The Immortal (twilight fanfiction)

"An everyday man gets thrown into the world of twilight thousands of years before the start of the plot. With immortality and incredible abilities. How will this man's presence change the outcome of the original story?" [ this is a slow-burn fanfiction; the MC is just trying to experience life and enjoy it, not to take over the world and rule from the shadows.] I do not own twilight or the characters of the twilight world, all that belongs to me are my own characters.

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Leaving & Concert

"Right there is perfect." I said as the group of men set down the large instrument.

"Thank you gentlemen." I said to the trio of sweating men.

"Captain, if you would show these men out." I asked the guard captain, who was standing in the doorway watching the three movers with his hawk eyes.

"Yes lord." He said with a bow of his head, before showing them the way out.

Now alone in my large room, I turned to look at my new toy.

A cheeky smile dawned on my face, as I slowly took a seat on the padded bench, cracking my fingers in intimidation of the fun I was about to have.

"Maximum effort." I said, as I brought my fingers down on the ivory keys.


"What in the name is that noise!" I heard Julius shout from his office below me.

But I ignored him as I continued to press the keys excitedly.

And like the party pooper I knew he would be.

Julius came blurring into my room.

"Would you quit that infuriating noise!" Julius said, as he held his hands over his ears.

"what?" I said loudly, pretending not to be able to hear him.

"stop that!" Julius shouted.

"fine." I said, finally stopping the sound.

Lowering his hands from his ears, Julius gave me a stern look.

"what…in the blazes is that thing?" Julius asked, as he looked at my purchase.

"it's called a harpsichord." I said, as I pressed a few of the keys again.

"And why…is it here." Julius asked, annoyed.

"Because I want to learn to play it." I said, with snark.

Julius rolled his eyes.

"Why do you want to learn something that makes such a racket? Learn to play the harp, or perhaps the violin." Julius asked, as he gave a peeved look at my harpsichord.

"I will in due time julius." I said with another smirk, as I pointed past him at the corner of my room, where a large pile of this century's instruments were stacked.

"Oh, you have to be joking!" Julius said, as he looked at the large pile.

"Mmm Yesss." I said evilly.

"What was that sound?" Jane asked, as she entered the room.

Julius turned to look at her, then at me.

"It would seem Adam has decided to become a bard." He said.

"It's called 'musician', Julius. Nobody is called a bard anymore. That went out of fashion half a century ago." I said with a snicker, as he gave me a scowl.

"Yes, well that's nice and all. But the reason I came up here is because Carlisle wants to talk to all of us." Jane said, as she turned to leave.

"That's strange." Julius said, as he looked at the light streaming from one of the many large windows in my room.

"Normally he's nose deep in one of the old books in the library at this time." He finished.

"Well, let's not sit here and wonder what he wants, and instead go and find them." I said, as I stood.

We found them in Julius's office.

Both seated in the two chairs in front of Julius's large desk.

"Afternoon, Carlisle." I said, as I entered.

"Good afternoon, Adam." Carlisle responded.

Walking to the desk, I leaned on it.

While Julius sat in his large chair.

"So, what's going on?" I asked, as we all looked at Carlisle.

Looking at him, I could tell he was nervous about whatever he wanted to talk about.

"I…I want to leave." Carlisle said haltingly.

I looked at him then at Jane and Julius.

"That's what this is about?" I asked for the rest of us.

"Yes." Carlisle said, as he looked at Julius. "I'm grateful for the guidance both you and Jane have given me. But I have a new thirst for the world which I now have the opportunity to see." Carlisle said, Still sounding worried at what our response might be.

Julius let out a chuckle.

"Carlisle. Did you think I wouldn't let you leave?" He asked with a smile.

"Not exactly. In all honesty I expected you to be disappointed that I would even want to leave."

Julius again let out a laugh at his response.

"Carlisle we wouldn't be disappointed that you would want to leave." Jane said, from beside Carlisle.

"We ourselves wanted to explore the greater world at one time." She said with a smile.

"Yup, and I dragged them to some of my old stomping grounds." I said with a smile, as Carlisle looked at me.

"Of course, many of those places aren't there any more. or they are completely different by this point."

Julius tapped the table a few times.

"Why don't you take him?" He asked.

I looked at him in surprise.

"I just got back, and you are already trying to get rid of me?" I said to him, in a fake affronted voice.

