36 36 - The Duo Assembles

"Are you going to wage a war against the country or something?"

"As a mercenary, it's only logical for me to have these many weapons…It might be a teeny bit extra though."

"Are you sure it's just a 'teeny bit' more?"

Weasel's nerves got the best of him as he stared at the pile of guns in front of him. He knew that Derrick had a large amount of ammunition with him, but he never expected him to bring them all at once. That too, in a travel bag.

Derrick then said, "You have to remember, our opponent this time is a Mutant. We can not be negligent. These are good babies that have been modified by me. They will be helpful in dealing with Francis and his lackeys."

Hearing his words, Weasel picked up a pistol from Derrick's pile and examined it carefully.

"Isn't this just an ordinary M9 pistol? What's so special about it?"

Derrick grinned and said proudly, "The most unique thing about this pistol is that it has a fingerprint-shooting function. Only if it detects my fingerprint will it shoot. If the fingerprint on it is of some person other than me..."

"What happens if the fingerprint is wrong?" Weasel asked curiously.


"Whoa, THE FUCK? Why didn't you say that earlier?"

Seeing the weasel's face, Derrick explained, "I haven't had time to activate that function of this pistol yet so it won't explode yet."

Weasel immediately breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly returned the pistol to Derrick, not daring to touch his pile of weapons. Who knows what kind of weird weapons might be there.

Wade looked at the pile of guns and ammunition, obviously misunderstanding something, and thanked Derrick, "You are still a good friend, you are indeed a real bed mate who has slept together with me for more than two months. I will accept these friendly donations of yours. When I blow that dish soap's head off, you will be the first I'll remember, Vanessa later!"

"You think too much, these are all my property. I am giving them to you for free."

After some fiddling, Derrick successfully activated the gun in his hand and said, "I mean, I will go with you to greet Francis."

Wade was stunned and looked at Derrick, "I know you have done a lot of things recently, but what we have to face is a group of armed soldiers and a female terminator who can withstand bullets. These people are not normal people with guns."

Derrick didn't answer Wade. After all, seeing is believing.


Derrick swung his arm with a jerk as a bullet escaped from the gun in his hand, aimed at Weasel.

Before the weasel could react, the bullet arced around him and hit the flying darts target on the wall behind him.


Weasel saw Derrick shoot at him suddenly. He was so frightened that he subconsciously closed his eyes but he did not feel the pain he had expected.

Weasel opened his eyes and found himself standing still.

He panicked, "I, I'm not dead? I obviously heard some gunshots."

Wade looked at the hole in the target behind him and said with an exaggerated expression, "I think I'm hallucinating. Is there a hole in the target behind me? Did the bullet turn? I guarantee that Newton will definitely jump out of the coffin when he sees this…shit. Hey Derrick, which law did you use? How did you do it?"

Derrick explained, "The law is very simple, that is, the moment the bullet is ejected from the chamber, the shooter shakes his wrist quickly to give the bullet a horizontal acceleration, thus forming an arc. This is my unique gun fighting technique."

To demonstrate his skill, Derrick swung his arm again and shot an arc-shaped bullet at Weasel again.

Weasel: "..."

'There is a person who can heal right there, why do you have to use me, an ordinary person, as a target?'

"Brilliant! You are hired!"

Wade happened to be in urgent need of helpers. Seeing that Derrick was so awesome, he didn't care where he learnt these skills from and agreed to his joining.

Just then, Wade's cell phone vibrated.

"That dish soap just sent me a message!"

Wade read the content on the phone and said angrily, "Vanessa is in his hands and he wants me to go to the recycling station at six o'clock tomorrow morning. This piece of shit, doesn't he know that's not a time to get a taxi!? "

Weasel said, "It seems that he has made preparations in advance, waiting for you to fall into some trap."

Without any further ado, Derrick grabbed the guns on the ground and began to arm himself, confidently saying, "With the three of us and our power of friendship, there is nothing to worry about!"

"Three people?" Weasel asked suspiciously, "Do you two still have some other helper coming?"

"You don't think of yourself as a human?"

Derrick had a surprised expression as if he had heard about the discovery of Atlanta.

Weasel's face darkened as he said, "I am a strategist, not a combatant!"

Ten minutes later.

Derrick reappeared wearing a full body armour, standing in front of the weasel.

He wore tactical equipment, with a large-calibre revolver in the left and right holsters, a 12-calibre shotgun on his back, two rows of various ammunition crossed on his chest, and many more things.

Seeing this attire, Weasel complained, "Isn't this amount of equipment too much?"

"You can never have too much firepower, Weasel. You're still innocent so you might not know yet"

As he said that, Derrick, who seemed not very satisfied, grabbed two grenades and stuffed them into his trouser pockets.


The corner of the weasel's mouth twitched as he watched him.

Compared to Derrick, Wade looked much cooler. He wore a black and red tight uniform, a red mask with panda eyes on his face and two Katanas pinned on his back. Among other things, he looked quite relaxed, unlike Derrick. Derrick seemed uncomfortable walking with that armour of his.

Wade looked at Derrick's outfit, then looked at his own and exclaimed, "We will definitely be the best duo out there, we should give ourselves a name. What do you think of the Deadpool alliance?"

"Nope, not good."

Derrick then offered his suggestion, "Anyways, since we both have similar abilities, we can call ourselves something like the Immortal Duo."


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