The Hunt Book

novel - Fantasy

The Hunt


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In between a shaky treaty of five kingdoms: Water Kingdom, Woodland Kingdom, Earth Kingdom, Sky Kingdom, and the Lycan Kingdom; Princess Angelique Sepia, the future Queen of the Fae Kingdom, is protected from the schemes and betrayals because the Faes are neutral. However, this all changes when the Fae Kingdom gets attacked. Known as the Legendary Creature, the most powerful in the Fantasia World, and the Light Fae of Life, Angelique is left vulnerable. She soon becomes the source of the Kingdoms' greed for power when she falls pregnant with a hybrid, the Lycan King's offspring. Hunted like a dog, Princess Angelique has no other choice but to seek the help of the Lycan King, for he is the only one who can save her from the other Kingdoms. Will Ryanne, the most powerful and dangerous Lycan King, and Princess Angelique set aside their differences to save their baby and their Kingdoms from the enemy's hands?