1 Chapter 1 " The Hell God Slayer"

It was a darker night than any other, in a forgotten place on Earth Land , a man who had everything in a hidden body in a robe was moving at great speed through a dead moor.

That man had finally found what he was looking for for more than 60 years, so no one could stop him at this time, not counting that this man was moving an enormous speed, destroying everything in his path without stopping in any second.

The terrain changed rapidly, until it reached an abyss that seemed to have no end.

"I finally made it, I finally found the temple of the god of hell, I will finally have my revenge"

Without hesitation that man threw himself into the abyss, allowing himself to be absorbed by all the darkness of the place.

The falls only lasted a few moments, but they seemed years, the man immediately felt his bones freeze,

" Damn , this sucks, but this is not enough to stop me"

With a great shout , an immense amount of magic began to be emitted from the man's body, reducing his wounds, but he could still feel his life was quickly ending.

So without delay, he started running in the direction of where the pain intensified.

Soon he could see a black castle, but the man did not stop to observe the wonderful architecture, and entered destroying the entrance with a single blow.

Once inside , that man could breathe easy, the pain disappeared, but his tunic was stained with blood so he destroyed it without hesitation.

Under the tunic was an old man with white hair full of wrinkles, but with a height of almost two meters, and a robust body full of muscles, it would make it difficult to guess his age.

His name is Damon, a powerful wizard who traveled through Earth Land looking for a way to eradicate the Black Wizard, and finally approaches his goal after finding one of the forgotten temples of this world.

Damon Milkovich knows many lost magic that he learned during his travels, but he still could not defeat Zeref, so after surviving miraculously, Damon began his journey to find a way to end the dark wizard, and after many years , he managed to find the temple of the god of hell and, therefore, a way to end Zeref.

Damon wasted no time and began to enter the temple, which was full of statues representing many brutal punishers, but with 114 years of experience, that was not much for Damon.

As Damon walked, his head began to flood with the regrets of his life, as well as his greatest failures.

After the death of his family, as well as his parents, brothers and wife as one of his sons under Zeref's power, Damon promised to find a way to avenge them, but the cost was very high, he was far from his only son. and for 37 years Damon never heard from his family again, all Damon knew was that his son had a daughter, but after discovering that his son died several years ago, Damon only hardened his heart to move on.

"This place is really dangerous," Damon said after almost losing himself in his sins, since in front of him was a dark blue flame, which was about to engulf him, if he had not regained his concentration.

Returning in his thoughts, Damon hardened his determination as he walked down a corridor that was surrounded by flames.

With a goal in mind, Damon managed to move forward without his inner demons surpassing him, to reach an altar that had a great demon on top.

" Hell God Slayer Magic , with the same force of hell, with the power to end any god , and if I can't defeat Zeref, then I hope there is a god who takes piety on our souls"

Damon climbed the altar until he was in front of the statue of the god of hell Tzeentch, where he found a book that exuded a cursed aura , Damon could feel the statue watching him, giving him a sense of terror, but his determination was strong , so he takes the book for him.

Contrary to Damon's expectations , nothing happened, so he began to flip through the book, but the more he read, Damon's blood began to freeze.

More than a power, it seemed like a curse to the bearer, but Damon felt that this was his penance for having abandoned his only family.

Runes of black began to leave the book going to Damon's head producing great pain, but at this point Damon no longer cared.

A few hours passed, and the book lost its color, turning to dust, only leaving a really pale Damon.

Not knowing how much time passed, Damon wiped the black sweat that fell down his forehead.

But when Damon was about to leave, the statue of the god Tzeentch disappeared leaving a new passage.

Damon doubted a little, but in the end he decided to continue, this would be the last time he would be in this place, so he continued, the last thing he would want was to miss something important, so he adjusted his mentality to prepare for whatever.

But nothing he had seen in his life would have prepared him for what he would see .

A door almost 100 meters high appeared before Damon , but that was not the incredible part, the door was open, and on the other side Damon could say it was hell itself.

But the strangest thing was the demons on the other side, who didn't seem to notice Damon's presence.

Damon's experience told him that being was a critical situation , so he decided to step back , but the noise of a million cries of regret told him that the situation was screwed.

The interior of the door began to fragment into pieces, to fall into thousands of pieces, and now all the demons began to see in the direction of Damos.

"Shit" a tide of demons ran in Damon's direction, but a demon with a black body and a white mask with a horn, just dodged Damon to get out of that place.

Damon couldn't worry about that demon at the moment, so he focused his attention on the tide that was approaching him.

" Ice-Maker : Dragon "

A huge ice dragon returned back to all the demons inside hell.

