71 Chapter 71: Explosive Thoughts - 2

Not far away, Amelia narrowed her eyes with an irritated look as she observed the way Yuna was looking at Sam. 'Tch, another one bites the dust. It seems I have to up my game, as the competitors are increasing at an alarming rate. I must secure my place as the first wife.'

Amelia's gaze then shifted to another figure emitting Sennyu resonance. 'A dragon from the Hailstorm clan, huh? Just like that werewolf and this Qilin girl, she also gives me this Sennyu resonance.'

'I wonder how darling came up with this name 'Sennyu Resonance'?' Amelia smiled to herself as she observed the new dragon girl.

The girl she was observing was Ophelia Hailstorm, daughter of Duncan Hailstorm, who was the youngest brother of Alexander Hailstorm, recently banished from the Ancestral Manor. 

the girl's milky hair flowed down her back up to her waist, and her dark black eyes contemplated Sam with an expression only she understood.


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