30 Vacation: 3

(Angie POV)

"Excuse me," I whispered as I approached one of the floating metallic creatures.

The red orb that turned to me broke through darkness, lighting up what wasn't illuminated by the morning dusk.

"I would like to prepare breakfast today, if you do not mind." I requested earnestly, it seemed so sentient, even when Noir had told us it wasn't.

By the noise that came from the floating robot, I assumed my request was accepted. "Thank you."

I walked my way out of my room and hugged the wall until I made it back to one of the first places I had seen upon stepping into this unreal mansion.

It wasn't worth much in comparison to that, but, the least I could do was make breakfast for them. Thankfully, I've always been good at setting mental alarms, though maybe I woke up too early.

"Ah, excuse me," I called out yet again to another robot. "Do you happen to have a recipe book for any of the breakfast foods Noir enjoys?

I admittedly had only really ever cooked under my apprenticeship with Her Majesty. I didn't hold any particular interest in it, but it was fun to do on occasion.

Before I knew it, exactly what I had requested was laid out on the table, a book flipped halfway through to a specific page.

"French Toast?" What's French mean?" I wondered as I pondered the recipe.

I could see in the sample image that it was served with something called bacon, and so I made that too.

Ingredient gathering was surprisingly easy, the robots keep a well organized kitchen.

The process to was easy, it thankfully wasn't anything overly complicated. Plus if there was something I couldn't understand a robot was always on standby.

Thank God for that, some of these innovations were amazing but complicated, like the stove.

Before I knew it I had the French Toast stacked up high on a plate, and on another a plate of bacon.

Upon asking, I was told the best drink to complement a breakfast like this was some type of fruit juice preferably apple juice or orange juice.

Of course, Noir had both in stock and so I brought both out. I went based on memory and set the table in a manner I thought was best presentable.

I really hoped he enjoyed this small gesture, plus it was nice to finally cook after they had done so for me.

With that thought, I placed down my apron and hummed my way back to the bedrooms.

My first stop was Livia's room and I was perplexed to see she was not in there. Though I took it with a grain of salt.

My questions were answered soon after when I went to Noir's, however. I had planned to gently stir him awake, and so, even if it was quite rude of me, I entered without knocking.

It wasn't long before I realized I made a mistake.

I'd found Livia. Right there in the center of the bed on top of who I knew was the man of the house.


They were both extremely naked. Their flesh overlapped as they lay. His arms held her waist and she's wrapped around his head.

I would only ever admit internally that the scene mesmerized me. It was something of an art piece. Livia seemed delicate, her skin porcelain and flawless. Only being held together by the strong arms of the man below her.

Where the hell had he been hiding a body like that? I'd seen it once before when I first came over to his apartment, but I believe I never got a good look.

Every part of him looked strong and sculpted even the faint bit of his glutes I could see.

The way they lay seemed so sensual, and internally I began wishing I too got to experience that.

Unconsciously my thoughts began drifting away from adjectives such as embarrassing, shameful, and indecent.

Instead, I thought of how warm they must be, how pleasant they must be sleeping, and how wrong it was to call such a scene wrong.

I was stuck in my stupor for another two minutes before I was finally able to pull myself back.

Such a spectacle must not be ruined by outside factors, it's conclusion has to be natural.

With such thoughts, I burned the image one more time into my memory as I departed through the already-open door.

I temporarily forgot the food as I walked a few rooms down and slipped straight into my own.

The walk was not long nor hurried and so I had absolutely no excuse for my heavy breathing. Even more so when you considered the wetness down below.

Duke's daughter or not, I was a young adult. That paired with the spectacle I had just witnessed caused an inevitable happening.

I made sure my door was shut and locked before I descended on my bed, my legs shaking from my eventual misdeed.

I discarded my clothes one by one, keeping them close on the bed, as I apologized internally to Noir for sullying the room he so graciously bestowed me.

The scene from a minute ago replayed in my mind with unquestionable clarity as I guided my hand down my smooth skin.

A faint gasp left my mouth as I reached that place.

I could not help but think myself a dirty woman, not more so because I had drenched the sheets given to me by Noir, but because of how I sullied the image of the two in my head.

Part of me was tempted to go back in, hope that they had not changed position in the slightest, and let myself indulge in my lustful desire.

Some higher power out there however thought better of it, however, as when I was back in my clothes with new underwear I heard the rustle of sheets from a few rooms over.

Quickly, I exited my room and made my way back to the dining room where the food was. Thankfully it was still hot.

I was quick to wash my hands trying to rid myself of my evil deed as I waited for the two to join me.