" Ice-Maker : Meteorite "

A meteor of ice fell clogging the entire door, but this was only momentary for Damon, since he could see how the demons struggled to enter, slowly making their way.

So Damon ran to the walls to find any information that could help him.

Fate was against Damon, but he got quite valuable information.

"I'm not young enough for this," Damon said as he stood in front of the hell gate in a fighting position.

It turns out that when a mortal obtains the blessing of the god Tzeentch and the book of hell disappears , this causes the door of hell to lose its strength for 24 hours, so the new Hell God Slayer, has a duty to take care of the door of hell during that time.


There was an old man covered with wounds all over his body, but still breathing calmly.

Damon's last 24 hours were literally hell, but he almost managed to keep almost all the demons inside hell, if not for the first demon he had escaped.

Being his responsibility, Damon sold his wounds, while using magic to recover the state of his clothes.

"Only one is missing" with everything ready, Damon went after the other demon.

But in 24 hours many things could happen, the only good thing was that there was no city or town nearby, but Damon underestimated that devil's determination.

And after finding him, Damon moved through the space to arrive immediately, but now Damon began to curse his stupidity.

In front of him was a completely ruined town , and the middle of all was the devil devouring the souls of all the people of the city.

In the last 24 hours Damon learned that demons could not be defeated in conventional ways, and he could only contain the demons waiting for the door to recover.

But with the door closed, Damon has to eliminate that demon with his own hands.

And the Hell God Slayer Magic is perfect, the only problem is that the magic consumes the soul force of the user, and the only way to continue using that magic is devouring the souls of others, and it was something that Damon was very much against it, Damon swore that he would not continue committing more sins, and would use his soul to be able to defeat Zeref, and thus reunite with his family again, but releasing that devil on earth was something Damon could not allow, so he decided take care of him before anything, to be able to avenge the souls of the recently deceased.

But it seemed that this demon had other ideas, and after seeing Damon, the devil started running in the opposite direction.

Damon tried to find someone with a vine in this small town, but he could only sigh when he realized that there was no one alive in this town, so he turned the space again, but only to see another very unfortunate situation.

There was a carriage with 4 people, of which 3 were already dead.

The only one still alive was an 11- year-old boy with a sword in his hand, who was being held by the white mask demon.

Damon took no second when he forced time to stop for less than a second, but enough to hit the monster directly and recover the child.

That boy had wounds from the claws of that demon, but nothing serious, so Damon turned his gaze to the demon, who was looking at him with a demonic intensity.

But Damon's coup angered the devil.


The boy fell to the ground by the scream of that monster while vomiting blood.

This was a losing battle for Damon, he had two ways of ending that demon, but the two would take his life, and his revenge would be over.

"This is bullshit" was the only thing Damon said when his fist was covered with a dark blue flame.


To be an old man, Damon could combine his excellent physique with his space magic to hit that demon directly.


It was a cry of pain coming out of the demon's mouth.

Damon realized how effective this magic was , seeing the place where the blow fit, but this only made him regret his situation.

Now Damon had a chance against Zeref, but leaving that demon free to kill innocent people would put him at the same level as Zeref, so Damon decided to take another path.

"Damn bastard, now I am very angry"

That demon had a speed that exceeded that of Damon, and accompanied by his strength and endurance, was almost unstoppable, unfortunately for that Demon , Damon is a master in space magic, managing to connect several strokes using his Hell God Slayer Magic .


With some intelligence, the demon knew that he would die against that subject, so he decided to escape.

"Shit demon, don't think you can leave without trying my new attack"

With just a second the demon had already run a great distance, but that meant nothing to Damon.

"True Flames of Purgatory " Damon appeared on top of the demon, and with his last blow he stamped them on the ground destroying everything in his path.

All the land was destroyed, leaving only a crater on fire.

Damon was extremely pale, and he could guess that his life was about to end, but before he died he had to try his luck for the last time before he died.

So Damon walked to the center of the crater, where was the demon who was also about to die from the burns on his body.

Damon could give him the final blow, but instead he took the demon by the neck and began to walk in the direction of the boy he saved.

It was a sad picture, but Damon didn't care, and without hesitation he threw the demon near the boy, who was crying over the body of a little girl.

" Ahrrhgggaaaa " a slight growl could be heard from the devil, causing the child to turn with tears in his eyes.

But to Damon's surprise, he couldn't see fear in the boy's eyes, all he could see was genuine hatred, and this was confirmed when Damon saw the boy try to stab the demon with all his might using his broken sword

"Die, die, die," was the only thing the child said, but his attacks were completely ineffective, and only when his hands began to bleed did he stop because of helplessness and weakness.

