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How can garbage books get endless promotions and reviews, while a great book like this remains unknown? If you want a good read, and am as tired as I am of the endless trash being released, give this book a read. Two thumbs up. Good work Author [img=recommend]

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Mandatory shameless author review here: It's a great story with a realistic approach to the cultivation world. There may be a bit of faceslapping, a bit of humor and a bit of crying, but all of it will be done in a way that's not ridiculously obvious and annoying! The overarching story has already been planned from start to end, but how events play out can be influenced by readers feedback so feel free to leave comments on chapters telling what you like or dislike. Either way, it's not a directionless novel going randomly from one arc to the next. Each arc is important, and seemingly mundane characters and events from random chapters may come back as larger twists later so keep an eye out and feel free to theorize how the characters will play an important role later :)


What a little gem I found. why is this story not on the highest rankings is beyond me. the writing and the flow are excellent, even if the story is moving a little too slow (not a criticism, I'm simply greedy for more haha). Keep it up, love your work.


Disappointing. forced plots. no logic. straight into cultivation none sense. Not even half of the first 20 chapter is actually about the Inn. Mc is supposed to be smart but behaves rather stupid.


Mc just sucks, he’s supposed to be smart but keeps on making major mistakes. I feel like the plot is forced and what’s up with cultivators and knowing he has an inn. Does he really not take the systems warning seriously.. I hope he don’t let the people he knows stay in the inn for free because that’s just being an idiot, what if they get killed by strong people.


This has great potential right until chapter 10. The author completetly ruined their work. What a disappointment and a waste of time that was. Sigh.


It's so good that I hate this book because there's not enough chapters!. Just binge-read this book and almost got depressed when I finished the last chapter.


Hard not to give such a great book 5 stars. I 100% recommend this to anyone tired of the same old stories with the same elements and characters copy pasted over and over again. The innkeeper characters are fun, believable and flawed, the premise is original, the comedy hits and the story keeps getting better. [img=recommend]


This is a novel about a young earth man getting an innkeeper system, overall this novel was good. Didn't notice any obvious grammatic errors, the world building has being done quite well, the story has an immersive quality. The characters are well developed and the plot is quite interesting.


Reveal spoiler


Not too shabby. While the beginning stumbles a little as it tries to find its voice, tempo, and emphasis, it eventually settles into its own rhythm. MC could be described as OP while attempting to prove that he is not OP. He always has enough points or luck or items to do everything. At first, Inn is squished to the side as MC does dumb things on earth, but thankfully, before I lost my patience, Inn returns to center stage, with MC's shenanigans diminished. If the author ever considers rewriting the beginning, it is advised that they devote more time to the inn and either reduce or move the MC's shenanigans later. Many low star reviews are about absence of inn in beginning chapters: “Not even half of the first 20 chapter is actually about the Inn.”/Rappel; “This has great potential right until chapter 10. The author completetly ruined their work.”/KIING (10 chapter introduces cultivators on earth and shifts focus from inn to MC shenanigans on earth); “Forced plot with cultivators and his family.”/Elder; Readers dislike for cultivation probably comes from two facts: it takes away time from the inn and every world and dimension has the same type of cultivation. All worlds have similar feeling. It is almost bad as MassEffect color ending. Choose your world, one has humans, other world has humans and dead humans, third has humans and animals, but all of them have cultivation and humans! Even none humans look like humans. Overall, readable novel if you don’t mind OP MC, cultivation, and aliens that are all human.


The fact that this novel was hard for me to find shows how bad Webnovel’s book promotion system is. They constantly try to get to read terrible books that have a trillion bad reviews but then never reccomend me books that are good like this one. Although I don’t have the time or patience for a full review, this book is a truly well made book, especially for this site. The concept is unique and interesting, the characters are generally well thought out and the MC eventually starts to move away from constantly relying on the system. I also like how the MC doesn’t just know the absolute best path for everything and is kinda dumb at times, because it makes it a little more relatable and interesting. Anyways, give the book a try if you haven’t already!


This is like, the first ever novel that has an actual reasonable reason for why the system chose the main character. the author’s writing is very immersive ngl, overall, this novel truly deserves a 5/5 out of everything Btw, if the author is reading this then are you on the webnovel discord server? And when are you planning to create your own discord server.


Very good!!! .


50 chapters in and I love it! Looking forward for more!! .


Forced plot with cultivators and his family. Forced quest. (That can kill you if failed and stupid at the time) Just killed this story for me.


my only regret is that i find this story to soon.to the future reader hope u find this story fast also so u can suffer chapter addiction like me. overall a great story with no plothole chapter-literally-.


A very refreshing novel to read, with a decently planned out plot in the works. The main thing that draws me in is not the system but the mc who is made to be very relatable to your average person. Which I believe will also draw you in, along with the modified cultivation system(power system). In addition to the fact that the mc will be world hopping, meaning that it probably wont be bland or monotonous. And a added bonus to this novel is that the author can actually write normal conversations between people and not change their personality every second nor make everyone a clone of each other when it comes to dialogue. Anyways other than my rant about conversations (I hate Skyrim dialogue so much that I always become a mass murderer), I would recommend this book as it has good potential and a author that knows what their doing. Good on ya author! And thanks for the key to the inn, I'll be enjoying my stay on this adventure. [img=fp]


This is a great book and I think it should be in the top recommended, replacing stuff like dual cultivation. So yeah, all in all great book would recommend to anybody.


A great novel worthy of this reviews thus far. Story Development:A good premise with good execution overall. Character Development: Excellent... multiple enjoyable characters and mc is slowly being developed while also still entertaining to read in his more "primitive" state. Updating Stability:No clue... hoping it's good cause novel is enjoyable... World Background:Very well done. Give info to introduce worlds but not to much info as to cause confusion. Very well regulated 👍 Writing quality:Very few authors (Light novel wise) are as competent as this one when it comes to writing. Although errors exist, they are small errors which don't impact the overall experience too much. 5/5, would recommend.