408 Where Are My Weapons?

Demon Empress Ganda slowly opened her eyes as she let out a soft groan, but then, she suddenly recalled something. She abruptly sat up straight and observed her surroundings. 

She found herself in an unfamiliar room. She hurriedly checked her clothes and found out that nothing seemed to be misplaced. Even her veil was still covering her face.

"Where is this?" She muttered as she scanned the area two hundred meters around her. 

After scanning the place, she saw Lou Baiqing standing outside the room with a nervous look on his face. 

Seeing this guy, Demon Empress Ganda was confused but she could not help but let out a sigh of relief. She then stood up and went out of the room. 

"Your Majesty! Are you all right?" Lou Baiqing asked with a hint of anxiety in his voice. 

The Demon Empress walked past him and glanced in a certain direction. From the layout and designs of the buildings, she could tell that they were still in Morlon Cit. 


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