Damon doubted it a bit, but this could be his chance, so he hardened his heart for the last time in his life, before addressing the boy.

"My name Damon Milkovich, what's your name, boy," said Damon.

The child took a while, but after wiping away the tears, the boy got up.

"Gadrel" was the only thing the boy said.

Damon couldn't feel bad for the boy, as he was about to put a burden on him that could destroy him.

" You should go away, take care of those bodies and leave, I have to end this demon, get away and don't get in the way " Damon's voice had a total change, causing Gadrel to step back.

"I ....." Gadrel wanted to talk, but Damon didn't let him.

"I told you to leave, the weak as you have nothing to say, you have to be grateful that it happened here, so leave before I force you out"

Gadrel had many words to say, but Damon had increased the pressure on his words, making it difficult for him to breathe Gadrel.

Gadrel kept backing away, until he saw his only friend's body again.

"NOO" Gadrel's hatred resurfaced, and he didn't care about Damon's gaze, Gadrel couldn't protect the only person he cared about, and if he couldn't avenge her then he would prefer death.

Damon could see the will in the eyes of Gadrel, who was almost mad, it was very unfortunate that a child of that age had that look, but perfect for Damon's plans.

"With your strength it is impossible for you to kill that demon," Damon said, hoping to see Gadrel's reaction, but the boy did not falter in any second, and his rada remained completely determined.

But what surprised Damon the most were Gadrel's actions.

"Please TEACH ME" on his knees, Gadrel shouted with all his might.

......… ..

Damon had little time, so he help Gadrel with the inert bodies.

Gadrel had several wounds on his body, like some broken ribs, which should be a great pain, but Damon only saw him clench his teeth without saying anything.

And during this time Damon met Gadrel a little more.

It turned out that Gadrel was an orphan who lived briefly in an orphanage where he was expelled shortly afterwards , and throughout his life there was only one person who treated him as a human.

With the name of Alice, she was the only person who didn't hate Gadrel, since there was a rumor about Gadrel, turning him into a cursed child, since his parents were considered witches and people killed them, but as a newborn, the Gadrel's life was forgiven.

With completely black hair and golden eyes, it was a rather rare combination, which only helped to increase the rumors about him.

Alicia also lived with Gadrel in the orphanage where she was adopted by a couple of very friendly farmers, and although not despised Gadrel, they were not friendly either, but the couple did not intervene between the friendship of Alice and Gadrel.

Although Gadrel's life was hard, as long as he could spend a little time with Alicia everything seemed much better.

And the only reason Gadrel didn't go crazy was just to avenge Alicia.

Damon incinerated the bodies, and handed him the star-shaped necklace that belonged to Alicia to Gadrel, Gadrel could only say goodbye silently while holding back his tears.

Damon could see that Gadrel's mood was dismal, full of sadness and hate, but Damon's time was short, his soul was consumed to defeat that demon, so it will have to be faster.

"Child, the demons are beings quite sturdy, and finish them is really difficult, it is much easier to seal than trying to kill them" Damon could see Gadrel began to squeeze too hard fist, after saying that, so that continuous.

"But there are also magic that are capable of killing anything, but the more powerful a magic, the consequences will be greater, so I would not recommend ..." Damon's words were cut by Gadrel's determination.

"I don't care, yes ... if I can avenge Alicia, then I don't care about the price"

Damon had a complicated look, but his determination didn't falter.

"Then I will give you a magic capable of killing him, but let me tell you that it will be very painful, and if you faint, everything will be lost, as well as your life, this is the last time you turn around and forget everything "a part of Damon wanted that the young man in front of him turned around and forgot everything, but he knew it was impossible.

There are several magic that would help one to transmit another magic, but the God Slayer magic is quite special, one must learn it for oneself, but for Damon there are other ways, since he can tear a piece or memory from his own mind , and transmit it, Damon preferred to start with other magic, but he could not afford to die without passing the Hell God Slayer Magic to Gadrel, so he began writing several runes on Gadrel's head, while channeling his magic.


Damon did not stop at Gadrel's screams, he continued to pass his legacy slowly.

But Gadrel's situation was bad enough, his wounds had opened, and his tongue did not stop bleeding since he kept biting it so as not to pass out.

(This child really is something) Damon thought after seeing him resist a good dose of punishment for half an hour, a part of Damon would have wanted to meet Gadrel in another situation, and make him his disciple, but that was just a useless thought.

Now Damon will give him 5 minutes for Gadrel to recover, and teach him some more things.

