonna follow you", she replies, leaving Rex while pouting.

Looking at Adhara's leaving figure, Rex laughs before he continues walking towards the mall section.

Taking the train, Rex arrives at the mall section in just about ten minutes.

He finds the Soleria restaurant and found Rosie already sitting there while playing with her phone,

Rosie is wearing casual clothes unlike when they meet the first time, her smooth brown hair is tied into a ponytail. She wears ripped white denim, a black crop top shirt, and casual white shoes.

Although she wears casual clothes, her looks are still as beautiful as Rex first saw her.

Rex approached Rosie and tap her on her shoulder, "Rosie"

Rosie lifts her head up and meets Rex's black eyes, the atmosphere seems tense as they gaze into each other.

'What's with this vibe? It's so awkward', Rex thought.