The Idol's Girlfriend Is A Linguist Book

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The Idol's Girlfriend Is A Linguist


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Mo Yifan rules the hearts of billions as one of the most celebrated Chinese idols. He has freedom, he has money and he has power. But his life changes when he meets a down to earth orphan student, Chen Waan, in a foreign country on Christmas Eve, who is hired by his agency to become his... what? Translator and Idol Girlfriend? Has his boss gone mad? He wants to debut her as his official girlfriend? What will happen to his popularity if he breaks the hearts of all the females in his fanbase? Does this look funny to you? My career is on line here, and you are laughing? Join the two bantering people, who are supposed to be in a relationship but can't see eye to eye. Will they end up falling in love or will they remain enemies? What is the motive of the the boss behind asking something unthinkable in the idol world? ----------------------- "Why are you really here? You definitely have an agenda," Mo Yifan asked the girl coldly as she trotted into his house with her suitcase. "How would I know? Go ask your boss," Chen Waan shrugged her shoulders and infiltrated her way towards the empty room. "You...," unable to refute, Mo Yifan could only gnash his teeth. He had thought she was a kind girl, but it looked like she was here for revenge, for he had abandoned her in that foreign country to fend for herself. The girl smiled curtly, she loved that miserable expression of this guy. "Serves you right," she muttered under her breath. Disclaimer: This novel will use people from all around the world. Any such global or local reference is not representative of the whole culture. Kindly do not take it to the heart. This novel is intended for entertainment purposes only. *The cover art does not belong to me. Please contact me for credits/ removal* Other books: Falling Dreams, Rising Hopes: Saving Mr. Boyfriend Romance In The Dungeon Instagram: @eastasianlover Discord: EastAsianLover#2842


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