368 Upgrade

At the moment, Lex did not care much what the Noel family was thinking because he was feeling too impatient about the upgrades to his system. The fight with the murderer had been incredibly tough, but at the same time, Lex could feel that the killer himself was too much of an amateur, and perhaps had not been using the system for long.

It was unlikely Lex would ever encounter such a weak system user again. Moreover, even if he did, Lex was not a mindless killer. He could not accept randomly killing someone just to steal their system - unless they provided him with a sufficient reason to get rid of them, of course.

Setting all that aside for now, Lex looked towards his notifications.

New notification:

System upgrade complete! New System status unlocked:

System: Midnight Inn

System Grade: Divine (broken ~ SSS - B+ )

System Owner: Lex Williams

System functionality: 12%

System self-repair time: 33,312 billion years

New Notification:

New features unlocked. New features include:


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