424 First Meeting

Six days after Lex returned to his Recovery pod, he finally woke up again. This time his condition was much better, and he even felt like he could manage to ignore the hallucinations without any assistance. Moreover, his body was overflowing with strength, yet at the same time, he felt completely normal. It was an unusual feeling, but he did not have the time to delve into these matters. He had to make the most of his time before he fell asleep again.

It was also because of his rush that he missed the formation of the 'Innkeeper fan club' that was holding its first ever meeting, having been formed after the small news article and comic strip that Velma launched on the Midnight Newsletter as well as the Henali portal.

He teleported to his office, once again finding Luthor standing there, coffee in hand. Yet this time, he was also holding three folders. Lex raised an eyebrow out of curiosity, but chugged his coffee before asking what they were about.


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