402 Damian Arban Williams

The Gamer's Den, one of the most popular places at the Inn, was no longer managed just by Z. Instead, Z became the assistant manager, still under the command of the ever elusive manager named Leo, with a host of new workers under him.

This only added to the popularity of the Den, however, as not everyone came to it to play games. With millions of guests coming to the Inn every day, things really had become very hectic. The stringent control Lex had over the minor details occurring every day had loosened, resulting in the Inns staff suffering from various kinds of harassment.

Usually security would handle the matters, but not all troublemakers would take drastic actions. Sometimes it would just be persistent teasing and pestering. Due to the fact that all the Inn's workers started with no cultivation, they were inherently weak even after they started cultivating, making them easy targets.


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