56 56 - Sun Tzu once said...

Sun Tzu once said that 'One should write all the money made by them in a small notebook.'

Derrick agrees with this saying very much.

In just one night, he earned a total of 6 million USD after giving Wade some pocket money.

It was a number Derrick had never thought of before.

After receiving the final payment of 3 million from Kingpin, Derrick immediately found Weasel and bought a large number of firearms and ammunition.

When Weasel saw the long list, he was speechless.

After Derrick repeatedly assured Weasel that he was not planning to attack the White House, Weasel reluctantly accepted this huge order.

Due to the large quantity, Weasel could not deliver all the goods in a short period of time, so Derrick could only choose to collect them in batches. The earliest batch of goods only took a few days and the latest batch took several weeks to arrive.

And in the process, Derrick discovered a very big problem—

He doesn't have enough space to store these things in.

Although there is still some space in the apartment that could be used, Derrick does not want to make the place where he lives so dirty. Besides, if there were so many firearms and ammunition at his home, it would be dangerous.

Ever since then, Derrick had the intention of ​​changing places.

At the beginning, he wanted to rent Weasel's safe house because it was cheap and also, Derrick wanted to avoid Francis.

Now that he has solved both problems and still has a huge sum of money in his pockets, he can use it as he wants.

On the fourth day after receiving the final payment, Derrick came to Queens, right next to Brooklyn.

Arriving at the designated location, Derrick saw a low-rise house that was much larger than the weasel's apartment with a sign for sale on it.

Derrick contacted the owner of the house from the phone number on the board and explained his purpose of coming. When he heard that Derrick was here to buy a house, the other party readily agreed to his request for viewing the house and came over quickly.

The homeowner was a bald, middle-aged white man.

"Sir, I promise that my house will not disappoint you. Please come inside with me."

The bald man greeted Derrick warmly and then took him into the house for a tour and at the same time introduced various advantages of his house to Derrick.

'I have to say that the interior design of the house is really good. This bald man has a good vision. Most of the furniture in the house is brand new.'

According to the bald man's explanation, the house was originally renovated for him and his wife to live in together but he soon found out that his wife was having an affair outside. She then divorced him in a fit of anger after he found her cheating on him.

But, contrary to what she had expected from the divorce case, the alimony of 50% of the man's assets, due to her cheating on him, she was the one who had to pay him.

This also explained the happy smile on the man's face. He not only was able to keep his money but also got extra money from her.

After looking around for a while, Derrick was quite satisfied with the house.

Especially the Warehouse in the basement and the garage connected to the house. The Warehouse in the basement could store the pile of firearms and ammunition and the garage could be transformed into his workshop to transform firearms and ammunition in the future.

"Frankly speaking, I like this house very much, but the price is a little too high." Derrick tried to bargain.

"875,000 USD. The price is already very low. No one has lived in this house since it was renovated. You can see that the furniture is brand new, no one has touched it at all." The bald man immediately argued.

"You're right, but I don't have that much money, so is there a discount?"

The bald man kept a smile on his face, "I'm sorry, I've lost a lot of money already. How about this, I'll give you all the furniture too and you won't need to buy any new furniture."

Derrick was unmoved, "If you give me a better number, I can consider paying in lump sum."

"If you are willing to pay in lump sum, I can give you a good one, how about 870,000?"

"Nahh, let's make it into change, 800,000."


The bald man's smile froze. For this price, the bald man obviously couldn't accept it.

After some intense discussions, the two finally reached a consensus.

Derrick would pay 850,000 USD in lump sum and the bald man not only has to give Derrick all the furniture in the house, but also has to bear the transaction tax for both parties.

However, Derrick did not sign the contract immediately and out of caution, he found a professional lawyer to look at the contract.

As for professional lawyers...

Needless to say, the best ones are definitely Matt and Fudge.

-West Midtown-

Fudge walked into a room and smiled at Derrick, "Mr Derrick, we meet again. I am very happy to be of service to you!"

Seeing that Matt did not appear, Derrick couldn't help asking curiously, "Isn't Lawyer Murdock here?"

"Lawyer Murdock?"

Fudge was taken aback, and then realized, "Oh, you are talking about Matt? He seems to be a little unwell these days and has no appetite for anything so he has been resting at home these days, but please rest assured, I am confident about my abilities too."

Hearing Matt's situation, Derrick raised his eyebrows, 'He hasn't recovered even after so many days?'

Derrick felt a little regretful that he didn't see Matt's tragedy with his own eyes and nodded to Fudge, "Then I will leave this case."

"Yes, thank you."

Fudge accepted the contract and instantly entered the state of a lawyer.

It is convenient to have a professional lawyer. Derrick does not need to read the contract by himself. Fudge will explain the terms of the contract one by one to help him quickly understand the responsibilities and obligations implied by the contract, including the legal consequences of violation.

After confirming that it was correct, Derrick finally signed the contract and finally had a home that truly belonged to him.

In order to express his gratitude, Derrick invited Fudge to eat at a nearby restaurant. Although Derrick felt that the taste was not very good, Fudge enjoyed the meal.

Before leaving, Derrick specially packed a portion of stinky tofu, curry and bean juice for Fudge to take back.

"These are Lawyer Murdock's favorite delicacies. You can take it home and give him a taste of it."

"Uh, since when did he like to eat these kinds of things?"

Fudge frowned and looked at the dishes. If he hadn't seen the waiter take it out of the kitchen with his own eyes, he would have wondered if it was taken out from somewhere else.

Derrick said cheerfully, "He told me secretly. I guarantee that his appetite will recover after smelling them."

"Then I thank you on Matt's behalf."

"You're welcome."


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