1020 V3 ch254

We talked with Mr. Cameron more about our playing and games we looked forward to. Then it was time to go home. On the way, Noah told Mom about us going to Alisha's to hangout. 

Dave raised an eyebrow. "You're not going to Garret's? He sent out a text. He's having a small get together to celebrate his perfect game."

"We'll go to the next one." Noah shrugged. "It'd be too mean to bail on Alisha and Kaylee now."

"Bring them with. I'm taking Marie." Kyle said. 

Noah made a face that Kyle couldn't see. He still had some feelings about Marie and he wasn't alone. "No. It's okay." He looked to the front of the car where Dad was driving. "Dad, can you pick us up later tonight?"

"The twins can pick you two up on their way home." He suggested. 

Noah rolled his eyes. "I don't think Alisha's parents will let us stay over until midnight."

"Then I'll shorten their curfew to 10pm."

"Noooo." Dave groaned. 


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