The Immortal (twilight fanfiction)

"An everyday man gets thrown into the world of twilight thousands of years before the start of the plot. With immortality and incredible abilities. How will this man's presence change the outcome of the original story?" [ this is a slow-burn fanfiction; the MC is just trying to experience life and enjoy it, not to take over the world and rule from the shadows.] I do not own twilight or the characters of the twilight world, all that belongs to me are my own characters.

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the village

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Currently, I was making my way through the forest on my own, following the clear tracks that the werewolf pack had left behind them.

The tracks were clear to just about anyone who would see them, be they experienced trackers like myself, or any blundering fool who came across them.

With foliage and small trees trampled, it gave the perfect direction to head in.

As I followed the tracks at a steady pace, I couldn't help but think back to last night when I told both John and Henry that I was "the Adam" from the bible.

And just like them to do, they didn't fully believe a word that came out of my mouth, no matter what I said, or, more like, John believes me, while Henry is stuck, and thinks that I am using black magic.

I knew no matter what I said, he wouldn't believe me, and would just believe I was a witch, so I gave up.

Because at least John believed me, and one is better than none.

Breaking from my thoughts, I came out of the forest and into a large clearing that had a small village in the middle of it.

The village was ramshackle and made from wood, so in other words, just like every other pore village to exist.

But what confused me was how quiet it looked.

There wasn't a soul in sight, or smoke rising from the village, which is something you would always see in a village, always there would be at least one stream rising above a village, but here, there was nothing.

Slowly making my way towards the village, I opened up all of my scenes for any sign of inhabitants or anything that could tell me what was going on.

I knew since the tracks led straight here, that the werewolves I had killed probably all came from this village, or through it. I didn't know if anyone was still here, who could hopefully tell me what had happened.

Making my way to the main thoroughfare of the village, I could see a few mutilated bodies scattered about.

The bodies looked to have been ripped apart, and eaten in a few places.

Not stopping to investigate them, I continued to walk down the middle of the village, listening.

As I walked, I stepped over the corpses of animals, and humans alike, all of them ripped to shreds.

While I did so, I looked at the shacks and buildings that were on the sides of the main road.

Most of them, if not all, looked to have been nearly destroyed, with large holes in their wall or doors.

As I got to the far end of the village, I came to the village's church.

Just like most villages with one, the church was the biggest and nicest building, in the whole village, made of stone, and taken care of, the church stood out, as the biggest building, it also had a large wooden door in the front.

At the moment, the large door was open, and creaking loudly in the wind.

Not hearing anything, I slowly stepped in, then had to hold a hand over my nose.

"Shit!!" Was all I managed to get out As I looked over the massacre in front of me.

In front of me, was a scene from a horror movie.

Limbs and gore covered the entirety of the inside of the church as If everyone was put in a blender.

Turning to leave before I got sick from the smell, I heard a soft, "bump" from the side of the church.

In a blur, I had my sword removed, and at the ready, with a purple glow lining the blade, facing the noise.

Looking over to where I heard the noise, I could see a small wooden cupboard, which was covered with the body of a rather large man, who had his insides torn from his body.

Looking around once more and not seeing anything, I slowly made my way to the cupboard, while still keeping my sword ready, for a possible attack.

Stepping close to the dead man's body, I pushed him to the side, his stiff body easily rolled away from the cupboard's small doors.

Taking a small step back, I waited for something to happen.

But nothing did.

Narrowing my brow, I spoke in the local dialect.

"Come out now,".

I waited a moment, but again nothing happened.

Looking at the cupboard, I realized how small it really was.

It could only hold maybe one grown person inside, so there was no need for me to be so paranoid, and whoever was in there was probably scared to death.

Slowly lowering my sword.

I tried one more time before opening the doors myself.

"I am friendly, I am not here to hurt you," I said, in a softer tone.

But again Nothing happened.

'Was I just hearing things?' I thought.

'It might have just been a noise from the man's dead body.' I thought, sheathing my sword, and looking at the stiffened corpse of the unbowled man.

