14 Great Changes

Jiu Shen nodded his head calmly. "Yes, do it."

- Ding!

- Commencing store expansion!

After hearing the solemn voice of the system, Jiu Shen saw something that made him somewhat surprised. The store's interior was small before, as it can only fit ten tables in total. But right in front of him, the internal space of his store enlarged by quite a lot. It was now more than five times larger than before.

The wooden chairs and tables were also replaced by a sacred wood that Jiu Shen was very familiar with. His lips twitched after seeing the materials and he could not help but mutter to himself in regret... "It's actually the Sacred Sanctum Safarwood... Although it is not on the same level as the Eonic Ragarwood Tree, it is still a God-Level treasure that is used to make God-Rank weapons. To think that such a heavenly treasure was used to make chairs and tables. What a reckless waste of heavenly resources..."

"System, how about you give me ten kilograms of this wood? You must know that although this place is a low-level mortal world, I still can't be negligent on my safety, right? With ten kilograms of Sacred Sanctum Safarwood, I would be able to make a God-rank wooden sword out of it. That kind of weapon is enough to ensure my safety. What do you think?" Jiu Shen asked with a shameless smile on his face. The calm and indifferent expert facade earlier was gone and was replaced by a crafty and cunning look.

The system was silent for a moment, but then a brilliant ray of light emerged in front of him.

Jiu Shen smiled and squinted his eyes. He saw an outline of a black heavy sword which was about two meters in length. Its sword body had multiple blood-red archaic carvings that emitted a holy aura that would make anyone prostrate in worship. The hilt of the sword had two Red Dragon carvings intertwining against each other. They looked life-like and full of dreadful power.

When the ray of light vanished, the two-meter heavy sword's appearance changed. It now looked like an ordinary black sword. Its size also reduced by half and is now only a one-meter sword. Although it was made from wood, it did not look like it was made from wood at all. Instead, it was as if the sword was made from black iron. Anyone who would see it would never believe that the ordinary-looking black sword was actually made from a God-rank heavenly treasure.

Jiu Shen caressed the sword as if he was caressing the most fragile jade. He smiled from ear to ear after successfully scamming the system. He felt that the one month he spent from brewing wine was not wasted at all.

As Jiu Shen was about to thank the system, he was stunned by the changes inside the store. Everything looked more noble and regal. There were also four small pots of plants in every corner of the store, giving it a more refreshing vibe.

Jiu Shen disdainfully glanced at those plants and muttered in a condescending tone. "Tch, so It's only a 9th-rank Earth Origin Dragon Tree..."

If any of the top experts of Nuar heard his words, they would surely gang up to beat him senseless. The Earth Origin Dragon Tree was, after all, a 9th-rank spiritual plant. The fruit it bears can help a peak 8th-rank Divine expert in advancing towards the 9th-rank Saint. So it was definitely a rare treasure that was sought after by many experts.

Jiu Shen shrugged his shoulders and went to check the kitchen. The moment he stepped inside the kitchen, he saw a galaxy-toppling beauty dressed in a translucent white dress looking at him with veneration. The faint outline of her sacred regions was somewhat visible. Any man would have a nosebleed after staring at her even for a brief moment. She bowed her head gently and said in a respectful voice. "Greetings, master."

Jiu Shen was stunned after seeing her sudden appearance. He then stared at the beauty from head to foot. Her long fiery red hair reached her waist, and her exquisite face was the epitome of perfection. Even those proud daughters of heaven from the Primordial God Realm would not dare say that they were more beautiful than the woman in front of him.

Jiu Shen recollected himself and his eyes reverted back to its usual indifferent look. He calmly glanced at the beauty and asked. "Who are you?"

The red-haired beauty smiled and said respectfully. "Your servant's name is Hestia."

"How did you go here?" Jiu Shen asked.

Hestia blinked her beautiful pair of eyes in confusion. "Master, I only remember that I am your servant. Nothing else comes to my mind."

"System, what is this? Who is she?" Jiu Shen knew that the system had something to do with her.

- Ding!

- Host, please calm down. She is a being formed personally by the system to serve you. As the future Wine God, why should you cook the dishes when you can simply have someone cook them for you?

Jiu Shen was speechless at the system's reply. He then scrutinized Hestia in great detail, making the latter blush. 'Why is master looking at me like that? Could it be...' Thinking up to that, she blushed even more.

Jiu Shen nodded his head inwardly after checking Hestia's constitution thoroughly. She was an 8th-rank Divine expert, which was already good enough considering Nuar's level of experts. "From now on your task is to cook the dishes ordered by our customers and also as the waitress of our store. As for where you will sleep... You can go sleep in my room for tonight temporarily..."

Hestia became even more flustered after hearing his words. "As you command, master."

Jiu Shen did not know what she was thinking, but if he knew, he might really consider doing it.

Jiu Shen nodded his head and told her to rest for the moment. He then checked the wine storage area. He was surprised to see changes in the storage area. It actually enlarged by more than five times as well. Even the Deep Sea Spring Dew was already on display.

Jiu Shen grabbed one bottle of the wine and put it back in its place. "I will give it a taste tomorrow morning."

As he was about to go up, he suddenly felt an unfamiliar aura right outside his store. He solemnly glanced at the direction and spoke in a cold tone. "You're already here, so you don't need to hide. Show yourself."

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