THE IDLE EMPRESS: DIvorcing her Beastly Emperor!

‘’YOUR MAJESTY, HER MAJESTY SLAPPED HER EXCELLENCY THE ARCHDUCHESS!’’ ‘’Get all the imperial doctors and physicians in the empire. They must find a cure for her swollen hand!’’ ‘’YOUR MAJESTY, HER MAJESTY SPENDS TOO EXTRAVAGANTLY!’’ ‘’She is my wife and my empress. It is my wealth and fortune that she spends!’’ ‘’YOUR MAJESTY….!’’ ‘’YOUR MAJESTY…..!’’ ‘’YOUR MAJESTY, HER MAJESTY…..!’’ The emperor, getting tired and annoyed of the numerous complaints around his beloved empress roared at the nobles. ‘’LEAVE MY BELOVED WIFE ALONE! SHE IS THE EMPRESS AND CAN DO WHATEVER SHE WANTS!’’ His chest heaved in anger Witnessing the emperor’s rage towards their actions, all the opposing nobles kept quiet until an opportunity arrived at their doorstep. ‘’Y-Your majesty, the empress punished the queen for coming to the empress palace.’’ One of them got the courage to speak up. This time, the nobles saw the emperor not speaking immediately and gloated about the empress’s misfortune in their hearts. In the end, the queen is more favored than the empress. This was they thought until…. ‘’Add more to the queen’s punishments. How dare she go to the empress’s palace without permission!!’’ Surprisingly, the emperor was angrier than before! ***** Rose Kingston transmigrated into a novel as a side character, an empress with the same name as hers, who will be replaced by the emperor’s true love, the female lead. The emperor, as the male lead and she, as a side character, were not meant to be. ‘So I will soon get deposed.’ Rose came to that thought, and then shrugged her shoulders like nothing was wrong with her tragic circumstances. She didn’t even bother in getting away from the main story of the novel or involving herself in the relationship of the main characters. Having being the empress of the entertainment industry, she was tired of the schemes, workloads, fake smiles, fake relationships and all of it. She did not have any true friend and dedicated her measly free time in reading novels from a therapeutic suggestion. As though the heavens heard her earnest wish of leaving such life, she suddenly became an empress and decided to be lazy. She was wealthy without working and it was not her money, so….she enjoyed her new life to the fullest! But…. There was one thing Rose did not expect, and that is, attracting the emperor’s attention. ‘’Your majesty, please move to the queen’s palace as this empress will never serve you.’’ ‘’You are my empress, my wife and the mother of my future children. If I don’t come to you, then who do I go to, my lazy empress?’’ Rose did not foresee the emperor turning to a big wolf, wagging his furry tail at her every command. What will she do? Continue staying in the empire with the main characters, running away from the main plot…. or does fate have something else in store for her unexpected life as the empress character in a novel? ***** Read more to find out the Unpredictable life of Rose Kingston! My OTHER NOVELS: Hus Unforgiving Duchess (Completed) The CEO’s Masked Wife (On hold) CONTACT ME: Instagram – b.sowunmi Discord server - https://discord.gg/yCHEyDjwG5

Sowunmi16 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
93 Chs

Taking the blame?

''Wh-What does your majesty mean by this?'' Aurora finally rose from her curtsy, her face a mask of disbelief. Her lady-in-waiting was going to be arrested? Because of the words from a mere maid?

''Exactly as this empress said, queen.'' Rose replied and shifted her gaze to the knights. "Is this empress speaking a different language? Arrest the queen's lady-in-waiting!" Her sharp tone propelled the knights into action.

"Y-Your highness…" Arsene stammered from behind, her voice trembling as the knights advanced towards her. Their grips tightened around her arms.

''...'' Sierra Markell, on the side, made no move to block their path. Her peach blossom eyes merely observed the scene going on before her.

"Your majesty, you cannot take such drastic measures based solely on a maid's false accusations!" Aurora argued vehemently.