The Immortal (twilight fanfiction)

"An everyday man gets thrown into the world of twilight thousands of years before the start of the plot. With immortality and incredible abilities. How will this man's presence change the outcome of the original story?" [ this is a slow-burn fanfiction; the MC is just trying to experience life and enjoy it, not to take over the world and rule from the shadows.] I do not own twilight or the characters of the twilight world, all that belongs to me are my own characters.

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a quick lesson then reveal

"Okay look, I have some questions to ask" I said.

"John, you said you went to church every holy day, correct?" I asked him.

He nodded his head.

"We both did." He said, pointing his thumb at himself then Henry.

"Good," I said standing up.

"So, the both of you know a good bit of the bible." I asked.

Both of them nodded.

"And so the both of you know how mankind came to be on earth?" I asked.

"Yes, we do." Henry said.

"Then you know of genesis?" I asked.

"The creation of earth, heaven, hell, Adam and eve?" I continued.

"Of course we do, just like any God fearing man on his earth should." Henry said, while straightening his back proudly.

I nodded my head, and bent down to grab a burning piece of wood from the edge of the fire.

"And what does Genesis tell you about Adam and eve?" I asked, while waving the piece of wood through the air, and allowing some embers to fly off into the air.

"Well, it says' Adam was created from the dust of earth, to be in the image of God, then have life breathed into him." John said, leaning back on his hands.

"Correct." I said pointing the still burning stick at John.

Turning it to point at Henry I asked.

"And what of Eve?"

"She was created from one of Adam's ribs, when God saw that Adam needed a companion."

"Very good." I said, putting the stick partially back into the fire.

The reason I was asking them all of these questions was because if I was to just come out and say, "yeah you know that guy you currently think helped doom you to your miserable life here on earth, when you could be in Eden without any fears, yup, that's me, Adam, the Adam." they either wouldn't believe a word I said, or would hate me, and run away, which wouldn't be the worst thing that could happen, but what can I say, I've become attached to the two morons.

They just had this way of being annoyingly funny.

But my plan now is to paint my alter ego "Adam" in a better light, and correct them in their thinking.

Because just like back in London, they believed Adam and Eve are the sole reason for being kicked from Eden, and the serpent that convinced them takes the back seat in their thoughts, to be forgotten, even though it is the serpent which caused all of it.

Thankfully I only need to convince two people and not a city.

"And why did Adam and Eve get banished from Eden?" I asked.

"Oh I know this one!" John said excitedly.

"They ate from the tree of knowledge, disobeying God's command, and condemning man."

I nodded my head.

"So, do you blame them for doing so?" I asked.

"Of course we do." Henry said, in an angry voice.

"oh really...And why did they eat from the tree when they clearly knew not to?" I asked them.

Both of them went silent, clearly thinking hard.

I waited for a moment, but they were clearly having trouble.

I let out a small sight.

"The serpent," I said.

"Ahh, that's right!" Henry said, wagging a finger in the air.

"And what did the serpent do?" I asked them.

"It told Eve to eat from the tree." John said, in a self assured manner.

"And" I said, waving my hand for him to continue.

"And what?" He asked.

"Oh, so you think the serpent just said, "hey, do you see that tree over there, the one God said not to eat from, you should go and eat from it," and Eve just said, "okay."And went to eat from the tree?" I asked them.

Both of them stared at me.

"Well…yeah." Henry said with furrowed brows.

I shook my head at his words.

"Who was the serpent?" I asked.

"The devil?" John asked, in a questioning tone.

"That's correct." I said.

"The master of all that is evil, deceptive, deceitful, a lier. Do you think he told the truth when he told Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge?" I asked.

"No" both John and Henry said in unison.

"That's right, no, he didn't, The serpent who is the devil, engaged Eve in a conversation, questioning and distorting God's command not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The serpent deceived Eve into believing that eating from the tree would not lead to death but would make her like God, knowing good and evil." I said.

Both John and Henry took on contemplative looks, as they thought on my words.

"So it's not Eve's or Adam's fault for eating from the tree" John said, while rubbing his scruffy chin.

"Correct, they were misled into believing it wasn't bad for them to do so." I said.

They nodded their heads.

"Why do you bring all of this up?" Henry asked, confused.

I raised my hand.

"I'm getting to that." I said.

Leaning back down, I grabbed the stick I had placed back into the fire, and took it out.

"Now, what happened once Adam and Eve were banished from Eden?" I asked.

"Well, Adam worked the land while Eve had to bear children." John said.

"Correct, then what?" I asked, really starting to get into my teacher mode.

"Well, Adam worked the land, while Eve had two sons." Henry said.

"Would you look at that, the two of you are smarter than I was giving you credit for." I said jokingly.

Before either could get angry, I continued.

"And what happened to the two sons, Cain and abel?" I asked.

"They worked the land with their father Adam." John said.

"Yes, but what happened to them?" I asked.

"Oh, Cain killed his brother in a fit of jealousy, becoming the first to kill another human." Henry said.

"That's right." I said.

"But Adam, their father saw this happen, and in a rage, killed Cain, becoming the second to do so." Henry added.

"And who also saw this happen?"

"God, he saw it happen." John said.

"And what did he do to Adam?"

"He cursed Adam, with immortality, and to be a wanderer." Henry said.

"Do you think Adam deserved it?" I asked them.

Both of them took on looks of thought.

"I dont" John said.

A few moments later, so did Henry.

"Neither do I" he said.

A small smile appeared on my face.

"And why is that?" I asked.

"Well, if I had been in his place, I might have done the same.' Henry said.

"I as well." John added.

'Very good. So they don't mind what Adam did to his other son. It was the whole eating from the tree of knowledge, and being banished from Eden that held them back from accepting that neither Adam or Eve are bad.' I thought, as the small smile on my smile slowly grew.

Waving the burning stick around again, my eyes followed the small flames that burned the top half of the stick.

"What do the two of you think he is doing now?" I asked.

"Just what God cursed him to do, wander." John said with a shrug.

I let out a chuckle.

"Yes, I think so too, never able to stay in one place for long before becoming unsatisfied, and bored, before a need to wander starts to take hold, and a need to move takes over." I said.

Looking down at John and Henry, I saw that they were both looking at me confused.

"That's why I brought all of this up." I said.

Both John and Henry looked at each other.

"Umm, I'm lost?" John said, raising an eyebrow.

"The reason I brought all of that up Is because well." I said, breaking off.

'Here gose nothing' I thought.

"I am 'the' Adam from the bible." I said, dropping the stick to the ground and reaching my whole hand back into the fire and grabbing one of the logs that was bright red.

The flames burned into my flesh, and made a steaming sizzling sound as my flesh was burned when I grabbed on to the large log.

The pain was intense and hurt like hell, but was gone as soon as it came, my flesh healing faster then I was being burned, and instead of pure pain, it only felt like the prickly feeling you get when a limb has fallen asleep.

Looking at both John and Henry I saw they watched my actions with bewildered and shocked looks.

Waiting a moment to let what I had just done sink into their minds, I removed my hand from the red, burning, fire, and raised the log in my hand up for both of them to see.


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There is a reason why they need to know the MC is Adam for later chapters.