The Immortal Mutant Teen

100,000 years ago, a meteorite crashed into Earth, granting a 17-year-old caveman the power humans have craved for millenniums, immortality. Though originally a savage and cruel caveman, millenniums have let Acheron refine himself and surpass the epitome of Humanity, basically, a god on Earth. With his power, he mastered all forms of combat, every language, all the arts, and much more. He sometimes created empires, sometimes built empires, sometimes destroyed empires, at times, even his own. Today, mutants with superpowers walk among the public, it is kept a secret by the governments throughout the world, and events pertaining to them are covered up but doesn't stop Acheron from interfering with their plans. 2 months ago, his oldest adopted daughter passed away, she was 96 years old. Though he cherishes all the children in his family, she was without a doubt, one of his favorites. "Her last wish was for me to have a normal life but what do children do in this era?" Acheron asks one of his adopted sisters. "They go to school, Lord Acheron," she says. "School? Will it be entertaining?" he asks, "It would at the very least be a new experience" she replies. "Make it happen!" he orders. " Yes! I will do it immediately, Lord Acheron" she says. He, who was there when the first Homo Sapiens migrated out of Africa and existed way before the wheel was created, will let nothing interfere with his daughter's last wish and will slaughter anyone that stands in his way. P.S this is not a Marvel or DC fanfic. I will also be posting this on RoyalRoad.com (Cover photo was taken from Google)

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Chapter 35- The Main Event Begins

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Rose had left her seat and met up with Acheron in the waiting area.

"Are you sure you want to keep all these girls around you, Acheron-sama? If you want them gone, just say the word and I'll get rid of them" Rose said as she walked up to him,

"Aren't you here to stop me from killing anyone? Why is it that is the other way around now?" Acheron said

"Besides, they are still children, they need another couple of years before they can still be considered"

"But you met your first wife when she was 13…." Rose said with a pouty face,

Acheron stood up and patted her head,

"That's different, you know? A 13-year-old was considered an adult back then, I am not someone to stick with ancient mindsets like that, I also evolve with the times" Acheron said

"Are you going to remain without your training gear for the coming match?" Rose asked,

"Ill just put a set of weights on my wrists, I overestimated that Sora kid too much and went full out, ill see how it goes with this Poison kid" Acheron responded,

"There's no need to even take these kids seriously at all, if only they knew how many restrictions are still on your body even without the gear…" Rose said,

"You know how I hate feeling bored, I put a lot of work in figuring out how to restrict my power to its current level, in terms of strength I'm just above a grand master, but it doesn't really mean anything with all my experience..." Acheron said,

"I apologize Acheron-sama, let me help you relax for a bit" Rose said,

She walked behind Acheron and started to massage is shoulders, if any one were here, there would see this peaceful of scene of what seems to be a loving girlfriend taking care of her boyfriend.

It was finally time, someone had come and gave Acheron a 5-minute warning.

Acheron stood up, then Rose put the weights on his wrists before he headed out,

"Remember not to kill him" Rose reminded Acheron,

"No worries, that last match left me a little disappointed, ill just take all the fun I missed out of him" Acheron said

Acheron walked through the long corridor leading towards the arena, he could hear the crowd cheering, some were chanting his name, he smiled,

"Sometimes I do miss those days filled with carnage and slaughter… oh well, in the end, it was all still a show, this isn't any different" Acheron said,

Acheron reached the end of the tunnel, as his view opened up, he saw hundreds of students cheering him on, maybe it was because they were fans or maybe Poison was not that popular with the student population and wanted to see his ass get kicked.

'Oh! there's an announcer for this match' Acheron thought,

"In the east corner! We have Poison! A student master of the poison arts, he brings fear into his opponents as he paralyzes and tortures his victims with his dangerous concoctions!!" the announcer said,

Poison came out the tunnel, he was wearing a black combat outfit, giving him the look of a ninja but without the mask.

"And in the west corner! We have Acheron Belau! A new student who has broken record after record ever since he first joined our school! His perfect body has left countless females wishing to be with him, while the males tremble at the mention of his godly, face slapping art! Some even have started to call him 'The One Slap Man'!"

'One Slap Man? What the fuck is that?!' Acheron thought,

They both walked up to Kobayashi-sensei and faced each other,

"The circle is gone, victory is by knockout or submission, match could also end once someone says, 'I admit defeat' any words other than that will not count and match will continue, do you both understand?"

Acheron and Poison both nod their head in agreement,

"Good.... step 10 feet back and wait for my signal"

They both backed up, Poison's gaze never left Acheron, but Acheron kept looking around reminiscing of old times, not seeming too interested in his opponent.

Gritting his teeth at Acheron's disregard for him, poison snapped at Acheron,

"I'm going to make you suffer for taking my Akeno! I hope your prepared!"

Acheron just looked at him with a smirk,

"I'm sorry did you say anything? Couldn't hear you over all these people chanting my name"

Rose had gone back to her seat only to find some douche bag in it trying to flirt with the girls, she picked him up from his collar and yeeted him into crowd behind her!

"Where did you go, Belau-san? Match is about to start!" Akeno said,

"I was with Acheron-sama of course" Rose responded,

"Oh okay" Akeno said, feeling a little jealous, she also wanted to go, but it will be weird if she went by herself.

Poison tried to goad Acheron into getting angry, but he just blew everything off without taking anything to heart.

To Acheron, that provocation was just the mere ramblings of a child.

Kobayashi-sensei had decided the time for trash talking was over and it was time to fight.

"Ready… Begin!!"

The crowd roared in excitement!

As soon as the words had finished leaving sensei's mouth, Poison had sent two flying needles straight for Acheron's face!

*clink* *clink*

Acheron just simply deflected them with the bands on his wrists,

"Needles? Good choice for a poison user!" Acheron said,

He seemed to be praising Poison, but Poison took it as sarcasm and became angry,

Poison unsheathed the two knifes he had on his waist and attacked Acheron,

Acheron once again just dodge the attacks, he ducked, side stepped or redirected every attack, and continued to smile, even laugh at his attempts,

"ARGH! FUCK YOU! Can't you just stand still?!" Poison roared,

Acheron finally retaliated with a palm to his chest, sending Poison reeling back 7 steps,

"Are you stupid or something? Am I just supposed to receive your attacks?" Acheron said,

Poison crossed his arms in defense, he thought Acheron would follow with an attack after that heavy palm hit his chest,

'How heavy can this guy hit? I feel like he fractured some ribs with that palm strike!' Poison thought,

They both just stood there, one in a defensive stance, while the other just stood there with a smile on his face,

"Not going to attack anymore?" Acheron asked, "you don't mind if I start attacking, right?"

Acheron took a couple steps forward before jumping up, he appeared to be going for a superman punch,

"Super Punch!!" Acheron exclaimed,

Poison raised his arms and changed their position ready to receive the oncoming punch,

But then… a kick hit the side of his face, sending him flying 10 feet sideways,

After hitting the ground, poison slowly got up feeling a little exasperated,

"What the fuck was that?! That wasn't a punch!" Poison exclaimed,

Acheron laughed at his words,

"That's what makers it 'Super'" Acheron said,

Those near the arena that heard what he said, couldn't help but bust out laughing.

"Come on, lets continue! I haven't had my fill of fun yet!" Acheron said as he smile grew wider,

Seeing Acheron's grin, Poison couldn't help but get a bad feeling about his upcoming future.




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