2 Chapter 1. The Interview

The Incubus System Chapter 1. The Interview

My name is Ethan. I'm an 18-year virgin college student. My face is average, my hair is brown and I'm poor...

I lived with my sister in a small house in Ironshade Town, my father's only inheritance. My father had died a year ago due to an accident while my mother remarried and chose to live with her new family. She still sent us money every month, but for the last few months, the amount has dropped dramatically. After I asked, it turns out that she was pregnant and was preparing for her labour costs. Because of that, I decided to look for a permanent job.

I was ready to leave my house, wearing my formal shirt, trousers and shoes. My bag was hanging on one of my shoulders.

"Celia, I'll be home late today. There's no need to wait for me," I said.

Celia, who was watching TV in the living room remained silent, didn't answer me.

I sighed. I knew she thought I was the main cause of our father's death. I still vividly remembered her screams when I ran hurriedly through the heavy rain and arrived at the hospital just to watch my father's corpse covered by a blanket.

"If you didn't ask him to pick you up, he wouldn't have ended up like this!"

That day I never asked father to pick me up. But father insisted, he drove his car in bad weather and ended up with that fateful accident.

I left my house and walked to the MRT station (Mass Rapid Transit) accompanied by a clear afternoon sky. One of my hands swiped at my cellphone's screen to reread the building's address where the interview would be taken. I found this tutor vacancy on the internet and was confident enough to be accepted. I was a private tutor for two years and was quite successful. Besides, I was also a model student at my college. But now all my students had graduated and studied abroad so I lost my only source of income.

"Good afternoon, Ethan," a voice called out at me.

I turned my gaze to the origin of the voice. A beautiful elf wore a housewife dress, holding a small child, waving at me.

"Good afternoon, Mrs Clea," I replied as I gave her a slight nod. My feet continued to walk past her.

"Ethan, where are you going?" another voice called me.

I turned my gaze to the front. A lamia in a typical women's office attire, with an elegant face, slithered from the opposite direction to me.

"I went to apply for a job, Ms Mia," I replied with a smile.

"Good luck," she said, waving her hand past me.

I smiled as I gave her a slight nod in reply.

After the war between the demon lords ended a thousand years ago, the dark dimension's gate closed, there were no demons that could cross to this world anymore. The human race, hybrid-beast and elf lived in peace. Even though there were still a few demons hanging around using the gap from the gate but their numbers were much less. Besides, the demon hunters who work under the government continued to hunt themdown.

I entered the station and waited a few minutes before my train arrived.

* Ding Dong *

"Attention please, In a few minutes, the fast train will depart to Nighthallow City."

I got on the train and took the seat. As my train started to move, I looked at the window. In a few minutes, the view of the city turned into a beautiful lake. I had so many good memories with my family there. It was a beautiful time where father was still alive and mother still stayed with us. The lake's name was Green Lake.

After half an hour, I arrived in Nighthallow City. This city was the biggest Aeros Republic trading city. My train stopped and the announcement was heard.

* Ding Dong *

"Attention please, we have arrived at Nighthallow City."

I got out of the train and checked the clock on my cellphone.

06:00 PM

'The interview is in half an hour! I need to hurry up or I'll be late! '

I moved my feet quickly up the stairs out of the station and ran down the busy street.


I was breathing hard when I found the address I was looking for, a well old short building in white paint. I rechecked the clock on my cellphone.

06.20 PM

'Thank God, I arrived early.'

I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself down, tidied up my clothes and stepped confidently. A woman in an elegant office dress welcomed me in a neat-looking lobby.

"Good evening, sir. How can I help you?" she said politely.

"I came for the interview," I said.

"Please go up to the first floor and enter the last room. Mr Jackson is waiting for you," she said with a smile and gave me a gesture to allow me to head for the stairs.

"Thank you."

I stepped up the stairs and walked to the end of the corridor. I took out my CV, took a breath to shake off my nervousness and smoothed my clothes once more.

* Knock * * Knock * * Knock *

I knocked on the door.

"Come in," a voice came from inside the room.

I opened the door, a man in a neat suit sat behind the work desk in the middle of the large room.

I closed the door behind me.

"Good evening, Mr Jackson," I said politely.

"Take a seat," he said.

I sat in front of him and put my CV on his desk.

"My name is Ethan. I came for the tutor job vacancy. This is my CV, you can check--"

"There's no need," he interrupted with a sly smile.

A second later, the sound of the door being locked could be heard behind me, the entire window curtain came down. Some men and women suddenlyappeared around me, including the woman who greeted me earlier in the lobby and they all looked at me as if I were their prey. I swept my gaze at them in confusion.

"I'm sorry. What exactly does all this mean?" I asked as I gave them an awkward smile.

Note: This series contain i-n-s-3-s. Read with your own risk

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