And in honesty, a part of me didn't want to leave.

Which confused me.

Was it just because traveling has finally gotten old?

Or was it because I was tired of being alone, and separated from my adopted family?

I stood to my feet and looked at Carlisle, who hadn't said a word in protest to me joining him.

"And where did you have in mind?" I asked him.

"Well from here in London we could take a ship and start in Germany." Carlisle said, clearly rehearsed.

"Then from there we could go west to France, then down to Italy." Carlisle continued.

Slowly picking up speed after every word.

"And then?" I asked.

Carlisle raised one of his brows.

"I haven't decided where to go from there." Carlisle admitted in a sheepish tone.

"I don't see a problem with that." I said with a smile.

"but from Italy we can get to Alexandria, then on to see the pyramids, where we can access the entire middle east, then India and Asia." I said, slowly standing, as Carlisle looked at me with wide eyes.

"It's always good to expand your horizon."


"Adam, I don't believe this is a good idea!" Carlisle said, as I finished tying the large black cloak around me.

"Those are starting to sound like your favorite words, Carlisle." I said, turning to look at him.

At the moment we were standing in my small dressing room where I was getting dressed in my new outfit, or better yet my new costume.

My outfit was a completely black cloak that had a large hood. Underneath that, I wore completely black under clothes to finish off the intimidating onsomble.

"I don't know if you know this or not. But I am a person who does fun things as I find them. This just so happens to be my newest interest." I said, as I turned and opened an ornate wooden box.

"You call this fun?" Carlisle asked, as he looked in the direction of a gentle hum.

"Yup." I said playfully, as I pulled what was placed in the box out.

Turning to look at Carlisle I smiled at him.

"It's a good way to make time not seem so slow." I said as I brought the completely white mask up and over my face.

Lifting the hood, I asked.

"How do I look?" I asked, as I looked through the small pin prick size holes where I saw out.

"Creepy." Carlisle said, as he shook his head.

The idea came to me when I was reminiscing on some old shows when we were making our way down from Germany to france.

I remembered what the mask of Obito Uchiha looked like, and knew it would work perfectly for what I had been planning for some time.

The only modifications I made was to make it completely white, and made the eye holes smaller. As if there were no eye holes at all.

"Sir. The show is about to begin." A young voice said from outside our door.

"Thank you." I said, as I turned back to Carlisle.

"You should go to your seat." I said, as I turned and left the room.

Leaving the room, I walked down the Cramped hallway as I made my way to the stage.

As I went, everyone I passed gave me a wide berth, as they looked at me wide eyed.

Some in wonder, and others in fright.

Finally making it to the stage, I saw the lone harpsichord sitting center stage.

At the moment the curtains were drawn closed, allowing me to approach it while I heard the semi loud murmur of the crowd who were seated on the other side.

Taking my seat, I looked up at the man standing just off stage, who was waiting for my nod.

As soon as it was given, the man started to tug on a large rope, opening the curtains.

The crowd went dead silent in less then a second, as they saw me seated at the harpsichord.

Turning to look at them, I wanted them to see the mask I wore.

But only for a second, as I turned back and started to play.

I wanted to grab their attention from the beginning.

So with practiced movements, I started to play Crab Rave. (There are actual covers of these songs on harpsichord)

At first it started out slow, with me hitting the same keys for a few moments.

Throwing the crowd into a confused lul to the newer sound.

But in an instant I used my free foot to hit the ground rhythmically as I switched the beat to a faster tempo, while I bobbed my head with the music.

Coming to a stop as I played the last few notes, I turned to look at the crowd, and their reactions.

Which were mostly shock.

As I looked, I was able to see the figure of Carlisle seated in one of the private booths above the rest of the crowd.

He was seated next to a distinguished looking man with curly black hair, and fine clothes.

'Perks of knowing kings.' I thought ruefully, as I saw the king of France turn and ask Carlisle a question, as a slow clap started to fill the large theater.

As the clapping got louder, I bowed my head while still seated, and started to play again.

This time I played Here comes the sun.

Again I used my foot to create a tempo that the crowd soon took up.

From there I started to play whatever came to mind.

From the coffin song, to DR Dre.

And they loved it.

Of course I had to throw in a few time period songs that would fit in more with this century.

All thanks to my Spotify, I was able to practice songs I had never even known existed.


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