The Innkeeper

In the depths of a newborn universe, a cultivator takes advantage of the abundant energy to refine himself a treasure. But after 14 billion years of refining and quite a few more to go, he decides to entertain himself by releasing countless systems and watching how the creatures of this fledgling universe handle them. On Earth, a young man, lost and confused about what to do with his life, sits in a park and looks up at the night sky. A shooting star, a wish and a bang. When the boy finally wakes up he hears a sound, "assimilation complete. Launching System. Welcome to the Midnight Inn. Host Designation: The Innkeeper." Discord: https://discord.gg/yqCkHedcUP Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61551387105778 Instagram: https://instagram.com/theinnkeepernovel?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==

lifesketcher · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
1167 Chs

Bonding Uranus

Lex finally stepped off the platform and followed the projection to another room while he considered his future plans. Killing Ra seemed like the most urgent matter. Since they already had a vendetta, Lex did not want to see him becoming stronger, so it seemed that for now his objective was aligned with the projections.

To reach Ra, according to the projection, Lex would have to go through approximately 8 tests, each one giving him access to deeper parts of the temple as well as more authority. The projection promised to reduce the difficulty of the tests to the best of its ability, making it easy for Lex to reach Ra.

But apparently, the deity had regained some of its strength by plundering the various divinities hidden in the temple, so Lex would not have such an easy time facing it as last time.