1 Chapter 1: Prologue

Life was too boring

I just finished watching the last episode of Legend of Korra that so many people recommended me to watch after watching Last Airbender, and I couldn't see why the public hated it so much. I mean sure the ending of the show resulted in two ex-girlfriends getting together but other than that the show was fine. I mean, what else could you do when the world is at peace now right?

I also liked the family drama between the Beifongs as there was so much bad blood between the dysfunctional family that even the mighty Toph had to leave the city that her friend, the Avatar built. At least that part added complexity to the show. The thing they could have done better though was to flesh out the derivative bendings a little more and added some history to it. I mean, they just introduced lavabending which was really random as only Avatars could do it before Ghazan of the Red Lotus and eventually Bolin.

Anyway, who am I to judge? I'm just a watcher to the show who has read fan-fics here and there even before watching the cannon just to see how other people saw it compared to me. After completing a couple more fan-fics about the show to end my experience with the Avatar series, I hit the sack, not before a massive rumble went through my room and started to shake everything inside it. I panicked and tried to get out of bed, but noticed that I was wrapped too tightly in my blanket to come out, so I resorted to the next best thing, wiggling myself towards my destination. I tried to wiggle and squirm towards the underneath of my desk but before I could get off the bed, I saw my ceiling fan crash into me and that was the last thing I saw before I blacked out.


When I came to, it looked like I was in an office waiting room waiting for my interview to happen. Before I could process where I was, I heard a lazy monotone voice that seemed to be calling out to me.

"Could Soul #180602 please come in. Could Soul #180602 please come in. Thank you" the voice announced through what seemed to be an intercom.

My body….or now that I look at it, my soul seems to head towards the office door. When I opened the door, what greeted me was stacks upon stacks of papers with a faint outline of a figure behind it furiously writing something. My body led me towards one of the chairs in front of the desk that the figure was sitting at. Once sat on the chair, I tried to ask the figure questions before a hand went through the stacks of paper and parted them to the side revealing the figure behind it. He looked like a generic office worker you would find in an anime or something and that's when he started to talk.

"OK, to not waste our time let's keep this short. Yes, you are dead and you are a soul. Souls come here to be placed in their deserving realms such as Heaven, Hell or the lucky reincarnation. This is determined by your records and karma that appears on your file that has been sent to us the moment of your passing. Now let's get to business shall we?" The office worker said as he took out a file from his cabinet that had my name on it.

"Hmmm, lets see here, your files record that you had a very mundane life with nothing exciting or boring just grey sighted with no colour in your life. The only slightest of colour would appear when you watch those shows and anime but you return to your grey world shortly after. Oh wow, even your own parents just gave up changing you cause you wouldn't change the grey world mindset. Nothing in your old world interested you except that marginal interest in fictional characters." explained the worker as he literally stated my every being in those couple of sentences.

Yes, my whole world consisted of grey and mundane. Nothing seemed to interest me even from a young age where kids were supposed to be playful, I was constantly in a daze watching the sky, daydreaming about absolutely nothing. My own parents were so basic, not caring if I was even there and I had to report my existence to them just to make sure they haven't forgotten about me.

My whole life consisted of the same routine for years until someone introduced me to anime. After that, it was like specks of colour came into my life the more I watched and more specks came from the scenes where family would either argue over the most minimalistic things or celebrate for no apparent reason. I was fascinated with that as my family had no such interaction with me ever in my life and unknowingly, I longed for that interaction. One that would make me feel human and interact with them so passionately.

But it never came as my parents were always dismissive of my existence. I felt like I wasn't supposed to exist in this family or world then and then I started to slowly become emotionless and continue to see everything in grey, devoid of colour. Everything until now sitting before this office worker recollecting my past life.

The office worker started to speak again after my little internal monologue.

"But honestly it made sense considering some dunce reincarnated your past life into your previous world, it was a wonder how you even lived until now without going absolutely insane and just losing your emotions. Good on you kid" said the worker in that still lazy monotone voice with a hint of surprise in it.

What? I was reincarnated in the wrong damn world?! No wonder I didn't feel like I belonged, even the world didn't want me! Well I guess it's over now since I died.

"Ok dear soul, for your mistreatment from one of our company workers in the past and having your life pretty much ruined by them, we can give you a special service to make up for all the transgression that was put upon you. You are eligible for a choice of world reincarnation, family placement and powers." informed the worker as he handed me a sheet of paper.

I took the sheet of paper and looked at it carefully. It listed all the stuff that he said and I just had to fill it out where the blanks were. I then thought of the world that would be safe as well as give me the excitement and thrill I longed for when watching those anime and shows. I thought for a while and finally decided what to put down on the paper.

World of Reincarnation: Legend of Korra. Year 159 AG at 8 years old


Parents: Ghazan Beifong and Ming-Hua, both of the Red Lotus.

Grandparents: Toka Beifong and Unknown Grandmother, Toka being the unknown half brother of Toph out of infidelity, Grandmother is the best earthbender in her village with unknown lineage.

Great-Grandparents: Lao Beifong and Jade, Lao being Toph's father and Jade being a descendant of Avatar Kiyoshi who is unaware of her lineage and works at the local Tea shop.

Powers: Master Earthbender, Metal Bender, Master Lavabender, Carbon Bender, Gravity Bender, Master Seismic Sense, Large Chi reserves due to being a descendant of an Avatar, Nature/Spirit aura.

I decided to reincarnate into the Legend of Korra world. Why, because first of all that world is modern but primitive enough to make money from it. Second of all, the story was cool and I wanted to be a part of that. For the family, I wanted to be a Beifong but able to Lavabend like Ghazan so what was the answer? I made Ghazan of the red lotus a Beifong but from a different lineage. I mean, nobles should have had bastards so it doesn't put the story out of whack if I introduce one right?

Anyways I liked Ghazan's mastery of lavabending and he seemed to like Ming-Hua so I got them together even though they stayed in prison for 13 years. For the powers, obviously earthbender and the derivatives that made sense. I guess being a Beifong made you grasp metalbending fast, being there a whole clan of them consisting of Beifong's at the head.

As for being a descendant of an Avatar, I did that on a whim to explain my families use of Lavabending which looked like to be an ultra rare ability which couldn't be learned like metalbending. I also did it to increase my Chi reserves as the Avatar had to have it due to controlling four elements at the same time. To increase my fame, I wanted to be a so-called Diamond bender where I could bend rocks into diamonds even though it doesn't make sense, I wanted to increase my fame somehow and what better to come up with a new bending. Same with Gravity bending as it goes hand in hand with Diamond Bending considering you need lots of pressure to make diamonds. Seismic sense just so I don't have to rely on my eyes all the time and Nature aura just to be more in tune with nature.

I also wanted to be a Beifong just for the family drama and what they would do when they realize there is a Beifong not from Toph's lineage.

When the worker looked at my sheet, his face didn't change in the slightest and looked like he expected the stuff I've written down. He took my sheet, copied it using his copy machine for his own records, and put the sheet into a new folder labeled #180602.

"If that's it then let's proceed with the transfer." the worker said as he started to press some stuff on his keyboard and when he pressed 'enter', a red button appeared from a compartment that opened on top of the desk. The worker pushed it and everything went black once more.

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