203 Bibi Dong's Power Up

After I woke up, fortunately, I didn't wait a long time for them to arrive, and soon Bibi Dong arrived together with Ajuka.

"Find any information about the Clear Sky Clan and someone named Tang San; if there isn't a person with that name, then that person shouldn't be born yet, which is for better. I have a prediction that Tang San from the Clear Sky Clan would be responsible for the destruction of the Spirit Hall and your death."

I stated as Bibi Dong had a shocked and mortified look on her face, while Ajuka was intrigued but didn't say anything.

"That would be problematic. Clear Sky Clan is the strongest of the Three Upper Clans of the Heaven Dou Empire and has more than 7 Titled Douluo, and several of them are Hyper Douluos with Rank 95 and higher. The most troublesome thing is that they are currently in hiding, and their location is secret."

Explained Bibi Dong as I frowned hearing this.

Indeed they were strong, but my forces together with forces of the Spirit Hall are strong enough to annihilate them, and with the right plan, without any casualties.

"Is there anyone who could have clues about their location?"

I asked.

"Yes. Current Grand Priest of the Douluo Palace, Qian Daoliu. He should be aware of their location."

Now that would solve one problem.

"If we attack them, we need to annihilate them as soon as fast; if not, how are chances of them getting reinforcements and from whom?"

This was crucial, I had some knowledge about the political landscape of the Douluo Planet, but it was not as good as compared to Bibi Dong, who was Supreme Pontiff of the Spirit Hall.

"Indeed though, I don't know how big they are, more to be precise from other two of Upper Great Clans, namely Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan and Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan if we are taking time."

Not so surprising. The current situation isn't good for them; one could say that Heaven Dou Empire isn't completely controlled by the Spirit Hall is due to the existence of the Three Upper Great Sects that are resisting Spirit Hall's advance in the shadows. If they fall, then there won't be anyone who would resist Spirit Hall is slowly taking over the Heaven Dou Empire.

"Then we need to plan this carefully. Ajuka, you can go and prepare some things we talked about. Order Custodians to help Spirit Hall."

I ordered as he bowed slightly before leaving the room.

"I have something for you. A gift from Mercurius."

I said as I took out a little shining crystal that I gave her.

"This is something Mercurius refined from the corpse of the Qian Xunji after he killed him. He didn't tell me what it does, but he told if you refine this you will gain many benefits from it. Do it now, I can guard; I am already recovered perfectly."

I wasn't lying that I have perfectly recovered.

On the other hand, Bibi Dong has progressed extremely fast after she joined the Longinus Dreizhen Orden, as she surely got help from one of the senior members, just like I did.

If not, it wouldn't be possible for her to be Spirit Emperor, Spirit Rank: 70 at the age of 17.

Soon after, she did as I instructed and started refining the crystal Mercurius created out of Qian Xunji's corpse.

Soon enough, her Spirit Rank started surging at lightning speed.

Spirit Rank: 71

Spirit Saint reached. Now she was comparable to the Legendary-Class, but it didn't stop right here, as her Spirit Rank still kept climbing.

Spirit Rank: 72

Spirit Rank: 73

Spirit Rank: 74

Spirit Rank: 76

Spirit Rank: 78

Spirit Rank: 79

Spirit Rank: 80

Spirit Rank: 81

Spirit Douluo.

Spirit Rank: 82

And finally, it stopped at the Spirit Rank: 83.

In one swoop, she reached power comparable to the Satan-Class in the Astral Boundary, thanks to the help from Mercurius. Apparently, her Universe was getting great investment from the Longinus Dreizhen Orden.

There are many Universes in existence, and the Douluo Universe was rather specific in one way.

It had great potential and lacked someone on the level of even Exarch right now. Meaning this Universe, if under the control of a member of the Longinus Dreizhen Orden, could greatly benefit all members through Military Power, Rare Resources, or Trade.

By absorbing this crystal refined by Mercurius, Bibi Dong saved several years' worth of cultivation, as she could now focus on reaching Titled Douluo and then ascending as God. Only by reaching the God-King Stage, she would be in control of a significant part of the Douluo Universe.

Mercurius said to me that currently, Divine Realm didn't have many God Kings who were compatible to Lord-Class, but alas, there were several notable mortals that had a great chance Ascending as Gods right now in different Realms of this Universe that I have rather decided to call Shao Universe to not misinterpret with Douluo Plane and Douluo Divine Realm as in the Universe there were several Divine Realms and many Mortal Planes connected to their respective Divine Realms.

"How are you feeling?"

I asked her after she was done with the cultivation.

"I feel great... more than great. This saved me several years of the worth of time of cultivation."

She said happily now that she reached Spirit Douluo from the Spirit Emperor, jumping through one entire stage.

"Prepare everything... we are going to make a move on them and be done with it."

I said, as I wanted to resolve the issue between Bibi Dong's faction and a faction of Worship Elders already, as I felt that my breakthrough is nearing.

When I was asleep, I felt that enlightenment is near.

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