The Hollens Series Book

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The Hollens Series


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This series contains five books. Book 1: Hot Coffee Book 2:Molten Chocolate Book 3:Cookies & Cream Book 4:Cherry On Top Book 5:Freak Shake Book 1:When plain Emma Cole went for an interview at a prestigious establishment, she immediately saw how out of her league she was. However, the CEO, Ethan Hollen, hired Emma to be his personal Coffee maker at his mansion. Coffee wasn't the only thing getting stirred up. Emma and Ethan later developed feelings for each other but Ethan's fiance, Sharon Constantine, had no intentions of becoming a woman scorned. She made plots for her revenge and did everything she could to make Emma's life a living hell, including kidnapping her. And as if that wasn't enough, Ethan lost sight of his love for Emma and that drove a wedge between them. Can love find its way back to the once upon a time happy couple?                                 Book 2:Following in his father's footsteps, Evan Hollen became the new CEO of Hollen Tower at just twenty five. Jasmine Blackman worked at Hollen Tower as Evan's personal assistant and she always had a crush on him. And as if it was a work of fate that pushed them together, they became a couple. But Jasmine's ex-boyfriend from college came into the picture with his schemes and lies, leading Jasmine to quit her job at Hollen Tower. Later, Jasmine discovered she was pregnant with Evan's baby but Evan had already moved on and was engaged to someone else.                                                                                Book 3:Zenia Blackman and Ethan Junior (EJ) Hollen were two young people trying to figure out their love for each other by using their big siblings as examples but they later found out life wasn't a smooth sailing as others made it look. Bring heartbroken and confused, Zenia took a trip to England with a friend who had no good intentions for Zenia. She was held captive for ransom and it's up to EJ to find her and rescue