The Hunter & The Whisperer

Vir is the last of the Vulcher race to survive the catastrophic massacre carried out by the al-Banix, the rulers of the Central Empire assisted by the four nations. Surviving the massacre at the age of seven, Vir accidentally gained immunity to various poisons after eating the heart of a wyvern in a fit of rage. As an adult, Vir became a hunter against dragon riders. Not just hunting them, Vir also killed the following riders with their dragons. He mingled with the people of the four lands, disguised as a firewood collector. One day, Vir meets a homeless little girl, and it turns out that the little girl also suffers the same fate as him. The little girl was called Aira and was the last descendant of the Asurry race. Aira inherited her ancestor's abilities as a whisperer. Vir's adventure, which was originally based solely on revenge, has now turned into something bigger: Gathering the exiles, then forming a force to build a new empire, and overthrow al-Banix's rule over eight other countries. Follow the adventures of Vir and Aira in this story, in a sad and wonderful world filled with mythical creatures.

Ando_Ajo · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
150 Chs

A Miserable Life

The man screamed in pain, the dragons gave no quarter at all.

As soon as the three winged creatures shook their heads, the man's body disjointed and then became a meal for the three wyverns.

Meanwhile, the woman was crying and screaming, but the three riders didn't care at all, they continued to rape her.

Although Aira didn't see directly because her eyes were covered by Vir, from the woman's heartbreaking screams, she knew what was going on. So Aira shivered even more.

Vir didn't let the little girl get scared, he held her with great care, as if he was giving her protection and comfort.

They were still lucky that they were far enough away from the scene ahead. Otherwise, they might have experienced the same thing as the woman or her husband.

Vir simply didn't understand, why the cruel and brutal behavior of the riders never received any special attention from the Central Empire. Or at least, a reprimand. In fact, this kind of crime had happened quite often.

And this is what made Vir so eager to hunt down the riders, kill them and their dragon mounts, and then eat the dragons' hearts even though they were highly poisonous.

Sooner or later, this had to stop! At least, that was Vir's determination in his heart.

However, now was not the right time for Vir to kill the three riders. Besides being outnumbered, Aira's presence with him was another consideration for Vir.

And with great reluctance, Vir could only wait for the three riders to finish with their cursed deeds.

When the three wyverns flew away with their respective riders, Vir and Aira came out of hiding.

As they neared the scene, Aira let out a whimper as she turned her head away, hiding behind Vir.

The man could understand that. After all, Aira was still a child. The gruesome sight before them now was definitely not good for her.

The scattered body parts, the splattered blood, and the woman's seemingly unconscious state after being raped by the three riders.

"Hey," he whispered as he removed Aira's hand from his body, "just wait here for a minute!"

Vir then approached the woman who was lying on the ground completely naked with some thick white liquid on her body, especially on her stomach and crotch.

He searched around for something, then grabbed the torn cloth around the woman, and covered her body in such a way.

Vir knew. If he took her with him to the nearby village, then if those riders saw, he might get into trouble. So, choosing to be a little unconcerned was best.

Nevertheless, Vir still felt very angry. Life was now being ruled by assholes like those three riders. Of course, this led to the emperor himself.

He also gathered the remains of the woman's husband at one point, covering them with broad leaves. Then left some fruits beside the woman. She'll need them when she wakes up, he thought.

"Come on!" Vir urged Aira to leave the place to continue their walk.

It wasn't until they were far away that Aira dared to open her eyes. She was terrified and clung to Vir.

Vir sighed heavily and longed to see how pale the little girl's face was.

"Now you know, don't you?" he said. "Why do I hate riders and their dragon mounts so much?"

Aira didn't answer that. But at least, she understood the behavior of Vir who had always hunted down and killed riders and their dragon mounts.

"This is also why I don't want you to follow me," Vir sighed deeply. "In the next village, stay there. It will be better for you."

But Aira had a task that she had to carry out even though she hadn't told Vir about it. A task that had been the prophecy of her ancestors, and Aira felt responsible for fulfilling the prophecy.

Vir was the man in the prophecy, she thought. This was also reinforced by her reunion with her dead mother, though it was a supernatural encounter that was difficult to explain, last night.

And above all, the Aura of the King that Vir possessed as a celestial chosen one even though the man himself did not realize it.

The man just shook his head as the little girl ignored his words completely.

No, he thought. It wasn't about the fear of the incident that made her silent like this. There must be a special reason for Aira's behavior.

When the sun was in its last third, on the western horizon, Vir and Aira finally arrived at a village.

The Western Village was one of the eight bustling regions in the Eastern Country. And Vir was quite familiar with the village so far.

Aira clung to Vir, following wherever he pulled his cart. She always lowered her face when she was in a crowd like this.

Vir understood that. If anyone realized that Aira was an Asurry, then bad things would happen to her. Pretty much the same as what he would experience if people found out he was a Vulcher.

Yeah, he thought. Acting as if they were poor, shabby, and ugly was the best way to avoid the suspicion of the people around them because those people would be reluctant to approach them.

Then they stopped in front of a shop that looked quite busy even in the afternoon.

"Hey, Vir!" a 20-year-old woman shouted with a wave of her hand. "It's been a long time since you visited this village!"

Vir chuckled, pretended again, and acted like an uneducated person.

"Wow, Daisy!" Vir smiled widely, one hand on his chin, and the other on his waist. "You're getting more and more charming. Do I have a chance tonight with you?"

Daisy stopped her activities, two hands on her waist, looked at Vir sharply, then said, "Really, Vir?"

"What?" Vir chuckled again like a man in heat. "Come on, sweetie. You've been a widow for so long. Aren't you bored? You must miss the embrace and warmth of a mighty man like me!"

"What an idiot!" Daisy patted herself on the forehead. "You really are a rude man who doesn't know the rules," then she pointed at the figure beside Vir. "Are you out of your mind? You've got your daughter with you!"

Vir glanced at Aira, and as Aira pouted and turned her face the other way, Vir chuckled and scratched his head.

"He's not my daughter."

"Yeah, right!" Daisy laughed silently.

The young widow was indeed cute, her breasts were big, her waist was slender, and her not-so-big ass looked very round and firm.

Vir had often joked and teased the childless widow, his goal being for people always to see him as a rough, hopeless man to hide his true identity.

And even though Aira realized what Vir was doing, still, she felt irritated by Vir's disrespectful and lewd behavior in front of a child like her.

The shop that Daisy runs is a legacy of her deceased parents. It was a shop that bought the people's hard-earned products, like the one Vir now had in his cart, firewood. She also received and sold fresh grass, dried grass, and some kinds of dried mushrooms.

There was nothing special about the shop.

Vir stood there, smiling as he watched Daisy serve two or three customers until they finished and left.

"All right," Daisy wiped her hands on the apron around her waist as she approached Vir and Aira. "Now, let's see what you got!"

The man watched as the young widow examined the contents of his cart with a smile on his face. What's more, Daisy was bent over in such a way that Vir was really getting turned on by the sight of her perfect ass.

Aira knew that, she snorted, then stepped on Vir's foot.


"Ouch!" Vir winced, lifted the leg Aira had stepped on, and rubbed it. "Damn girl! What did I do to you, huh?"

But Aira didn't answer that other than to look away, ignoring Vir completely.

"You're a jerk!" Vir snorted.

Daisy stifled her laughter at the behavior of the two. "Alright," she said. "Just firewood, like always."

"Yep!" Vir made another perverted face. "So, how was it? Will I get you this time?"