385 Lord

"Luthor, you will be my receptionist," said Lex with a smile. "Yours will be a heavy responsibility, so I hope you will be up to the task. I do not expect to be seeing a lot of guests too frequently, so you will have a lot of time on your hands. I hope you use that time wisely and raise your cultivation level as soon as possible. It would be slightly embarrassing if my own receptionist has too low a cultivation level."

"As you wish," Luthor said with a bow, his expression forever unchanging.

"I am expecting a guest soon, Mary will update you on the details. Send him in once he arrives."

Luthor bowed even deeper, before he promptly stepped outside Lex's office and took his place at the desk. A deep, almost malevolent look flashed in his eyes once he left Lex's office, but he quickly suppressed it. He was nothing more than a common receptionist, and things would remain that way… for now.


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