426 The long, lost Leo

Lex had been extremely focused on taking care of the Inn as much as he possibly could in the few moments of lucidity he had every time he woke up. But he had other plans as well which were just as important. One of them was bringing Leo, the owner of the Gamer's Den, back. After all, if anyone ever guessed that Lex worked at the Inn, he would use Leo to explain that identity. Now was a good time to make his comeback, and he intended to come back in spectacular fashion.

He scanned the Inn once and instantly picked on something interesting. After learning the details surrounding what was happening Lex couldn't help but be amazed. Sometimes, things just aligned up too perfectly. He teleported away.


"I told you for the last time, I can't fight any Nascent realm cultivators," said Z in an exasperated tone. It had been days since he last watched any decent anime. It was work this, responsibility that. After all that had happened, he hadn't even had any time to rest.


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