4 Chapter 4 : Meeting With The Goddess

In a place full of nothingness where the flow of time didn't seem to exist and everything was filled with darkness.

The place seemed to stretch into infinity and there was not a single ray of light.

A body floated in the darkness flowing through the void endlessly.

The person who was floating on the sea of nothingness suddenly opened his eyes and rubbed his eyes as he thought that he had gone blind but even after rubbing his eyes for some time, he was not able to see anything.

He was trying to move his hands and feet but he wasn't able to do anything.

Unable to understand what was going on and where he was, he shouted and cursed "What the fuck is going on."

He looked around but couldn't find anything, it felt as if he was in the void where no physical substance exist which sacred him to his core.

"Where am I, did I die?"

"Wait who am I?"

"My name is...My name."

He tried to recall his name but he wasn't able to remember who he was either, his memories were blank as if he appeared out of nowhere.

As he tried to rack his brain, suddenly an excruciating pain assaulted him.

He screamed as various memories of past and present interlaced with each other and he screamed in at the top of his lungs as he felt his brain was about to burst.


"Who am I? Alex or George?"

The boy questioned himself as he felt that he had lived two lives and had memories of two different lives.

According to his memories, in their first life, he was just a normal guy, who fell in love with a girl and settle with her but the girl he loved the most died suffering from cancer.

 After her death, he was so heartbroken and depressed that he had relied on alcohol to forget his pain and most of the time he would lay here and there like a lifeless puppet and had developed a trauma of losing everybody around him which haunted him and became his nightmare.

But he was freed from this torture finally, as he got into an accident granting him eternal peace but that's what he thought.

And it was far from over as his soul was dragged into the cycle of reincarnation again.

Memories of his second life started to resurface in his mind slowly.

While in the second life he was born with the silver spoon, the youngest son of the strongest Emperor, he was not able to enjoy his status.

The Prince could have enjoyed all the wealth in the world but while giving birth to him, his mother died due to some complications, and he turned out to be an idiot with a brain having mental damage.

After a decade of ostracization and humiliation, he was cast away and banished to a small kingdom.

Even after banishment, he was not left alone as his father used him as a tool to humiliate his enemies by marrying their precious daughter to an imbecile fatty like him.

 He remembered that he was married to five women who were as beautiful as a goddess.

An empress, a goddess of war Valkyrie, The Saintess, The Goddess of Wealth and The Shadow queen. These were familiar names that his wives were known as in his second life but fate was bitch.

He didn't get a chance to enjoy their sweetness and was just a pawn to his father even after he was banished since he was an idiot, he was just a dancing puppet that the nobles used to loot all the money and finally, he remembered his death after being hit by lightning.

" For fucking sake. Just how unlucky am I. In one life, I didn't have everything and died pathetically while in another life, I had everything, but I still died after being hit by lightning. Of all the people present there, I was the unluckiest one to be hit by lightning."

"Damn. Fuck you fuck you…Even after I died I can't get a moment of peace and be pulled to this goddamn place."

"For fucking sake where the hell am I."

"What is this place?"

He cursed to his heart's content.

As he was lamenting about his life, many dazzling rays of light shone on him and the darkness that surrounded him suddenly vanished as if it never existed in the first place.

The sudden influx of light almost blinded him. After rubbing his eyes, he saw a throne before him and on it, a gorgeous lady sat staring at him.

His heart started to beat faster and his mind became a mess as she stared at her beauty.

The lady stood up and cast another light on him and his mind became normal.

"Even though you are affected by my charm, it's still amazing that you were able to hold on to your desire from running amok." The lady spoke, giving a seductive smile.

"Who are you?" The boy asked with a fearful expression.

"I am Goddess Rebecca, "The lady replied.

The boy's pupil shrank and no words came out of his mouth.

" Goddess Rebecca, one of the Holy goddesses worshipped by the people. Please don't joke with me. What a joke"He muttered as he thought all this was just an illusion that he was having after dying.

"It's not an illusion and you aren't dead." The goddess spoke.

"What!! How."He exclaimed in surprise.

"It's because my daughter sacrificed her life to save yours."The boy heard another voice but unlike the seductive voice, it was full of resentment.

"Tsk. Just for an idiot, my precious daughter sacrificed a part of her life. Tsk."She spoke.

"Hush, even my precious daughter sacrificed a portion for this idiot, a good for nothing fellow, who can't even change his clothing" The boy heard another voice.

"What else can a pig do except leech off others."Another lady spoke.

The boy who was floating in darkness felt as if the world was spinning, he was hearing the voices of multiple people at the same time.

Moreover, each voice was mesmerizing and alluring enough that it rang like a melodious song in his ears.

" Just what the hell is going on? Why am I being cursed for no reason? Oh God, just what is this?"The boy was on the verge of crying tears of blood but nothing came out of his eyes.

He had just woken up after dying, only to find himself in this goddamn darkness where he heard voices of many ladies along with Goddess Rebecca who was cursing for an unknown reason.

"Wait! Is this some kind of mental demon?"The boy muttered as small memories flashed in his mind about the cultivation novel where mc develops mental demons.

If not for facing something that was beyond his understanding, he would have shown the middle finger and said" Fuck you."

Before he could see only Goddess Rebecca sitting on a huge throne in front of him and everything around him was filled with darkness but suddenly everything became lit as he saw, he was in a huge room where five huge thrones stood and sitting on them were five beautiful ladies, so beautiful that he found it hard to take his eyes from them.

As the boy looked at it, he felt as if he was losing his mind from the beautiful austere they were radiating as if they were all holy angels or goddesses of beauty.

Even though he wasn't able to see their faces fully but their aura was enough to show their mesmerizing figure.

"Reduce your Charm." A voice reverberated across the room which woke the boy up from his stupor and he looked at the source of sound to see a lady or goddess sitting on a humongous throne seductively folding her legs.

Her throne was bigger than the five thrones that lay before the boy, on her head was a golden coronet which was sparkling with golden light.

She looked at the boy and said"Alex, your coming to this place is just a coincidence and luck played a huge role in it. Since you were able to get a second chance, it's time for you to repay the ones who you owe."


The boy swallowed his saliva as he heard her words.

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