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The Howling Alpha


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Byrandan, the planet of werewolves, gets attacked by the vampires from the planet of Pamlivam. The young werewolf prince, Zane, manages to escape and finds his way to Earth, the planet of humans. Still being a young werewolf, he doesn't know how to protect himself. He doesn't even know his own capabilities or strength. Werewolves and vampires, both having the ability of shifting forms, are dangerous to each other. In his human form, Zane passes as a human, but he needs to hunt, he needs to eat. He was hungry and dying in the streets when he found himself in an orphanage, it was the most peculiar orphanage he had ever seen. Small kids performed magic,where he found creatures he had never heard of before and he found a girl, he didn't know her abilities and she hid it from him. Zane was oblivious of the girl's true identity, but when he actually found out who she really was. His whole life changed. And the challenges begin when it's found that Zane is actually an alpha. This book travels from the planet of Werewolves and Vampires to the planet of humans and from there, it takes a turn to the realm of other beings and includes adventure, discovery and a lot more , because world is limited to human eyes and senses, but actually it is something bigger, something greater that we cannot see or feel, but this book takes you to the land you have never been to. It takes you to meet creatures you have never met and it takes you on a journey to explore more. The Howling Alpha takes you to explore more than just what you think is the limit, because, the world is limitless.


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