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Filled with small mistakes to the point it's glaring right in the face of reader. From the update dates it appears that Author either posted this novel somewhere else before, made a rewrite(unlikely) or wrote for himself and finally decided to try out by posting it here, as such the update are haphazard at best. The background took unnecessarily too long amounting to mostly filler. Story progression makes little sense. Characters are very two dimensional and I might be wrong, but to me a quite a few characters are evil solely for the sake of being such rather than due to some deeper reasoning. The world background seem to be on a backburner as it appears that author is more interested in keeping whatever story he has in mind going full speed rather than slow down and think from the perspective of a third party such as the reader, leaving most of his thoughts about the story and world as simply that - Thoughts!

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Reveal spoiler


Story seems promising I guess, but there are so many mistakes with the writing it’s literally unreadable. I find it impossible to immerse myself in the story when I’m constantly trying to piece together sentences


A very beautiful and wonderful master piece. I like the progress of the story and strongly recommend for anyone who like a knowledgeable mc. keep it up author.


Loved the story so far, loved the plot, the story maybe a little faster?..the author should probably explore more about the world background in the story and add more updates 😁... . . . sorry for grammar I'm bad in English


la premisa de la historia va bien pero hay varias cosas por mejorar: - la escritura no es muy buena, se entiende la idea pero la lectura no es fluida en general algunas cosas ni sentido tienen, en fin si pudiera mejorar la escritura ayudaría a la comprensión y mejoraría mucho la calidad de la historia -el sistema esta mu op, esto no es malo pero si el autor no controla un poco esto puede que la historia se arruine luego, es algo que suele pasar siempre que la trampa o poder es muy op, porque todo se vuelve demasiado fácil, termina siendo un cumplimiento de deseos, a menos que de eso sea la historia? dejando de lado esos 2 problemas la historia se ve buena aunque por el momento hay pocos caps entonces aun no hay una opinión clara