The Incubus System

Warning: Mature content, R18, Harem, No NTR, No Rape An 18-year-old poor college student tried to apply for a job as a tutor but his life almost ended as demons' meal. In his last breath, a mysterious woman gave him a strange power. When he opened his eyes he had turned into a demon with a system that will turn him into... A pervert. Now he must live with his dual identity as a model student named Ethan and an incubus named Damian, while conquering MILF, monster girl, beautiful elf, demon loli which sometimes leads him to complicated relationships. ------------ Other tags : Hiding Identity, Monster Girls, Tentacles, Character Development, Weak to Strong, Incest *Most of my story has a big harem, I'm not interested in writing a small harem with only two or three girls. The MC is not an arrogant type and doesn't carelessly kill people nor let the others died in his presence. He also doesn't treat his woman as a sex object. Even though this is a harem story, some parts of this story will make you tear up and have some funny scenes. *This story has a lot of steamy scenes and playful kinky games that you've never read before. Read by your own risk. Some illustrations and characters images are on my Discord channel. My Discord: https://discord.gg/mSRHyMVhnG ------------ Other works: *Seven Sins System *Dragon King's Harem *Dark Moon: Rise of The Dark King *Demon Lord's Succubus (Completed)

Nanakawaichan · Fantasy
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Chapter 220. The (Un)beaten Up Gigolo

The Incubus System Chapter 220. The (Un)beaten Up Gigolo

"Good evening, boss." I bent my head weakly when Finley's greeting voice came from outside followed by the sound of the door opening. Pearl, Emma and her bodyguards were already hiding behind the containers around me to help me in case my plan went wrong. Meanwhile, my other slaves were already standing near me.

Without answering, the footsteps' sound approaching me echoed through that warehouse. Those steps stopped in front of me.

"How is it? Has he agreed to my offer yet?" said Miguel.

"He is very stubborn, boss. He said he would never betray that b*tch," said one of my slaves.

"Oh----really? This is interesting. I never thought that damn woman could have such a loyal dog. I wonder how much money she gave him," said Miguel arrogantly.

"Pull him. I want to see his face," he ordered.

One of my slaves grabbed my hair, of course, he was only pretending since instead of using his strength to pull it, I raised my head voluntarily. As my head was up, my eyes that were looking at Miguel could see his annoying face, wicked smile and condescending gaze. He wore an expensive dark blue suit with an expensive cigarette in his hand.

"Didn't I tell you not to hit him in the face? Now, look at him. How can he sell himself with a messy face like this?" Despite his words, his wicked laughter sounded between his words.

"Thank you for worrying about me... I'm deeply touched by your words..." I said sarcastically in a weak voice with a smirk, as if I challenged him. I had to bring him closer to me and make our eyes meet so I could use my skill on him. And since Pearl didn't know my identity yet I wanted to make him approach me voluntarily.

His laughter faded and his face turned displeased.

"This worm surely has some nerve," he said in displeasure. He dropped his cigarette and stepped on it. At the same time, his fists clenched and he threw his punch at me. I could catch all of his movements and use my Telekinesis.

'Telekinesis 5%.'

[Telekinesis' power is limited to 5%.]

- Thump!

A loud banging sound came as my invisible force collided with his punch, making it as if he had hit me. I even titled my head to the other side just to show him how hard his punch was. Even though I looked helpless, the announcement in front of me showed something else.

[You have hit a human for 5 HP.]

I remembered when I fought Bern a week ago, although I used all my strength, I could only deal 15 damage points without my Demonic Energy skill. Now, even with only 5% of my Telekinesis power, I managed to counter Miguel's punch and give some damage to him. This showed how far my progress was in just a short time. I believed the current me could kill an ordinary person with just one hit or a martial artist with just one critical hit.

"Ghh..." he grunted as he pulled his fist and grimaced in pain. But only briefly he returned to his composure. I knew he tried to act cool in front of his subordinates.

I returned my gaze to him and smirked.

"Is that all that you got?" I challenged him in a weak voice.

Angrily, he kicked me in the face and I used my Telekinesis to counter it.

'Telekinesis 5%.'

