420 Unfettered

Lex said nothing and only looked at the sleeping teenager silently. On the day of his own wedding he had taken a risk, not for his own sake, but for the sake of the Inn, and this was the return that he got.

Standing there, in front of Harry, it would have been very easy for Lex to start feeling pathetic and wallow in his failures. But, for better or for worse, self pity was not in Lex's nature. Looking at Harry, Lex's mood did not get lower, but instead his thoughts cleared up. Come hell or high water, he would repay Harry.

He also looked at Hailey. When Lex heard news that Harry was getting married he could only think of his own single status, but in truth he had been extremely happy for him. He imagined how wonderful a life this new couple would have, living in the safest, most magical place in the universe.

He owed them both for not being able to deliver on that fantasy. His fists tightened. He owed them.


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