But Damon's plans were interrupted when he noticed a strange white substance that began to leave Gadrel's wounds.


Damon immediately scanned Gadrel's body, only to notice his great carelessness.

Gadrel's soul was in danger, as something was trying to devour his soul , so Damon immediately tried to protect Gadrel's soul, but his efforts seemed to be useless, since that being did not stop.

Damon thought immediately, and the only thing that occurred to him was that Gadrel would have to help.

"Brat, open your damn eyes, something wants to turn you into a demon, so if you don't fight you will become the same things that murdered your friend "

Gadrel's eyes widened immediately, and he began using his will to resist the pain, and not be consumed by darkness.

Damon noticed that the speed with which Gadrel's soul was consumed was reduced, but it was not enough.

In a desperate effort Damon began to introduce magic directly to Gadrel's body, and miraculously Gadrel's soul stabilized.

Damon wanted to breathe a sigh of relaxation, but in the second he stopped injecting magic, Gadrel's soul was consumed again, causing Damon to restart the process.

(I have to find another solution, but when my magic is over Gadrel will be lost)

Damon had it quite difficult , he was in a completely new situation for him , and the worst part was that his condition was already regrettable.

Gadrel's life was hanging by a thread, so Damon risked much more, while drawing runes on Gadrel's body while activating the Arc of Time.

Damon didn't know what would happen if Gadrel's second origin opened, but it was taking a risk or nothing.

Gadrel's screams intensified, but Damon noticed a slight change, since Gadrel's soul was stabilizing, but at the current rate Gadrel would not succeed, so Damon took out a Dragon Lacrima, which belonged to the friend who helped him during your trip.

That was an invaluable memory for Damon, but if some of him would have used it, this was the moment.


Gadrel could say he has just gone through hell itself, his body still felt very sore but could now open his eyes.

Gadrel's body felt quite strange, and his senses were somewhat distorted, but that didn't matter to him, since Damon was at his side, but what made Gadrel open his eyes to the fullest was Damon's state.

The muscular man who seemed to have the vitality of a bear , was reduced to a small old man who struggled to take the next breath.

"Finally you wake up brat from hell, a little more and you would find me dead," Damon said with great difficulty.

Gadrel opened his mouth, but no word came out, his situation was quite difficult to understand, but Damon gave it to him.

"Close your mouth and listen , my life was about to end so I only went ahead a few hours, so don't worry about that, but if you feel responsible listen carefully to what I have to say"

Gadrel's look dignified, and he wait for Damon to continue.

"If you think about the magic that I put in your head , you will realize that the price to use it is the same soul, and I use my soul to defeat that demon , and if you want to kill that demon you will have to do the same, but I cannot allow you to destroy your soul, so I give you a small part of my soul so that your soul is not affected, "Damon said.

"Wait grandpa, I do not want it, I want to avenge myself, and if the price is my soul I do not care, so recover your soul that I do not want it," said Gadrel firmly.

"Little devil, don't say that again, your life is important, and it would really be unfortunate if you died without ending up with the true responsible for your friend's death " ( Damon)

"What do you mean?" Gadrel's voice had a great thirst for blood when he speakes.

"The monster murderer your friend is just a creation of the dark wizard Zeref, so that he is your real goal Kid " Damon felt bad about lying, but it was a fair price if that delivered the world that monster.


Damon could see how Gadrel was trembling with anger, but Damon would no longer stop with his lie.

"I'm sorry but I don't know, you will have to look for it for yourself, but with your current strength it will be impossible for you to do something, you will have to become much stronger , Zeref is much stronger than me, so as long as you cannot defeat one of his demon with a single blow like me , then you have no chance, now you have a magic to kill him, but if you do not train your body will not help, take your body to the limit, and do not stop training, and so you can reach your revenge "(Damon)

Gadrel's head cooled a little, but he began to think with some calm.

"What should I do, please tell me what I should do to be able to avenge myself" Gadrel was completely lost, his little happiness was suddenly taken away, and the last thing Gadrel could do was think clearly, full of pain and hate, Gadrel's head was about to explode.

Damon could feel Gadrel's thoughts, so Damon gave him his last advice,

"For your mission there is something more bigger than strength, your mind should be your greatest weapon, always thinking about your next move, with a cool head, always rational, and never let your emotions dictate your actions, grow and become more strong, it doesn't matter if it takes you 100 years, just never forget your mission. "Damon was condemning Gadrel with an impossible mission , but if one day Gadrel surrenders , Damon won't have any kind of resentment.

Damon's words echoed in more deep Gadrel, but it was difficult to assimilate.

