49 Brown Sugar Ginger Soup

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The female salesperson bit her lip and finally gave directions. "Mr. Jiang, you'll find the best brand of sanitary pads if you look to your left, on the first row of the third shelf."


Jiang Xuecheng went inside and came out with the item. The female salesperson suddenly envied the blessed woman.


Mr. Jiang had lowered his dignity to do this. She wondered how pretty this woman must be to have him come out in the middle of the night to buy women's personal essentials.


After Jiang Xuecheng paid for the item, the female salesperson suddenly realized she had taken an interest in the private affair of the property owner which she shouldn't have.


Fontainebleau was the most high-end villa in S City and the privacy of the property owners was of utmost importance. If one was nosy and asked about something which was not supposed to be asked, one would suffer more than just losing their job.



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