(Noir POV)

When I woke up I immediately took notice of the fact that we were completely exposed. Even more than that, I hadn't fully closed the door yesterday.

Almost as if planned, I felt a twitch atop me, and soon enough a familiar pair of orbs opened up.

"Morning Livia," I whispered as I shifted her off me and onto her side right next to me. Following that was a kiss as I hugged her close to my body.

"Morning…Noir…" She seemed thrown off towards the end.

The reason why became apparent as a blush decorated her face and her hands shifted below where my eyes reached and grabbed onto the thing pushing into her stomach.

"Would you like help?" She said in a barely audible tone clearly embarrassed, though, her perpetually increasing breaths told me she was feeling it too.

Before I could even answer she was already stroking my shaft her eyes looking deep into my eyes. I answered her desires and met her lips with my own. My tongue invaded soon after and I shifted to be just a bit closer.

Like her I reached out to her bottom with the hand I wasn't using to hold her. I reached behind her and took a handful of her delicious ass, molding it to my taste.

I slowly lifted her leg from that angle and slid my hand right between her legs. She never stopped pushing her tongue deeper into my mouth as she shuddered from my caresses.

My fingers slid in between her folds as I felt the wetness pour out of her and dampen my fingers.

For a while, we warmed each other up until I decided I wanted to see the girl shudder in orgasm.

I maneuvered myself in front of her kissing her a bit longer before breaking away and licking down her neck and to her breast.

I took one of her beautifully pink nipples in my mouth as my fingers stopped teasing her and found their way to her entrance.

Moans filled the room as for the first time her vagina had been filled with something.

I was not satisfied seeing her spasm in orgasm just once and made sure she experienced it again.

This time around neither of us felt like getting up for lubrication and so I taught Livia how to service me with her mouth.

She only managed to work with around a third of it and choked when she tried more. Either way, she had no problem with the taste and took two loads before we both came down from our high.

The smell of cinnamon greeted me as we left the room. Following it to its source we found Angie standing with a smile right before the dining room table.

"I hope you don't mind, I thought I'd thank you by making breakfast." She said, a strange blush on her cheeks.

"Really? I'm guessing you got this recipe from one of the helpers?" I looked around to the one who was in the kitchen.

"Yes, it was a lot of help, I wish we had them back home." Angie nodded excitedly.

"Thank you for cooking Angie, I'm sure it tastes great." Livia was more excited to try her cooking.


It did taste great. Just like how I remembered. In terms of breakfast items, I'd say it was in the number 1 place.

Throughout the meal, Angie's eyes kept wandering to the two of us, and her blush grew.

'She had probably seen us when we were sleeping.' I concluded. The door was not closed, so it wasn't like she couldn't easily sneak in. Plus she had a reason to, I'm sure after cooking she tried to wake us and then saw us like that.

Well, can't say it's not my fault, I hope Livia doesn't catch on.

"That was amazing, I'm surprised I thought a Noble as high ranking as you wouldn't have this type of skill," I said with a sigh as I finished swallowing my last bite.

"I want to rebuke you, but normally you'd be correct. The only reason I learned anything about cooking was due to the tutelage of Her Majesty." She responded with a cramped smile as she cut into another piece of French toast.

"You really admire Her Majesty a lot," Livia commented from the side, her plate, similar to mine empty.

"Of course I am! Her Majesty is just that great of a person." I could almost see the stars in Angie's eyes as she spoke.

Angie for a whole five minutes went on and on about the woman. After, she was done with her praise she finished up her food.

This morning's festivities were more lax compared to yesterday. Inside this giant mansion, I had what was my own personal library with tons upon tons of books.

Taking note of this, they were both interested to see what I had. I wasn't one to read in their free time unless it was something I genuinely enjoyed, but regardless I had Luxion fabricate every book in the library and then a lot more all around the capital.

"This is better than the magic books in the library of the school," Livia commented as she sat with an entire stack of books to her side.

I was surprised about that too. Not the information within, but rather the fact that Luxion hadn't burned them all.


Almost like I had summoned him Luxion appeared out of thin air above me, his red lens focused on the book in Livia's hands.

"You know… science refers to the study of everything that is natural. And magic falls under that being a natural energy source."

My words halted his artificial glare. Like a machine that hadn't been oiled in years, he turned slowly to look at me.

[Master… even though I should be incapable of it, I can't help but feel angry at those words that just came out of your mouth. Please NEVER bring this subject up again.]

Woah, an AI disliking a logical conclusion? Hilarious.

