The Immortal (twilight fanfiction)

"An everyday man gets thrown into the world of twilight thousands of years before the start of the plot. With immortality and incredible abilities. How will this man's presence change the outcome of the original story?" [ this is a slow-burn fanfiction; the MC is just trying to experience life and enjoy it, not to take over the world and rule from the shadows.] I do not own twilight or the characters of the twilight world, all that belongs to me are my own characters.

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A plan


well…i'm on the run, or hiding at the moment, I know, who would have thought people from the middle ages would be smart enough to put the dots together, that me, a simple man, is the 'Adam' from the bible.

Well it started with people starting to stare at me more and more, which isn't something new, for as long as I can remember since I came to this world, I have been stared at any time I'm in public.

With my pale white flawless skin, and silky smooth white hair, I have always been an oddity to people, hell, my height alone sets me apart from the rest of the world.

At over 6 feet tall when everyone else alive is on average 5 '6, I was virtually a giant in their eyes.

But as to why I'm on the run, well, people seem to be angered at the fact that I 'ate from the forbidden tree, and damned humanity to the world they live in,'.

Which is total bull shit.

If I was the real Adam, they shouldn't hold me totally responsible, Eve ate from it first, sure the Adam from the Bible fell to temptation and also ate from the tree, but if only she was banned from the garden, none of them would exist at all, so they should be grateful, to…uh, the fictitious Adam, that isn't me, or well is me, but morphed into a religion to explain the origin of mankind, or maybe I just share the name with the real Adam, and this is all just one big misunderstanding…right.

Well any who.

After I got word from my bank head in England that people were starting to get suspicious of me, I decided to take a trip somewhere else for a generation or two, while I wait for those that are suspicious of me to die, So I could return back to England.

Something I also learned from this whole thing is I needed to dye my hair for a while, to hide from people a little more then I have been. And hopefully buy myself some time while I come up with a plan of where I'm going to go.

To dye my hair I used ground up coal and honey, to dye my hair.

I would like to say it was a massive success and it worked perfectly.

And well, it did, sort of.

The coal turned my hair a medium gray color and Not the black I was going for, but it was acceptable.

Now, not completely sticking out like a sore thumb, I had to figure out what I'm going to do for the next 80 grueling years.

I asked Jane and Julius if they wanted to come with me, but they said they were "traveled out."

How preposterous of them, I did it way longer than them, and I never got bored of it, although that might have something to do with my emotional dampeners, which dampen any feelings I might have, which would drive me nuts, like boredom or complete sadness.

'Ehh, who cares, it's been a while since I did something on my own anyway.' I thought.

So now I just need to decide what I'm to do.

At the moment, I'm sitting on a wooden box, in a dock in London, Looking around the busy port.

I watched as people came and went, kids, women, and men.

All going about their daily travels, as I sat watching, and slowly kicked my feet back and forth on the box.

'Thankfully they don't stare at me so much any more with my new hair color.' I thought with a rueful smile.

Looking up at the squawk of a bird, I started to think again.

'What is happening in the world right now?' I wondered.

'Better question, what isn't happening right now. You have Kan about to start his rain of conquest, the 4th crusade is about to happen, and most of the world is in a state of flourishment.'

I continued to think while I sat, hunched on the wooden box.

'Hmm, I haven't given being a soldier a try yet, and it would be cool to ride with the great kan in his conquest…so why don't I do both' I thought as a smile slowly grew on my face.

First I would try soldiering in the crusades first, since this round of it will start in 1202, and genghis Khan will start his main advancement somewhere around 1209, so that will give me a few years to toddle around as a soldier, then I can ride with the mongol hordes.

Making my way to my bank in London I slowly wandered to muddy streets filled with common folk.

At the moment London boasted a population of around 30,000 people.

Not massive like some places like Rome, Hangzhou, Constantinople, and definitely not Bagdad, which had around 1 million people in that one city alone.

But it was a respectable amount.

Walking down the streets, I looked around at the home's that went up to three story's high.