Wanting to be careful anyhow, I stepped closer to the cupboard and bent down to open one of the doors.

But before my hand could touch one of the nobbs to open it, one of them slowly cracked open.

Going dead still, I stared at the small door as it slowly opened.

Taking a step back, I watched the small door open to reveal a small figure inside, but then the other door opened up, and another even smaller figure was revealed.


I slowly put my hands up, as I saw them, and they saw me.

"Hello," I said softly.

From the look of it, they were two boys, between the ages of three and four years old.

Both of them were curled up with their knees to their chests.

And the fear in their eyes hurt to see.

"It's okay, you can come out, I am a friend," I said to them, as I raised my hands.

Both of them were hesitant to come out, which I could understand, but eventually, they slowly crawled out.

Both of them looked to be wearing nothing but small tunics, and had no footwear, to protect their feet, from the blood that covered the ground.

Still with my hands slightly up, and with my palms facing them, I let a wide smile appear on my face, to put the kids at ease.

"Hello there," I said, with a chuckle.

Neither of them said anything, and instead, their eyes slowly started to look around the gore-covered church.

Not wanting them to be completely messed up from their experiences of the last day, I slowly moved to them and put my hands on their shoulders, which did gain their attention.

"Let's get the two of you out of here hmm."

I said to the two quiet boys, as I picked them up, one with each arm, and took them outside.

Both boys seemed to be brothers, both had shaggy sand blond hair, with light blue eyes.

The only difference was one of them looked to be just a year older than the other, maybe around five years old.

Stepping through the still-open wooden door, I brought both boys out, and into the light of day.

Both of the boys scrunched their faces at the bright light, as I brought them into the open.

Walking to the side of the church so the dead bodies that littered the street of the village wouldn't be in their view, I set them down.

"There ya go," I said, as their feet hit the ground.

Looking at them both, I could see the dark rings that hung under their eyes, showing their exhaustion.

"I bet both of you are hungry huh?" I asked them.

Both of the boys nodded their heads at my words.

"Right," I said, wishing I had brought my pack with me.

Looking around again, I knew for a fact, that there wouldn't be any other survivors of this Village, including the two boys' parents.

"Okay look" I said, regaining their attention.

"We are going to my camp, I have food and a place for you to sleep there okay." I said to them, but both boys seemed too tired to even hear my words.

"Right." I said, as I picked the two boys up, and started making my way back to camp.

I wanted to run, but at my fast speed, I was just as likely to accidentally break their necks than anything, So instead I started a light jog.

Thankfully the camp was only a little over ten miles from the village, and gave me time to think about what I had just seen.

'So the wolves didn't come from that village, but instead, came from somewhere else.' I thought.

That village's population, at max, was a little over one hundred.

And from the massacre from inside the church, I could tell, no less than half the village was killed there alone, while a good number littered the road, meaning the rest were probably killed in their homes.

All of this slightly worried me.

'Where are they coming from.'

When I saw the village, I was hoping to find an empty village, which would have meant that the village is where the werewolf virus had broken out, but since the wolves came from somewhere else, that could be a problem.

Who knew if there were wolves who separated from the group to infect others, and spread the lycanthrope virus.

As I ran I looked down at the two boys who were in my arms.

Both of them were sound asleep, with their heads resting on my shoulders.

A pang of sadness ran through me at the idea of these two young children having to experience what they must have.

Both of them, in the cupboard, having to hear everyone they ever knew being torn apart by beasts.

That I couldn't even imagine, and something I hoped, their minds to forget.



This won't be like the village in Romania, the reason the MC felt bad about that is because he caused that to happen so he felt bad because of the deaths he accidentally caused.

So this arc won't be all "I swear to destroy you" kind of arc, but he will try and end what is causing innocent people to die.


I wrote this one on some medicine, which makes you tied, so if I missed anything, sorry about that, and I will try to fix it as soon as possible, as always thanks for your support.

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