The Incubus System

Warning: Mature content, R18, Harem, No NTR, No Rape An 18-year-old poor college student tried to apply for a job as a tutor but his life almost ended as demons' meal. In his last breath, a mysterious woman gave him a strange power. When he opened his eyes he had turned into a demon with a system that will turn him into... A pervert. Now he must live with his dual identity as a model student named Ethan and an incubus named Damian, while conquering MILF, monster girl, beautiful elf, demon loli which sometimes leads him to complicated relationships. ------------ Other tags : Hiding Identity, Monster Girls, Tentacles, Character Development, Weak to Strong, Incest *Most of my story has a big harem, I'm not interested in writing a small harem with only two or three girls. The MC is not an arrogant type and doesn't carelessly kill people nor let the others died in his presence. He also doesn't treat his woman as a sex object. Even though this is a harem story, some parts of this story will make you tear up and have some funny scenes. *This story has a lot of steamy scenes and playful kinky games that you've never read before. Read by your own risk. Some illustrations and characters images are on my Discord channel. My Discord: https://discord.gg/mSRHyMVhnG ------------ Other works: *Seven Sins System *Dragon King's Harem *Dark Moon: Rise of The Dark King *Demon Lord's Succubus (Completed)

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Chapter 353. Infiltration to The Dark Dimension I

The Incubus System Chapter 353. Infiltration to The Dark Dimension I

Time passed and the sky above Lightglen City had already turned dark. The clock showed 07.47 PM when I stood on top of a department store building with my servants. As always I was in my Demonic Form and a mask covered my face. My eyes looked at the streets filled with cars, buses and motorbikes. The lights from the buildings, the neon lights from the billboards and the street lamps illuminated the streets, replacing the sun.

Indeed, it was a little early from my usual night hunt schedule. But since I wanted to find the cracks to infiltrate the dark dimension sooner, I decided to do this earlier. Besides, I had nothing to do at home, except eat and watch Netplik. Yeah, I just resubscribed it since Celia wanted to watch the final season of Game of Thoerns (that's not a typo). So we ended up watching that series all afternoon with my servants since they also loved it.

Although... Celia and I had to explain the characters and what happened in the previous season to them. Celia and I used to watch this together with dad before. But I cancelled it to reduce our expenses after my father died. So we missed the final season. As for my partners, they were busy with their own business today, even Larry was busy with his duties as a demon hunter. So no one could accompany me. On the bright side, I was sure Ruby was also busy with her duties as a demon hunter so she couldn't stalk me for a while.

A long breath came out of my mouth since all we saw were a few rat demons and Foxy was handling them. As for the cracks, we hadn't detected them yet and continued to look for them.

'Should we spread again?' I thought. But we just regrouped after we were searching for over half an hour.

'Nah, I think we should move to another city,' I thought again. I chose this city since I killed more demons when I did my ritual here than any other place lately. Apart from that, this city was wider than the others, so I tried my luck here. But it seemed my guess was wrong.

My eyes turned to Foxy who was fighting two Rat Demons in the alley near the building. I assigned Foxy to kill that demon since apart from her training, she also had the perfect skills for it. With her shape-shifting skill, she could lure the demons to an empty place. While her strength was more than enough to kill those demons easily.

My gaze locked on Foxy. I couldn't believe she was the same demon as the little demon I saved a few weeks ago. She looked weak at our first meeting, but now... From how she moved and fought, it was clear she was a lot stronger.

Foxy jumped nimbly. Her feet landed from wall to wall skillfully, dodging the demons' attacks. And with one movement, she swung her pair of claws at one of the demons. A scream of pain escaped the demon's mouth before he finally turned to ashes. Without a pause, another demon lunged from behind her but three orbs of blue flame suddenly appeared and launched at the demon. In just a few seconds, the demon's body turned to ashes.

"What do you think, Your Highness?" Maria's voice suddenly came from my side. Of course, she meant Foxy.

"She has grown a lot quicker than I thought," I said without taking my eyes off Foxy. A faint smile on my lips. I remembered there was a time where she could only spend her time accompanying Celia and reading fairytale books. I didn't think she could grow this fast in such a short time.

"Of course," Maria said with a proud smile.

"She's always excited whenever I teach her. I don't expect less than this." It was her and Ivy who usually taught Foxy. So I could understand how proud she was.

I turned to Maria and smiled.

"Thank you."

"You don't have to thank me, Your Highness. It's my duty. But ..." Maria hugged my arm intimately.

"If you want to thank me. I don't mind one or two extra rounds after the Ritual," she said with a sweet smile. Yeah, that was so typical of her.

"Claiming the hard work of two as yours, huh?" Ivy's voice that came from behind us showed her jealousy clearly. Without hesitation, Ivy released Maria's hands from my arm and slid herself between us, pushing Maria away from me.

"Then what about me? I also want some extra rounds with you~" Ivy said with a spoiled tone. This time, she was the one who hugged my arm.

'Some extra rounds?' It was clear she asked for more than twice.

"Oh, C'mon you two. Stop it!" Yuffy nagged them with a frown. Her hands were on her waist.

Which was followed by Luna's giggle.

"You two sound like little kids."

"Ha! Very funny. I don't want to hear any comments from women who sleep with His Highness every night," Maria retorted.

"Don't blame us. It's the king's order~" Luna said in a nonchalant tone.

"Tch! That's so unfair!" complained Ivy.

"Cut it out. We need to concentrate on our mission, remember?" I decided to end their unuseful quarrel. Their bickering was no different than mine when I was with Larry or Celia.

"But we didn't find a single crack tonight," whined Luna.

"Do you guys know another way to find the crack?" I asked. Well, they had told me everything before this night hunt started. That they could only rely on their sense of smell to detect demons and close the crack since it appeared randomly.

They shook their heads from side to side.

"I guess we will have to move out and try our luck in another city," I said. I just turned around, but the big screen across from our building answered us.

The huge TV showed CCTV footage of two Malevolent Butchers running amok on the streets. From the shops and the streets around them, I quickly realized they were in a district in Nighthallow City.

"Looks like we've found our destination," I said. After that, I turned around and opened my portal to that place.

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