The Horror Addict's Transmigration Book

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The Horror Addict's Transmigration


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"What are you here for?" "I just want to get scared..." Ye Delun is to put it simply, a horror addict. He strives to find something terrible enough to make him jump or scream. But after years of his strange unsatisfied addiction, he's forced into a last resort. Playing a game his friend recommended. A horror-based otome game. After getting over the fact that he's playing as a woman, and several men are chasing him, Ye Delun forces his playable character into terrifying situations in hope of finding some stimulation. But all he's left with is an obsessed husband every time and a supposed happy ending. Ye Delun wanted to give it another go, when an anonymous message arrived in his game mail. [Are you lonely and in need of a lover? Have you been falling asleep at night dreaming of fictional characters? Knowing good and well that they're not there? If you want that to change, then join us here at 'OtomeHorror'! Where we make fictional dreams come true and close single lives to an end!] And without a second thought, the horror entranced Ye Delun accepted. Tentacle Monster: "Fear me, mortals! For I am your living nightmare!" Ye Delun: "..." That's not scary at all, but he does look like dried squid... Tentacle Monster: "Hey... wait, why are looking at me like that?" Ghost: "You dare think you can live in my house? Over my dead body!" Ye Delun: "Ah.... but you are dead." Ghost: "Now's not the time!"


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