832 V3 ch67 (VS Stuart Hall HS 1)

I woke up to the room door closing. Rather loudly. I peeked out of the covers and saw Zeke holding two bags of ice. I pulled the covers back up. 

Rhys laughed. "C'mon Jake, it's not that early. I can't imagine what you're like before school."

"He's usually like a zombie. Just going through the motions." I heard Noah from afar. He must already be out of bed. "Zeke, I don't need ice. That's just going to make me as stiff as a board."

"Mom's getting a heating pad from the store right now." Zeke replied. "Ice it now. We'll have brunch. Then you can use the heating pad before we go to the field."

There was no fighting Zeke on this. I felt the comforter being lifted near my feet. "Lift the legs, Jake." 

I complied. 


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