[Telekinesis' power is limited to 5%.]

- Thump!

Another loud banging sound came as my invisible force collided with his kick. This time I tilted my head to the opposite direction even faster to show it was worse than before. Again, the announcement in front of me told the opposite.

[You have hit a human for 5 HP.]

Which was followed by his grunt. And as before he grimaced and endured the pain in his leg. I returned my gaze to him and instead of a smirk, I laughed at him.

He looked at me in a rage.

"So--- you want to play with me, huh?" Unlike before, he didn't hit me anymore, but took out his cigarette from the small fancy box and put it between his lips. Swiftly, Ian clicked the lighter and lit up the cigarette. After a puff of smoke from his mouth, he spoke again.

"We will see--- Can you still laugh after I made a hole in your eye," he said with a smirk.

"Hold him!" he ordered.

Paul quickly grabbed my head, making sure I couldn't turn it anywhere. While Miguel approached my face and smiled wickedly with a cigarette in his hand. But I didn't show any fear since this was what I had been waiting for. Faintly, I could see Pearl was almost out of her hiding place and was about to approach me, but Emma managed to hold her back.

"If you think I won't hurt you because I need your testimony tomorrow, then you're wrong. I've found another way to make that b*tch submit to me." His eyes that were looking at me were filled with rage.

As his cigarette approached me and his eyes met mine, I used my skill.

'Mind Corruption.'

His gaze turned blank and the cigarette in his hand fell to the ground.

[The target has been in your Mind Corruption. What do you want to do with his memory?]

[Read / Erase / Alter]

"Release me." After hearing my command, Paul released my head and Corb untied the rope.


[Please insert what you want to read from the target's memory.]

'His plan about Myra, Camila and Olivia.'

[Reading memory is in progress...]

After that announcement, his memory rushed into my head like a fast rewind movie. I closed my eyes tightly and gritted my teeth. This wasn't a pleasant thing since, with that much memory, my head felt heavier every second.

"Ghhhh!" I grunted as I held the pain. A few seconds later, I opened my eyes.

"Shit!" I cursed since this guy was more bastard than I thought.

As his eyes started to return to normal, I used another skill.

'Manipulation.' I shouldn't use this skill on him, but I needed him as my hostage to release Olivia and Camila from Myra.

[Manipulation skill succeeded.]

And his eyes went blank again. I got up from my seat and turned to where Emma and Pearl were hiding.

"We must go now!" I said.

Emma and Pearl approached me worriedly since this was definitely out of the plan.

"What happened?" asked Emma. She knew something went wrong.

"He used Olivia to force Camila to destroy her own reputation by making a live stream confession." My anger was clear from my words. That's why I had no other choice but to take Miguel into my Manipulation skill.

Instantly, Emma's face turned pale.

"So this afternoon call..."

"Yeah, it was just Myra's ploy to trick Olivia," I replied. And I guessed that although Olivia hesitated, she finally agreed since she was quite confident in her strength as a martial artist. But she didn't know Myra was a former advanced demon hunter and her strength was above an ordinary person.

"Wait! Wait! Wait! I don't understand what's going on," said Pearl. Her confusion was clear from the tone of her voice.

"How did you find out his plan?" Then she pointed at Miguel who was silent as if he had no will for life.

"What did you do to him? Why did he suddenly obey you?" This was why I didn't want to use my manipulation skill or Devil's puppet on him because people would quickly realise his drastic change in attitude. As for Ian's case, I was quite lucky because based on how Miguel hit his head with a vase yesterday, I could guess Miguel thought Ian and the others as his loyal dogs. So he didn't pay much attention to them as long as they could do their job properly.

"I will explain everything in the car. We need to go now," I said. If that live stream was done then this problem would only get worse and I was sure it would hurt Olivia a lot. Unfortunately, even though I wanted to get there using my portal since my Mind Corruption was still level 1, the background was so faint like a blurry film so I couldn't pinpoint where it was. But I knew it was not far from here.

"Fine." Pearl finally agreed since my panic was clear on my face.

Without further ado, I grabbed Miguel's tie and pulled him as I walked to the exit in hurry.