I always loved seeing those homes, they always reminded me of Diagon Alley from Harry Potter, With their crooked and leaning look to them, As well as the fact they were built to overhang the streets below, making them all the more dangerous and cool looking.

Finally making my way to the bank, I stopped and stared at the opulent stone building.

The bank was mostly made out of stone, with a clay roofing, which should protect it from any fire that 'will' go up in this city in the next couple of years.

The bank wasn't as pretty as some of my other banks in larger cities like Rome and Alexandria, but it did have its charms.

The bank was about 90,000 square feet, and had five steps that led up to the large steel doors of the bank, which was guarded by 8 heavily armed and armored men, and that's just by the door.

I knew that on the inside were almost 50 other soldiers patrolling the bank's ground floor, while in the underground vaults there was a constant rotation of another 30 soldiers.

The inside was lit by torches and candles, since there were no windows built into the structure, the main metal doors the only opening for air to enter.

But the only reason the people on the inside could breathe was because I had them place metal tubes high up off the ground towards the rood, which allowed air to come in.

I also had them do the same for the underground area, all because people in this time period couldn't figure out, that there is no air underground.

Entering the bank with my gold card in hand, I was shown to the current bank head.

His name was Able Groo, and was a short, thin man that was currently in the final stages of hair loss.

Stepping into his small office, Able practically fell over himself to accommodate me, asking if I would like a drink, or anything under the sun.

"No thank you Able, I just popped by to ask you to do some small things for me." I said to him,

"O-of course, what w-would you like for me to do for you sir."

"I need you to get me a set of chainmail, a helmet, a horse, and a couple of people to carry all of my gear and to polish all of it." I said in one breath.

Able was wide eyed at my words, as if I was God talking to a mere cow.

But hey, I guess since he nodded his head, he got the message.

Not wanting to stand here for the rest of the day while the man stared at me, I gave him a small smile and a wave, then headed out.

Now, I should have specified the limits of what I asked for.

A set of chainmail, which is one set of mail like a shirt.

A helmet, which is one helmet.

A horse, is a fucking horse.

And people to carry and take care of all my gear, should have been maybe one or two people.

Not the small frekin army I found a few days later waiting for my arrival.

And I mean, no less than 100 people.

'Oh you have got to be kidding me' I thought as I looked at the mass of people.

There were about 40 soldiers in full gear, and about 60 servants that would follow behind us with carts full of supplies.

Mentally smacking myself for being slow to the fact that my bank heads see me as a God, and anything I say is gospel, and to not follow my words is sacrolidge, and in this point in time, sacrilege is a big no no.

So, facing the music I slowly made my way through the crowd of people and into the bank, while trying to stay invisible.

Sitting behind his desk was my good friend Able, acting as if he did nothing wrong.

Closing the door to his office, I turned to look at Able with a raised eyebrow.

"Ah, sir you arrived." He said in a cheerful voice.

"Yes…I did." I said in a dry tone.

Not seeming to hear my tone, able continued.

"Well sir, if you would follow me, I will show you to captain Travis he wil-."

I raised a hand to cut him off.

"Able, the other day I meant only a few people to follow me, not a small village."

He looked at me confused.

"But sir, you asked for people to carry all of your supplies."

I nodded my head.

"Yes, one or two people, not 100 people."

Able raised his hands.

"I am sorry sir, I thought this is what you wanted." He said.

I let out a sigh.

"Have they already been paid?" I asked.

He shook his head.

"Only half of what they would be getting, the rest they would be paid when all of you returned." He said.

'Right, like any of them would be alive by the time I returned,' I thought.

"Look, since they won't be leaving with me, just tell them they can keep what they have been paid, and to go home and look for other work, just pick two people to carry and take care of my gear would you." I told him.

He slowly nodded his head.

"Very well sir, I will do as you ask." he said, and bustled out of the room.



So with this chapter I'm building up for the next one which will be half of the MC being a knight, and the other half, him riding with the Mongols.

Adam is going to have his hair dyed for a while, at least until people start to wear those wigs.

And let me know if you saw the Adam Sandler movie reference.

And please let me know if there are any issues with the chapter.

Thanks a ton.