868 V3 ch103 Game One: Katella HS (3)

Bottom of the second. 

Noah and I took a seat on the bench while Jason hurried to change out his gear. He was first up to bat to start our offense. Jesse and Mitchell would follow. 

"He'd have to get a walk and score a run to tie me offensively." Noah grinned. 

"Would a hit beat you or tie you?" I asked, curious as to what he consider what was better. 

Noah thought it over quietly then slowly started to nod. "Beat me. For sure. I can't necessarily claim the run scored by myself since it's thanks to you I got the chance. If Jason got on base and had you hitting behind him, I'm sure he would score a lot too."

As we were talking, Jason was working the count. He made good contact, hitting a line drive towards center. The center fielder came sprinting in and made a diving catch to steal away Jason's would-be hit. 

"Tch. Unlucky." Noah shook his head. 


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