The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess

In his first life, losing the one he loved the most, grief overshadowed his life until death knocked on his door.  He thought that he would finally be free from the nightmare but his life was far from over.  He was reborn again.  In the second life, he was reborn as the youngest prince of the strongest empire and was born with a silver spoon.  He was married to five Beautiful goddesses.  His first wife was The Empress of the neighbouring kingdom.  His second wife was the Saintess of the Church. His third wife was the daughter of the wealthiest merchant group. His fourth wife is the Goddess of War on the battlefield. His fifth wife was an assassin known as the Shadow queen who had been raised as his caretaker. But who he was, he was just an imbecile, an idiot, a disgusting fat pig who was ostracised by society and spat upon.  Unable to tolerate him, The Emperor cut him off from his family tree and stripped his title of Prince and banished him to a small vassal state for the rest of his life. The Vassal state which was in shatter and had been usurped by the noble and was on verge of destruction. But that was until one day lightning struck him and pulled by the mysterious strings of fate, his soul ended up in The Sanctum of Goddess. And from there, his myth begins......... ................... The cover art does not belong to me

Mohitkumar · Fantasy
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642 Chs

Chapter 3 : Sacrifice of Five Goddess, Duty of The Wives

In a huge room, five beautiful ladies whose beauty were comparable to that of a Goddess were present.

They have gathered due to the terrible incident that had happened a few days ago.

On the bed, a black charred body laid wearing a blanket.

Two beautiful ladies were sitting beside the charred boy and looked at the body of the boy who lay there with moistened eyes.

One of them had a white hair with ruby eyes and looked at the boy before her and rubbed his forehead.

The boy who was going to be crowned as King in a few months was now lying in a pathetic state. His hair had been burnt by the lightning strike, turning him bald.

His skin was charred and was burnt brutally by the strike of the lightning and if not for the potions, the boy would have already died.

Caressing the boy's face, she remembered the memories of the time she had spent with the boy.

Though it was short it was quite pleasing.

The boy's mind may have been damaged but he had quite a gentle and innocent heart like the small kids, much to her liking.

"Is he still alive?"The red-haired lady spoke.

"Yes, he is still hanging onto his life. He is quite tenacious?" The white-haired lady smiled gently as she pinched the boy's cheeks.

"Tsk….If he died, we would all be freed from this horrible nightmare" The red-haired lady spoke, clicking her tongue.

The entire atmosphere turned cold as three killing intent locked on her.

"Why are you looking at me, like that? Don't tell me you seriously thought this disgusting pig as your husband. Does he even have the quality, a man should have?" The red-haired woman shouted with an annoyed tone.

Beside her was a lady with light auburn coloured hair and a lady with blonde hair who looked at her with a chilling gaze but their killing intent was incomparable when compared to the piercing gaze of the black-haired lady who was sitting beside the boy who looked at the red hair lady like a prey who is about to be killed by her.

"If you speak one more word, bad-mouthing my lord. I will make sure your head will be hung on Lockheart's merchant group fort for all the world to see." The black-haired lady spoke with a heavy voice.

"Enough." A huge voice echoed when the Auburn haired lady shouted who seems to be a leader among the group of five ladies.

"Don't you understand the situation? If he dies the kingdom will be in chaos, we will not get any help from the empire and a war of succession will break out. If those greedy bastard nobles win the war, the kingdom which is already on the path of destruction will be on the path of extinction" She spoke.

"And we all will became playthings for others and become their slaves. We all are bound to him by contract and married to him. Even if he dies, we can't ever go back to our previous lives." She spoke as she got up from her seat.

"Moreover, if he does we are all going to die with him. Do you think the Emperor of Kinley will spare our lives? Either he will kill us or make us slaves." She spoke and started walking towards the bed.

Standing before the bed, she looked at the boy who was in an unconscious state.

She was the Queen of a small kingdom which was on the West side of Nevan. Her name was Catherine and everyone refers to her as Catherine Wiseman for her wisdom. She had carried her nation from debts and destruction to where it was today but only to meet its end by the Empire.

Still, she was not killed and was given a chance to live if she married this imbecile. 

Rather than marrying a person who treats her as a tool, it was better to marry this prince who is immersed in his own life and doesn't interfere in her path.

She looked around the room and said, "Is there no way to save him?"

Hearing her question, the white-haired lady said, "Potions are not working and they are only able to sustain his life but they can't prolong the inevitable."

Hearing the question the atmosphere turned gloomy.No matter what type of person the boy was, he was their husband and how can they watch him die like this.

Though he was an imbecile, he was better than greedy people who lust over their bodies.

The white-haired lady closed her eyes and thought about many things and finally said"There might be a way to save him."

Everyone present out there looked at her as their ears perked up.

"There is a ritual which I have seen in the temple. If we follow it and all of us sacrifice some part of our life span, we can bring him from death."She spoke.

" Is that even possible?"The black-haired lady said.

"We have to sacrifice our life span for him.Are you kidding me?" The red-haired lady exclaimed in an annoying tone.

"We all have a hundred years of life span and as our rank increases, we can increase our life span. We don't need to give much of our life span. We just need to sacrifice some of our lifespan, so that we can heal him after he wakes up and we can also use other means to sustain his situation after he is saved."

She paused for a moment, biting her lips and said, "The only problem is that it will be really painful."

"Whoa, so we now we have to even suffer because of him. Great!"The red-haired lady spoke with anger but her eyes had a hint of fear in it.

"Are we going to do this?" The red-haired spoke o with a trembling voice.

"We have to do this. As his wives, we must do everything we can, to protect our husband. Moreover, don't forget our lives are connected with him." The Auburn-haired lady spoke.

"Okay whatever, let's get over it quickly."The red-haired lady spoke with annoyance.

The red-haired lady looked at the blonde-haired lady who always kept quiet, seeing she didn't say anything she shrugged her shoulder.

The white-haired lady nodded and asked everyone to stand in a circle joining their hands.

As all the five beautiful ladies whose combined beauty can topple the world and just a glance from them can steal your heart stood holding their hands forming a circle.

The white-haired started the ritual and chanted spells.

Her hair fluttered and her body was covered with an unearthly glow making her look like a fairy who descended from heaven.

The air around them fluctuated and rippled as their bodies glow in various colours of light according to their hair colour.

A small orb of light came out of their bodies and converged into a ball that was shining brightly.

The ladies felt a soul tearing pain that was too much for them to handle. They gritted their teeth to endure the unimaginable pain.

'Don't you dare to  die, you asshole even after my sacrifice otherwise I will haunt you even after I die,'The red-haired lady muttered inwardly as she tried to contain the heart wrecking pain.

The orb became bigger and glowed brightly and flew into the white-haired lady's hands.

The white-haired lady held the orb closer to her heart as if the orb was a sacred and most precious thing to her.

She took it and then chanted a few words. The orb flew and hovered around the charred chubby king and hovering for a moment, it went inside it.

A-pillar of light descended onto the boy and the charred body started to change at a visible rate.

Hair started to grow from his bald head. His skin started to revert to the original soft glowing skin and he finally reverberated back to his human form and started his breathing which had slowed down, started to fasten.

"Why is he not waking up?" The black-haired lady spoke.

"It will take time. We have just nourished his soul which was on the verge of collapsing. He will slowly recover though it may take a few days to a few years." The white-haired lady spoke and looked at the boy who was sleeping with an innocent cute expression.