[Plus, I'd hardly call that abomination of an energy source natural.]

He finished not elaborating any further.

"Luxy, how come you're always hidden." Livia seemed to catch onto his presence as she called out to him.

[I simply remain on standby until I am needed. I also control every robot as well so in that sense I am always around.]

"Oh…" Livia probably really didn't get what Luxion exactly was. Somewhere in her head she probably thought being able to talk and respond to someone hinted at emotions and a actual consciousness.

"I must admit Noir, this collection of yours is quite amazing." Angie came back soon after with a stack of books in hand.

She placed the books on the floor and then took one with her to the couch where Livia and I sat, right next to me on the side, Livia didn't occupy.

She wore a smile, that told me of no good.

"Oh Noir, you do remember what I told you not too long ago don't you."

I was confused, only gaining understanding when I looked at the actual book she was holding.

A giant book easily more than a 1,000 pages. 'Politics 101.' Such a title greeted me from the front cover and an instinctual urge to run away coursed through me.

Before I could tho Angie dropped a hand on my shoulder before opening up the first page and moving the book to my lap.

"Her Majesty agrees with me that you're knowledge of politics is far too lackluster, it's about time we correct that, no?" She said as she pointed to the very first thing in the book.

A visual outline of all the Noble statuses in order of authority.

I wasn't sure if she realized it but she was really close. Her hair was down and her eyes weren't directed in permanent scrutiny. Her true beauty was out for just me and Angie to see.

The next few hours were long ones. Tons of knowledge was forced down my throat and I was exhausted.

Before she could go on any further I called a stop for the day. Thankfully I was able to distract them with something more enticing.

"I never thought doing something this physically taxing could be fun." A delighted Angie spoke as water flew from where she was to where another blonde stood, both submerged in water.

"No kidding, this is great." Livia laughed as she shielded herself against the barrage of water. "Woah…"

She was stopped right before she could return a counter strike to Angie by me who came up from underneath the water and threw her in the air.

We were outside towards the back of the mansion where I had installed a large pool. The idea of deriving fun from playing in a body of water was suspicious to them at first but now they looked like they love it.

"Ahhhh," Livia screamed as she landed butt-first back into the water. Her pure white bathing suit not doing much to conceal her wondrous curves.

The girls were shocked when I presented it to them, and I had to explain that it was just the type of thing you wore to a pool. Of course, I had absolutely no basis for that and in the end, I was just called a pervert. Too bad I couldn't blame it on Luxion.

Regardless they both wore them happily, Livia in all white and Angie in all red. Both have amazing proportions. I hadn't noticed but Angie did not lose out much in comparison to Livia. Though she did have a bigger butt.

"You're going to pay for that." Livia pouted as she turned to the other girl. "Angie help me."

Together they trapped me in a corner flinging water at me. In retaliation, I did the same until Livia thought it was a good idea to use water magic and dump a giant water ball on my head.

Of course, I had to respond in kind with an even bigger water ball, after that I made sure the duo got the full pool experience as I threw them about in the water.

"Hmmm. This feels even better than the hot spring." A relaxed Angie sighed out.

We had moved to the jacuzzi that was right next to the pool, searching for calmness after our physical exercise.

"Stop hogging the bubbles," I complained pushing Angie ever so slightly so that we could both feel that ever-so-pleasant sensation of bubbles on our back.

This of course left us zero space between each other as her naked thighs pushed into my own.

Opposite us, Livia was even more relaxed her legs kicked up and her arms outstretched.

"This is ridiculous, I've never even heard of these facilities you have, how do you come up with such fun things," Angie asked in awe her excitement palpable.

"Secret." I stole them is the shortest answer I can give, but let's not do that. They don't exist in this world after all.

"Tch, acting mysterious doesn't make you cool you know." She said as she poked my cheek with her pointer.

She had opened up to us quite a bit as of recently, I'm glad she came. My eyes wandered down very briefly to her exposed cleavage and big tits.

It was scummish of me, given I had Livia but seriously am I supposed to not like my current situation? How very isekai protagonist of me, thoughts of a harem ending and all.

As I thought of that I couldn't help but notice Angie's hidden gaze on me. Upon closer observation out of the corner of my eye, I could see she was looking at my abdomen.

Ah yes, look all you want. I may not be the most attractive man on the planet but no one could resist a body like this.

Playing it off as a sign of tiredness I yawned and stretched myself upward consciously flexing a lot of my muscles and abs.

I could tell by the faint blush on her face that my mission was a success. Not just to Angie however, as off to the side Livia was practically drooling as she looked at the display.

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