"I ... don't really think i can do that, i can't do it" Gadrel just went through too much in a very short time, and being rational is something he doesn't think he can do, it was very possible that if he heard about Zeref he would go without doubt it.

Damon took a long breath.

"Child, for your sake I advise you to have your emotions controlled, but the demon that dwells in your soul can take possession of your body " ( Damon)

"WHAT ! "That was something Gadrel did not expect.

"I really don't know what happened, but it happened, that would be my last recommendation " ( Damon)

Gadrel began inspecting his body, but the only thing he found was that he had no wound on his body, and when he looked in Damon's direction, he just lifted his shoulders.

"This really is bad, I ... I really don't know how I should do things " ( Gadrel)

Damon knew he was asking an 11-year-old boy too much, so he decided to tell him one last thing.

"Boy, do you want a last name ? " Damon asked.

That surprised Gadrel, but Gadrel could not deny that it was something that always interested him, since no one ever told him his parents' last name.

"I don't have " ( Gadrel)

Damon thought a little before speaking again.

"Although the time was short, you are the third disciple I had throughout my life, and two of them were my children of which I am very proud, and I would be disgraced that my last disciple did not even have a last name, so if I did not It matters, I would like to give you one, "Damon said with a whole from a kind grandfather.

Gadrel didn't know what to feel, but thinking of a last name made him happy.

"I ... I would be very happy if you gave me a last name" (Gadrel)

Damon knew that he could not compensate for the life he had imposed on Gadrel, but this was also a way of seeking his own redemption.

"Remember that a last name is not just any thing, this comes a burden and responsibilities, and if you are willing then I would like to invite you to my family, and the only thing I ask is that if you find someone with the same last name you give your help," Damon said. , in a last attempt at redemption.

"I accept" Gadrel immediately accept , if there was a way to help Damon by helping him in his revenge, that was an easy request.

A small smile formed on Damon's wrinkled face.

"So from now on you are Gadrel Milkovich, I hope you can use that last name with pride, since I was one of the greatest misfortunes of my family " ( Damon)

"Don't worry, old man , I'll be the person to eliminate Zeref, and I'm sure you'll be proud." Gadrel put on the star-shaped necklace that belonged to Alice, and stood up with a determined look.

Those were the words Damon wanted to hear, so he turned to Gadrel to speak for the last time.

"Remember to keep your heart calm, do not let any feelings of hatred or guilt corrupt you, and begin your mission by ending the life of that demon" was the last thing Damon said before his body slowly disintegrated.

Gadrel felt sad as he looked at Damon for the last time, and although it was brief, Gadrel truly considered him as his master , but decided to follow Damon's words, so he hardened his determination as he directed his gaze to the dying demon.

Gadrel's tranquility was broken when he saw him, a white mask demon and a black body, had a sinister look, and crawled to attack Gadrel with his mouth open.

Gadrel's hands began to bleed from the force he was doing, and even if he tried to control the hate, he overcame it.

A small dark blue flame appeared in Gadrel's hand, and when he was ready to end that demon, a great pain in his chest stopped him.

"AHHHHHHHH" everything went dark for Gadrel, and he felt like his whole body was burning.

The Hell God Slayer Magic is very dangerous, and not everyone can use it , only someone who overcame many difficulties and his determination never wavered, is able to use that kind of magic.

But Gadrel was very weak, and his determination was not apt, so the same flames he wanted to use , began to consume him.

Gadrel's body was engulfed by dark blue flames, torturing him to the limit .

Gadrel's mind was chaos, but he found some lucidity , only for fear to dominate him.

Many thoughts came to Gadrel's head, but the one that prevailed was the fault of not being able to do anything to protect Alice.

But the guilt was consumed by hate, causing Gadrel's body to start moving slowly.

(If I'm going to die then I'll take you with me)

The demon recognized those flames, so he tried to squirm as he walked away from Gadrel, but the demon couldn't do much while watching Gadrel walk slowly towards him.

" AhGghaghaA " were the last howls the devil shouted before disappearing forever.

Gadrel used his body to end that demon before he passed out.

The flames went out leaving only Gadrel's body with burns all over his body.

But his mission was fulfilled, the demon was dead.

Surprisingly, Gadrel's life was not in danger , but the damage was already done, since all his skin was charred.

Gadrel while still unconscious a circle magic beneath his body that would take Fiore, as Damon does not believe in this Paramo desolate Gadrel can to increase their strength, that magic was the last thing he did Damon.

Unfortunately for Gadrel, Damon had not been able to direct exactly where he wanted to send Gadrel.

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