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Well here's what I think •Its cool and slow paced Totally not for you if you want blood every 3 paras •Its soothing and refreshing, more than the plot or actual story the authors writing style attracts me more •The author is pretty descriptive,and each chapter is aslo lengthy, so if you also like to indulge in details of small small things,Go ahead read it •Minimum Plot holes , like its totally relatable, not like a random person at the bottom of society gets to the top of the world in 3 steps •MOST IMPORTANT: The story is In SYNC, The character background correctly influences his decisions,The world background also affects him nicely , like he knows even with future knowledge he cant become ruler of world. •Another point which I personally like about M.C is that he also doesn't like violence, so if you aslo dont like violence then you will like and understand him pretty well. ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ My advice: Dont Binge it. Read it slowly and lavish every chapter cause trust me it's worth it. ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

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Extremely high standard grammar for a novel on Qidian. And don't take those words lightly. When I was reading the first chapter, what my mind noticed was how smooth I could read the novel even more than the story at that point. THEN I noticed the story. The author obviously has a plan for this. I even went to deviantart to get a closer look at the map. If this clues anything, it's that you can expect a well thought out, grammatically good story with expansive world-building in the future. Even considering the small plot holes, JUST the readability of this novel gives it a five stars. Keep writing my man, and keep doing it for a long time :D


Awesome story!! I don't normally give 5 stars because even in some fairly well written stories, my bloody persnickety brain notices the flaws, and throws me out of my immersion in the story. While this story isn't perfect, it's well enough written and so enjoyable that the odd small flaw doesn't break the immersion. It's a delight. The dialog is witty and that's because even the other characters, both in and out of the game, are believably vivid and interesting, let alone the MC. It uses a classic web novel trope, the respawn, without treating it like a trope. The MC is affected by his death, and past, unlike the typical, "Oh well, that happened. Let's have a good life this time!" reaction you see so often, as if years of life, conflict and death have no impact on the psyche. It also doesn't follow the standard "I will save the world" or "I must become powerful and/or rich" (in either world) plot this time around, despite the MC being weak in his first life. He was weak, but there isn't the bullying, abuse, betrayal by half-brother, fiancee, best friend, step-mother, classmates, etc.. you see in respawn stories. Too often in a VRMMORPG game novel, after a while, either the game or real life (typically real life) starts to feel either boring, just for word count, or skimping on anything interesting or meaningful. That is not happening in this story, and there are enough plot lines going on that it does not seem likely. As others have said, this is a well thought out story. Well done! I am totally looking forward to more chapters. I'm even going to read the Jim Daoran's other book, The Slime Farmer, even though I don't like slimes and typically ignore such books, because this author has given me reason to think that he can write an enjoyable story, even with slimes involved. (Don't hate on me about slimes, we all have our likes and dislikes. ;-)


This is a well-written book among the new books. It has an interesting plot, I love the characters and this is one of the books that make you want to binge read it at one go. keep going author.


Probably the best webnovel i have read on this site, wish it would start updating again tho. Best novel i have read in a long time with a proper storyline, no major plotholes or other stuff like that


Hi, author! Are you alright? You've been out for a couple of days already. It's alright to rest. We understand that you also have your own private life. Just don't forget about your story and be on hiatus in the long run. Just take good care of yourself to keep your body and mind healthy. Btw, Advance Merry Christmas, author! Will you be able to dump chapters of the story as a way of Christmas present? hehe Will be here to support you and the story of Ilas Krow 'til the end!


I'm a silent reader whose very well hooked up with this story. My first time giving a review to a story to show my full support with 5 stars. Can't wait for more updates!! U P D A T E S. Need more updates please 🥺🥺🥺🥺


Seriously, when will will the new chapters be posted? The novel is master piece. Good grammar, slow paced, good humor, good character in depth background and the environment. The only issue is updates


I dont ever right reviews for any light novel but I find myself forced to for this light novel. The author has written a terrific high fantasy story that has the most in depth world building I have ever seen on this website. Its story development is well pace and the characters are three dimensional and interesting. Not to mention, that their are no grammar or spelling errors present in this novel, or at least none that I saw, which is a very high bar to reach for most light novels on this site. The only bad thing about the novel is that currently ,12/2/21, the author hasn't released any chapters for 21 days. Yet prior to the inadvertent break, the author has done a good job of consistently updating the story on a daily basis. TL;DR, if your a fan of fantasy, especially high fantasy, read this book, you wont be disappointed.


I haven't done a review in a while but this definitely deserves one. Everything from the memories to the character growth is wonderfully done. Btw author, if you are reading this then I suggest you post this story in royalroadlegends and scribblehub as your type of writing fits there more than webnovel


Phenomenal! Easily the most VIVID story I have read on WebNovel. I have rarely encountered such writing quality that can take me on the journey alongside the characters. I can not say how far above the quality is of this story is above any that I have read on this platform. Well done Author, well done. I am looking forward to seeing more of this world that you paint so well.


Very well written story, the book has a very good story with lots of potential for growth. I just hope that the author doesn't give up on it


The novel is good..... Mc doesn't become outright OP, have little mental issues (which is expected with regression) please don't give it up. Though status page update would have been good. Like how while fighting his agility suddenly becomes 50?


One of the most believable VR world's I have seen written. NPC's and world backgrounds actually feel like they are real and the MC isn't OP beyond reason. Also this novel really makes you feel like your part of an adventure. Fight scenes are exciting but not overly flashy (especially given that he is still lower level) and have room to grow once more powerful abilities/spells are discovered. Overall, I would highly recommend it to anyone, even people who don't normally enjoy this genre might like it.


Loving it a lot. It has a good mix of humor, action, background and progress. With a lot of creativty, the author gave this book a very unique feel. And I can totally submerge myself in his world. If you want something different, this is a good read


Definitely is a novel of a much higher quality than other novels. Im 100% looking forward to where this goes and to the day this novel appears as part of the top 10 novels.


Caught up to this book. Very good read. Can't wait for more. Writing Quality: Pretty good. Some grammar mistakes, missing words, repeated words. But still readable. Updates: Finally caught up with the latest chapter. Hasn't updates in a month. Don't know the schedule. Story Development: Standard reincarnation gaming tropes. MC gets reincarnated from future in game he played. MC knows what is coming in the future and tries to prepare. Tries to get a leg up for the future. Can't wait until major event happens. Character Design: MC is loner. Was a depressed person before reincarnation. Has friends that wants to help him, he wants to go alone. Want to see more interactions with his friends and family. World Background: Standard VRMMORPG. Far into the future where things are automated, but still have people working. Games seems very realistic with advanced AI. Intuitive quest approval/denial, no yes/no prompt.


This is well written but this genre is not my cup of tea. I love the detailing of the world and the characters traits and I really love your synopsis! Great job Author! Keep Writing!


Good start and fast development of events. Clear and attentive detailing of the world and descriptions of the characters are pleasant to read. I hope to meet an unexpected storyline turn and get a strong impression. Good luck author. Kudos to you!


First of all, the author's descriptive skill is top-notch. I love how the prologue kept me stuck to my seat, in anticipation of what would happen next. This book is highly recommended. I feel this plot is an Original that should be encouraged. Bravo, author. This is incredible, and thank you for that wonderful Prologue