The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess

In his first life, losing the one he loved the most, grief overshadowed his life until death knocked on his door.  He thought that he would finally be free from the nightmare but his life was far from over.  He was reborn again.  In the second life, he was reborn as the youngest prince of the strongest empire and was born with a silver spoon.  He was married to five Beautiful goddesses.  His first wife was The Empress of the neighbouring kingdom.  His second wife was the Saintess of the Church. His third wife was the daughter of the wealthiest merchant group. His fourth wife is the Goddess of War on the battlefield. His fifth wife was an assassin known as the Shadow queen who had been raised as his caretaker. But who he was, he was just an imbecile, an idiot, a disgusting fat pig who was ostracised by society and spat upon.  Unable to tolerate him, The Emperor cut him off from his family tree and stripped his title of Prince and banished him to a small vassal state for the rest of his life. The Vassal state which was in shatter and had been usurped by the noble and was on verge of destruction. But that was until one day lightning struck him and pulled by the mysterious strings of fate, his soul ended up in The Sanctum of Goddess. And from there, his myth begins......... ................... The cover art does not belong to me

Mohitkumar · Fantasy
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642 Chs

Chapter 1 : Age Of War

There were times when a single person dominated an entire era. The person whose name was enough to make enemies cower in fear. 

It is a legendary tale about an Emperor who established his empire.

Age of Wars started with the Empire Of Kinley succeeding in its conquest of unifying the territories of humans and ruling the entire human faction as an overlord.

But greed knows no bounds, his thirst didn't end with the control of humans.

He wanted the title of God. He wanted to defy God and strength to make God kneel before him and rule over them.

His conquest had destroyed the prolonged interval of peace and prosperity.

The Emperor of Kinley declared himself as Holy Emperor. He achieved the strength that rivalled God.

And achieved the seemingly impossible feat, an Emperor whose status was equal to God.

The Church kneeled before him. The demon feared him, elves, orcs, dwarves and even dragons were easily been triumphed over, by him.

His tales of debauchery and cruelty spread far and wide. But his days of enjoyment didn't last long.

The Gods were not able to descend on the mortal plans to end his tyranny but that didn't mean they can't interfere.

A heaven shattering revolt took place that made the world crumble in fear. 

A vassal state rose in power to answer the call of heaven, to shake the legend with the power to rival the Holy Emperor, the one who was hailed as God-King blessed by the God and Goddess.

The being that was born to destroy the enemy of Gods, the Emperor of Kinley.

Since the gods cannot enter the fight by themselves and destroy the arrogant Emperor, they did this by blessing stigma and a child was born carrying the God of blood who was later hailed as the God-king.

The man stood against the Holy Emperor, gathering the allies who have been cast away, who have been enslaved and who have been thrown away. He gathered all those who wanted to defy the Holy Emperor and waged the war.

Finally, after 20 years of bitterness, he overthrew the Holy Emperor and crowned himself as the new Emperor of Kinley.

Many countries that wanted to gain independence were liberated.

The God-King who maintained a narrow balance between all kingdoms and between all the races, the peace that was brought by him finally broke after his death.

Many vassals became independent and formed a country of their own. The Church rose in power gathering huge support from the masses.

As the devotees increased in number, it declared itself as an independent organisation whose powers rivalled a Kingdom.

The greedy Demons started expanding their territories and waged war after war.

The Empire of Kinley's power decreased as many protests were held. Despite this, no one was able to trample on it due to its rich history and a high number of natural resources and military.

After all, the descendant carried the blood of Gods.

After hundred years of history, the present Emperor Karl Von Stan succeeded the presiding Emperor and reached the rank of Overload Knight and was able to lead the Kinley to its previous glory.

He has nine children. Five sons and four daughters.

Out of all the sons, the youngest one turned out to be an imbecile. While giving birth due to complications his mind turned vegetative and his mother died.

He had hoped that the youngest Prince's mind may return to normal and he may recover. But his hope and prayer to the goddess were in vain and the more he grew the more idiotic he became. 

Moreover, if this wasn't enough, it was later confirmed that he didn't have the blood of Gods that is carried by all the descendants of the Emperor.

Along with his idiotic deed, he became fat like a pig. He was the shame of his entire royal family, a disgrace. Sometimes even The Emperor, himself finds it disgusting to look at his son.

He was so much dissatisfied with his offspring that he wanted to strangle his idiotic son.

'How can a royal family raise a useless person like him? So, he decided to cut him off from the family tree and gave him an independent title and banished him to a small countryside country.

The Emperor didn't want to see a flower growing in the garden of thorns and banished him to a small vassal state after conquering it. The Royal family of the vassal state didn't have an heir and he made them adopt his useless son.

A few years after his son was adopted, the king and queen of the vassal state died and the affairs become quite chaotic since his idiotic son was in no position to take over.

Still, as he was a father, he couldn't let useless things go into ruins. So, he used him as a tool to curb many of the empire's future threats.

In the neighbouring kingdoms where his son was banished, their king died and the daughter was crowned as the Queen since there was no male offspring.

The Queen was quick-witted and pretty clever and was increasing her Kingdom's powers. The Emperors sent a small force and conquered it and merged the Kingdom with the one his idiotic son was going to rule.

Since his son was an idiot. He decided to tie the Princess knot with his idiotic son and pull down the Queen's influence.

After that, a war with the church broke out and both sides formed a truce to prevent the mutual destruction but The Emperor didn't want to let it end like this.

He used his connection and forced the Saintess of the Church to be engaged with his son as the Second wife to humiliate her.

Finding the wealthiest merchant an eyesore, he decided to teach them a lesson and forced them to either marry her daughter to his idiotic son or be ready to get destroyed.

He put forward a proposal of marriage with the wealthiest merchant of the Empire, the Lockheart's and their daughter was engaged as the fifth prince's third fiancee.

The Knight Christina who was also known as the goddess of war on the battlefield became the Fourth fiancee by the Emperor's order.

The fifth fiancee of his imbecile son was raised from childhood to take care of him and was married to him.

Like these, the imbecile lord was blessed as Five beautiful goddesses and subjected to all men's envy and jealousy.

All of them were forced to swear and bind in the marriage contract that no matter what they can't break the engagement and can't harm their idiotic husband. It doesn't matter whether they take care of him or leave him alone but they can't break the contract by any means and breaking it will ensure a fate worse than death.

Even death would be mercy if they go back on their words.

No one knew why the Emperor was forced to marry all the beautiful flowers to cow dung and only thought that he wanted to humiliate the opposition forces where the opposition forces took it as an opportunity to seek and gather the intel.

After that, the King never interfered nor saw his son and permanently cut off his connection with him and even the title of Stan was stripped from him.

Like this, they started to live their life in the vassal state of Nevan whose condition was worse compared to any other small state.

The nobles were corrupted, the merchants sought their profits, and poverty was at an all-time high. The nation was truly in shambles.

The Emperor didn't care about it nor did anyone extend a helping hand.

Using the idiotic prince as a puppet, the nobles squeezed all the wealth.

Even the Empress who was known for her wisdom was not able to do anything.

The ruining nation was seen as an opportunity to gather more wealth for neighbouring countries.

As they noticed that the prince was abandoned they looked for an opportunity to conquer it into their kingdom.

While the country was on verge of being ruined and its future was overshadowed by clouds of darkness.

The day finally came when piercing rays of the sun blew away the darkness as the idiotic prince who had been in a coma for six months finally opened his eyes.


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