3 Chapter 20: Barbeque

"Well Yvonne, you should be able to make your way home from here huh?"

"Yup, my restaurant's at the other end of it infact, it'll barely take me five minutes."

"Ok then, you can come around again tomorrow, perhaps we'd get something positive before midnight comes."

"Yup." Yvonne now got down from the parked car. "Don't dream of them sewage monsters luv," she said, winking to Mercedes.

"Naah, very funny, I won't," Mercedes said as she giggled. "Bye!" And with that, she drove off.

Yvonne then entered her district and made her way to her family's restaurant. It was already deep in the afternoon.

She brought out her phone to check the time. It was already 4:00pm. She sighed as she put the phone back into the right side pocket of her jeans, and then tucked her hands into her coat. She walked for four more minutes before reaching the entrance of the restaurant. Clement was attending to a customer near the entrance door when Yvonne walked in.

"So you came back eh," he said to her.

"Face your work Clement, before you fall into his face," Yvonne said to him.

"Hmm!" He grunted.

Yvonne entered the changing room and removed her bag before wearing her apron. She checked her phone to see if any messages had entered, and see saw a few, which included one from Chloe asking how her day was. After reading the messages, she put the phone back in her pocket and left the room. She then went to the kitchen.

"Hey mum!"

"Hey, you're back, hope you enjoyed your day," Mia said.

"Hmnm," Yvonne replied affirmatively.

"Good, cus your day's about to get real torrid," Mia said, as she stretched out Yvonne's right hand and placed a towel on her arm. "Come on, clean up the pile of plates, and come help me with the stew and broth, we're already all out. The afternoon numbers went up a bit, I and Clement had to do a little more work in the absence of you and your father." Mia's face was very stressed to the point Yvonne could tell she was having a rough day.

"Well mum relax, I'm here to help afterall," Yvonne said.

"Will do," Mia replied.

Yvonne was left confused by the situation. Work wasn't supposed to be this tedious, atleast it wasn't when she was in the restaurant at this time in her last loop. She then remembered that her mother actually came back home tired and slept earlier than usual on this same day before the loop had started. She and Clement were absent from the restaurant that afternoon – Clement had not gone that day at all, while Yvonne left earlier, and their father was watching football, as usual.

"Ahh," she sighed to herself. She then turned away and went to wash the dirty dishes stacked beside the stainless sink. She put the towel on her shoulder. She was done within thirty minutes and went to assist her mother in the cooking, slicing vegetables and meat. Yvonne left the kitchen about an hour later to join her brother at the counter. Clement had been rather preoccupied with customers while Yvonne was in the kitchen, sometimes overstaying with a customer when rendering services, and Yvonne told him to ease up, while she took over from him. An hour later, her father came into the restaurant.

"Ah ah ah dad, no shouting in here, hmm hmn," Yvonne said with her voice breaking while shaking her right pointing finger, "we know the Blues won, the TV's being showing the game while you were gone, albeit with less noise while you were away." Both of them smiled at each other, before they both broke into laughter.

"You're starting to be a naughty girl now eh, young Yv, never knew you silently cheered for the Blues, knew you took more from me afterall," Argus said as he beamed.

"Nah, don't be mistaken papa, the way you broke into the restaurant already told its story, besides, you were only going to annoy mama," Yvonne said.

"Oh is that so now, well, in that case, I guess I'll just say…Up The Blues!" Argus said in a raised voice.

"Argh, you never change papa!"

"No dada, always a Blue haha," Argus said as he chuckled coarsely.

"Well, did you bring your guests again?" Yvonne asked.

"What dyu mean again, have I brought em before here?" Argus asked her as he put his palm to his chin to demonstrate him thinking.

"Nah, forget that. Did you bring anyone?"

"Well…" Argus turned to face outside the restaurant. "Amigos, come on in," Argus shouted. People, about fifteen of them, entered the restaurant. They all appeared to wear something blue – blue beanie, scarf or coat, suggesting they were Blues' fans, just as Yvonne remembered from her previous loop.

"Thought so," she said to herself.

Argus went behind the counter where his children were. Clement had been quiet all the while.

"You doing alright son," Argus asked. Clement nodded. Argus then pouted. Mia came rushing out of the kitchen.

"Oh Argus, you want to kill me today right?" she said as she put both wrists of her hands on her waist, with her tired face looking at her husband.

"Aw come on, you were the one always pressuring me to get more customers in, remember? Today just happened to be a lucky day as I invited them over to come have dinner here." "But I told them they'll pay," Argus whispered to Mia as he moved closed to her.

"Tsk," Mia said as she went back to the kitchen.

"Don't worry, I'm coming to help out," Argus said to her as she left.

"Ok guys, let's get to work now," Argus said to his children.

Yvonne curved her palm around her mouth and whispered to her father – "or milk the money off their asses." She and Clement then laughed, and Argus nodded in approval, one that seemed to have a hint of shame to his children, before heading to the kitchen to join his wife.

All hands were on deck as the family worked through the busy evening, serving dinner for their customers, before they closed for the day. They had dinner at the restaurant, and freshened up before leaving for home. Clement and Mia slept almost immediately they got home, while Argus stayed up a while before going to bed, and then Yvonne, who watched a hour long program before heading to bed.

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