Chapter 12 Cohabitation

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After she had taken the medicine, Su Yunjin placed the bowl on the table. The taste of the medicine was so bitter that even after swallowing it, her brow remained tightly furrowed.

"Yunjin, the medicine is indeed quite bitter, but good medicine tastes bitter. Just bear with it for now. Once you've finished this dose, you'll no longer need to take any more once you're healed," he said.

Although he said this, Gu Ya was secretly planning to look for wild fruits during his hunting trip to the mountains the next day. He could casually gather some to sweeten his little wife's mouth.

After taking the medicine, having some fruit to moisten her mouth wouldn't be so bitter.

While Gu Ya was making his plans, Su Yunjin, who had just finished her medicine, looked at him and asked, "What are you pondering over there?"

The fall from the mountain six months ago had left his mother still terrified. Not wanting to worry his little wife and his mother, Gu Ya did not intend to tell his little wife or any other members of the Gu Family about his plans for hunting and picking wild fruits in the mountains.

Without answering his little wife's question, Gu Ya changed the subject, "Yunjin, what happened with the incident where you fell into the water?"

Gu Ya had always been puzzled about the reason behind his little wife's fall into the water. How could his perfectly fine little wife have fallen into the water after just one visit back to her parents' home?

Su Yunjin did not expect Gu Ya to suddenly ask about this, her face showing a flash of surprise as she paused momentarily. How she had fallen into the water, she knew perfectly well through the memories of this body's original soul: she had been pushed by her cousin, Su Xiaofu.

But should she tell Gu Ya about the reason she fell into the water?

As Su Yunjin hesitated, Gu Ya, unaware of what she was thinking, mistook her silence for truth in the gossip that she despised his lame leg and the Gu Family's poverty, which drove her to jump into the water while visiting her family in a moment of despair.

Gu Ya's eyes grew darker, his gaze falling upon his crippled leg, his voice growing heavy, "Yunjin, this leg of mine is lame. If you despise it, I..."

"Wait!" Su Yunjin interrupted Gu Ya, asking him, "Who said I despise you?"

What? His little wife didn't despise his lame leg? Now it was Gu Ya who was shocked. "Yunjin, you don't despise my lame leg?"

The village was rife with gossip about how the Gu Family's newly wedded bride, Su Yunjin, had despised Gu Ya for his crippled leg and had jumped into the river, which Gu Ya had heard numerous times.

Su Yunjin glanced at Gu Ya's lame leg, reflecting that his cripple was not congenital but the result of a fall from the mountain half a year ago. There might be a chance it could be healed.

In the modern world, Su Yunjin was one of the leading graduates of a medical college in China, having furthered her studies abroad for two years.

She had thought that upon returning to China, she would be able to demonstrate her talents in the medical field. Little did she know that she would transmigrate to a non-existent dynasty not even recorded in history after just two days of work.

While Gu Ya was still in shock, Su Yunjin squatted down to examine his crippled leg.

"Go sit on the bed, and then roll up your trouser leg," she said, intending to inspect Gu Ya's crippled leg. Seeing that he hadn't moved, Su Yunjin looked up in confusion, only to find that his handsome face was somewhat flushed.

What's wrong with this man?


"Yunjin, it's still daylight. If you want to be intimate, at least wait until evening," he said, most importantly because it was still daytime, their room was drafty everywhere, with holes in the windows and doors, and one could never be sure if someone would peek through the cracks.

Upon understanding the implication of Gu Ya's words, Su Yunjin gave him a disdainful glance. Who wanted to be intimate with him? "Where is your mind wandering to?" she retorted.